7 Richest Snooker Players And Their Net Worth

7 Richest Snooker Players And Their Net Worth

Here we have the seven richest snooker players along with their astounding net worth and career earnings. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Snooker is one of the oldest sports whose origin dates back to the latter half of the nineteenth century in Britain. It began as a gentleman's sport before evolving into a pastime and gradually gained worldwide recognition.

The cue sport has become one of the world's most played and viewed games. It also features many opportunities and benefits for the players, increasing its popularity. So, we see many people aspiring to be professional snooker players.

Likewise, many athletes have earned a tremendous amount from playing snooker. Alongside benefitting from endorsements, their prize money from a single match amounts to thousands of dollars.

So, let's look at the seven richest snooker players and their astounding career earnings and net worth in this biography.

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1. Ronnie O'Sullivan Net Worth And Earnings

There is not a single snooker fan who hasn't heard of the legendary Ronnie O'SullivanHe has been a household name in the sport for nearly three decades.

The sportsman began playing at seven and won many amateur competitions. After turning pro in 1992, he continued his momentum by gaining more victories.

O'Sullivan's most notable achievement is winning World Snooker Championship six times. His latest victory was at the 2020 World Championship, where he cashed $664,435 (£500,000). In addition, he has also won the U.K. Championships and Masters seven times each.

7 Richest Snooker Player Ronnie O'Sullivan

Ronnie O'Sullivan has won World Snooker Championship six times in his career and earned millions as prize money. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The champ's prize money for the 2018-19 season was $1,225,218.14 (£922,000), and 2020-21 was $1,107,613.15 (£833,500). He has also secured a hefty cheque in 2021, with his latest being $79,732.2 (£60,000) in the 2021 Tour Championship.

Combining all of his tournament money, the sportsman's career earnings amount to $9,260,525.6 (£6,968,722). Aside from that, his income also comes from his merchandise, endorsements, and books.

Hence, Ronnie O'Sullivan's net worth amounts to $14 million. So, it is no surprise that he ranks among the top earners in snooker.

2. Mark Selby Net Worth And Earnings

Another well-renowned face in the snooker is Leicester-born Mark SelbyHe has won the audience's hearts with his fantastic pool skills and hardships.

The sportsman also had an early beginning in his snooker journey. He turned pro in 1999 and won his first-ranking title in 2008. Moreover, the athlete won his first World Championship by upsetting O'Sullivan in 2014.

Since then, Mark has won World Championship three more times. His latest victory was at the 2021 World Championship, where he grabbed $664,435 (£500,000). Moreover, he has also won Masters three times and U.K. Championship two times.

7 Richest Snooker Player Mark Selby

Mark Selby is a four-time winner of World Snooker Championship. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The snooker pro recently earned $53,154.8 (£40,000) from his run at the 2021 Tour Championship. His career earnings have increased to be $6,246,597.95 (£4,700,684). Moreover, Mark ranks number one in the world snooker rankings.

Hence, Mark Selby's net worth must be a considerable sum thanks to the thousands he pocketed in the snooker tournaments over the years.

3. Judd Trump Net Worth And Earnings

Emerging as one of the formidable opponents at the table is Judd TrumpHis skills and playing style have challenged some of the top players in the snooker.

With the support of his family, the English player took snooker lessons from a young age. He then showcased his real potential after turning professional in 2005.

The sportsperson's accomplishments include a World Championship title, two German Masters, two European Masters, one U.K. Championship, etc. In addition, he also won the 2021 Champion of Champions and earned $200,137.50 (£150,000) tournament money.

7 Richest Snooker Player Judd Trump

Judd Trump has obtained numerous titles and a considerable prize money during his snooker career. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Judd's career earnings amount to $4,802,928.2 (£3,614,295) as of December 2021. He also earns additional money from his multiple endorsement deals and sponsorships. Moreover, he ranks second on the world snooker rankings.

Hence, Judd Trump's net worth must be a notable amount considering his earnings and he is counted among the wealthiest snooker players.

4. John Higgins Net Worth And Earnings

Only a few individuals have been able to win all three Triple crown titles in the snooker world. However, John Higgins has topped the list by securing nine triple crown wins under his name.

The snooker player arose as an amateur champion before making his long-awaited professional debut in 1992. He has continued to show dominance in the snooker world since.

John has named four World Championship under his credits. His first title victory was in 1998, and the fourth was in 2011. Moreover, the champ has also secured three U.K. Championships, five Welsh Open, and one Masters.

7 Richest Snooker Player John Higgins

John Higgins has won four World Snooker Championship in his pro career. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Alongside earning respect, Higgins has pocketed a notable sum in prize money. He recently obtained the 2021 Players Championship and a prize amount of $166,781.25 (£125,000). In addition, he earned $40,027.5 (£30,000) from his run in the 2021 World Championship.

Hence, the sportsman's career earnings amount to $6,883,213.05 (£5,179,749). So, John Higgins' net worth must also be a considerable amount from his snooker career.

5. Neil Robertson Net Worth And Earnings

Shining in the English-dominated snooker is Australian player Neil RobertsonHe also represents the only person outside the U.K. to win any Triple Crown title.

After turning professional in 1998, the player had a slow start in his snooker career. But, he made up for it by practicing hard and winning his first title in 2003.

The snooker pro's first world championship came by beating Graeme Dott in 2010. He has since won two U.K. Championship titles, two China Open, one Masters, etc.

7 Richest Snooker Player Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson clinched his first World Snooker Championship in 2010. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Alongside adding new trophies, Neil has earned a substantial amount from his tournaments. For instance, his 2020 World Grand Prix victory granted him $1,33,425 (£100,000). Furthermore, he made $200,137.5 (£150,000) from winning the 2021 Tour Championship.

The Australian native's career earnings have totaled up to $5,247,904.3 (£3,949,148). He also ranks in the fourth place of world snooker rankings.

Hence, Neil Robertson's net worth must be a notable figure from his pro career. And unsurprisingly the Australian player has managed to secure a place on our list of the 7 richest snooker players.

6. Shaun Murphy Net Worth And Earnings

Continuing the representation of English players in our list is Irthlingborough native Shaun Murphy. He also ranks among those few ones with Triple Crown wins.

Going through the professional snooker player's early playing days, he developed a passion for the sport at eight. His determination and hardships led him to turn professional at age fifteen in 1998.

The snooker prodigy won his first tournament at the 2000 Benson & Hedges Championship. However, Murphy got much recognition only after winning the 2005 World Championship.

7 Richest Snooker Player Shaun Murphy

Shaun Murphy's net worth comprises his earnings from snooker matches, endorsements, and sponsorships. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The champ's other notable results include winning Masters, UK Championship, Players Tour Championship, etc. In addition, he secured $92K (£70,000) after winning the 2020 Welsh Open.

Hence, Snooker Database calculates Murphy's career earnings to $4,357,877.67 (£3,279,386). Aside from that, he also earns a hefty amount from his sponsorships. For instance, his first sponsorship deal with Dr. Martens guaranteed him $6.6K (£5,000) per year.

Thus, Shaun Murphy's net worth must be enormous thanks to his professional career.

7. Kyren Wilson Net Worth And Earnings

Last but not least, on our list of the richest snooker players is Kyren WilsonHe might be a new face among the veterans but has shown massive potential in the snooker.

The English player has secured many snooker titles under his name since turning pro in 2010. His first title was by defeating world number two Judd Trump in the 2015 Shanghai Masters.

The sportsman won his second title at the 2019 German Masters. He has since finished as a runner-up at World Championship, Indian Open, World Open, etc.

Although Wilson couldn't cinch the titles, he has pocketed hefty prize money. For instance, he earned $266,850 (£200,000) at the 2020 World Championship. In addition, he also secured $40,027.5 (£30,000) from the 2021 Champion of Champions.

7 Richest Snooker Player Kyren Wilson

Kyren Wilson's net worth must be a considerable sum thanks to his professional snooker career. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Hence, the snooker pro has risen to rank number five at the world snooker rankings with career earnings of $1,565,664 (£1,178,192). Thus, Kyren Wilson's net worth must also be gigantic from his playing career.

While Kyren completes our list of richest snooker players in the world, other individuals like Mark WilliamsStuart Bingham, and Mark Allenhave also earned a fortune from their respective careers.

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