Jörg Viebahn Biography 2022 - Professional Racing Driver And Entrepreneur

Jörg Viebahn Biography - Professional Racing Driver And Entrepreneur

Jörg Viebahn is a German motorsports driver and entrepreneur who has been driving race cars for almost four decades. Photo Source: Jörg's Instagram.

It is not often that you find someone so dedicated to their profession that they will devote more than half of their life to it. To stay on the same path despite not seeing any major success requires a lot of perseverance and passion.

Brian Snitker, Howie Hawkins, and Dave Mackay are some of those who kept striving for many years despite facing initial failures before finally tasting success. A deserving name on that list is Jörg Viebahn, anglicized as Joerg Viebahn.

German race car driver Jörg Viebahn has spent almost four decades in the motorsports world. Even though he did not receive recognition at first, he did not give up. And due to his continuous efforts, he finally earned a name for himself. 

Today, we will uncover Jörg Viebahn's biography and learn how he could turn his childhood fantasy into reality.

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Jörg Viebahn Comes From A Family Of Motorsport Enthusiasts

The German racer was born on 21st July 1964 in Gummersbach, Germany. Aside from his birth, Viebahn has kept specifics about his family life a mystery over the years. As such, the names of his parents and siblings are unknown as of now.

Jörg's Parents Were Motosports Fanatic

The success path for Jörg in racing was carved from his childhood years. His parents were avid motorsports enthusiasts and hardly missed a race. As a result, whether he was with his father or his mother, Viebahn had always accompanied them inside the racing tracks since he was an infant.

Jörg Viebahn Early Years

Jörg Viebahn inherited passion for motorsports racing from his parents. Photo Source: Jörg's Instagram.

Jörg Viebahn's parents played a crucial role in helping him grow passionate about automobile racing early on and help him flourish as a young talent. Considering Jörg's fame and success, it is almost given that his family supported his career choice.

Despite Viebahn's interest and enthusiasm, he could not actively participate in any major racing tournaments until he was 19 due to his education. He graduated from the University of Mannheim with a degree in Business Administration.

Beginning Of Jörg Viebahn's Career In Racing

Following the completion of his study, Jörg decided to pursue a career in automobile racing. The athlete would get a promising start, securing the title of ADAC Junior Vice-Champion in his earlier racing career.

Afterward, Viebahn competed in many of the prestigious motorsports driving tournaments across the world. Yet, despite his passion and love for the sport, the German racer didn't achieve any significant success.

Jörg's Journey To Fame

The sports personality didn't get the media's attention until he directed his focus on endurance races in 2003. His first endurance race was with the Honda Civic Type R in the VL Endurance Championship.

Jörg Viebahn Career

Jörg Viebahn did not achieve any significant success until he started competing in endurance races in 2003. Photo Source: Jörg's Instagram.

Since then, Viebahn has competed regularly in the VLN in different classes and racing vehicles. He has become a prominent name in the tournament throughout the years, achieving 51 class wins and 21 group wins.

Simultaneously, Jörg has also been racing in the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring since 2007. Then, while representing the Mäder Motorsport team, he won the A2 class race in Dubai. And a year later, he celebrated an overall victory in the 12-hour race alongside Claudia Hürtgen and Stian Sørlie.

Viebahn has seen the most successful years of his career in the GT4 European Series. He won the title in the AM classification in his debut year. Later on, he built on his achievement and, together with Peter Terting, won the championship title in the PRO classification in 2016.

Jörg Viebahn Net Worth And Earnings

Jörg Viebahn has been racing for almost four decades. His passion and love for the sport have led him to strive in the field for a long time. So naturally, people are curious to learn about all the financial gains he has made through his endeavors.

If you are one of them, come along as we discuss Jörg Viebahn's net worth and discover his multiple sources of earnings.

Jörg's Earnings As A Racer

As reported by ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary of a professional driver is around $45,000 but varies according to experience, sponsors, and events won. Given Jörg's expertise and accomplishments in the industry, his income must be around the same range, if not more.

Jörg Viebahn Net Worth And Earnings

Jörg Viebahn's net worth includes his earnings as a professional racing driver. Photo Source: Jörg's Instagram.

Besides, Viebahn has been sponsored by brands like Dorint Hotels & Resorts, Real Invest +, DIAM Service, Wortmann, and Stewe. With so many partners behind his back, he must collect a hefty sum of cash from them.

Even though the motorsports driver has not spoken about his revenue publicly, considering his lavish lifestyle and experience in the motorsport world as a driver, Jörg Viebahn's net worth is sure to have exceeded over a couple hundred thousand.

Jörg's Earnings As An Entrepreneur

Besides his earnings as a professional driver, Viebahn has also earned decent income from his venture as a businessman. He founded a production company for transport components in 1991.

The firm is responsible for developing blueprints and constructing various after-market products for automobiles. Even though the income Jörg earns from his venture is not disclosed, he likely brings in a healthy sum of cash.

Similar to Jörg Viebahn, renowned motorsports names like Maximilian Buhk, Daniel Juncadella, and Liam Lawson have also made a considerable fortune from race car driving.

Who is Jörg Viebahn's Wife?

The German driver is very secretive about his personal life and has not spoken anything about his love life. Similarly, there is no mention of Jörg Viebahn's wife or children in any of his interviews or journal written about him.

Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that Viebahn has given more than half of his life to his passion for racing. Moreover, he was devoted to his goal from his childhood and carefully planned his journey to reach this position.

Jörg Viebahn Love Life

Jörg Viebahn is secretive about his love life and keeps the whereabouts of his lover and children unknown. Photo Source: Jörg's Instagram.

Therefore, it's likely that veteran driver Jörg Viebahn didn't get enough time to start a family and have children. However, even if he has a family, we should credit him for keeping them away from the limelight for so long.

Whether Jörg Viebahn is a family man or not is unclear. Regardless, we can be sure that he is living up to his dream of competing at the highest level of motorsports.

Fun Facts And Trivia

  • Jörg has 1.04K followers on his Instagram account.
  • He stands 6 feet and 3 inches tall.

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