Soccer Players

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Sebastian Soto Biography - Soccer Player

Sebastian Soto Biography 2021 - Soccer Player

Sebastian Soto first found fame as an emerging soccer player from the US. He has ...

Jozy Altidore Biography - Soccer Player

Jozy Altidore Biography 2021 - Soccer Player

Discovered and nourished by Major Soccer League, Jozy Altidore soon became a sensational ...

Ayo Akinola Biography - Soccer Player

Ayo Akinola Biography 2021 - Soccer Player

Ayo Akinola is an emerging American-Canadian soccer player. He signed with Major ...

Julie Ertz Biography - American Soccer Player

Julie Ertz Biography 2021 - American Soccer Player

Julie Ertz is an American soccer player who plays as a defensive end and a central ...

Kyle Duncan Biography - Soccer Player

Kyle Duncan Biography 2021 - Soccer Player

Kyle Duncan is a professional American Soccer player who currently plays for New ...