Mark Williams Biography 2024 - 3 Times World Snooker Champion

Mark Williams Biography - 3 Times World Snooker Champion

Mark Williams is a professional Welsh snooker player who has won six-time world championships. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

The snooker world has seen many talented individuals over the years. However, only a few have been able to win the world snooker championship. In addition, even fewer have earned the title more than once in their career. And one individual who has accomplished this feat is Mark Williams.

The sportsman has bagged the most prestigious snooker titles three times in his pro career. He has also ranked world number one several times with his highest scores. Furthermore, the player has recorded over five hundred century breaks with two maximum breaks. He is undoubtedly one of the top snooker players.

But how did the snooker legend develop the passion for the sport; let's find out in this biography.

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Mark Williams Comes From A Mining Family

The snooker pro was born Mark James Williams on March 21, 1975, in Cwm, Blaenau Gwent. He comes from a working-class family whose main occupation was mining.

Mark Williams' father, Dilwyn Williams, was a coal miner who introduced him to snooker. He often used to play in a Christmas snooker tournament with other miners.

The athlete was hooked on to snooker, watching his dad's performance, and began practicing. Finally, his parents bought him a six-foot table, and he began learning snooker earnestly.

Mark Williams Father, Dilwyn Williams

Mark Williams' father, Dilwyn Williams, influenced him to learn snooker and later pursue it professionally. Photo Source: Mark Williams' Instagram.

Likewise, Mark Williams' mother also supported his snooker career from earlier on.

The player also worked twelve-hour shifts in the mines at fifteen. During his school years, he also learned boxing and participated in competitions. However, his passion for snooker couldn't win over others, and he continued to prioritize it.

Williams won his first junior event at age eleven. However, he couldn't find any amateur championships that fit him and turned professional at seventeen.

Mark Began His Professional Career In 1992

The sportsman started his gradual progress in the snooker field after turning professional in 1992. He finally scored his first ranking title win at the 1996 Welsh Open. In addition, the same year, he won the second title at the Grand Prix.

In the following season, the snooker player continued his winning streak at the Welsh Open, Irish Open, British Open, Thailand Masters, etc. His breakthrough came after beating Stephen Hendry at the 1999 U.K. Championship.

Mark Williams Career

Mark Williams won his first ranking title four years after turning professional in 1996. Photo Source: Social Media.

The champ gained his first World Snooker Championship title by beating Matthew Stevens in 2000. Since then, he has reclaimed the title two more times in 2003 and 2018. In addition, he upset the world number seven John Higgins for his third world title.

Aside from that, Mark has won the U.K. Championship twice, two Masters, three China Open, etc. In addition, he won the 2021 British Open and earned $132K (£100,000).

Mark Williams Net Worth And Earnings

The snooker pro has risen from his humble background to be one of the top snooker players in the world. His continuous progress has led him to rank nine in the world snooker rankings.

Likewise, Mark Williams' net worth is heavily influenced by his professional snooker career. His income comes from his prize money, endorsement deals, sponsors, etc.

The player's tournament money in 2018-19 seasons as per CueTrack are tabulated below:

Tournament Prize Money
2019 World Championship $39,930.75 (£30,000)
2019 Tour Championship $26,620.5 (£20,000)
2018 U.K. Championship $19,965.38 (£15,000)
2018 Shanghai Masters $39,930.75 (£30,000)
2018 World Open $199,653.75 (£150,000)

The athlete recently earned $16,637.81 (£12,500) by finishing in the last 16 at the 2021 Champion of Champions. He also grabbed $8,651.66 (£6,500) from his performance at the 2021 U.K. Championship.

According to WST and WPBSA, Williams' career earnings amount to $439,238.25 (£330,000). But, Snooker Database calculates his earnings to be $5,308,388.58 (£3,988,196).

Hence, Mark Williams' net worth seems to be rising alongside his progressive career. Another individual who has earned fame and fortune from his snooker profession is Kyren Wilson.

Who Is Mark Williams' Wife?

The Welsh player's achievements have made him one of the beloved players in snooker. His cue tricks and tactical play has earned him many fan followers. So, it is nothing new to see questions like "Who is Mark Williams married to?" in the media.

Well, to answer that, Williams is married to his partner, Joanne Dent. She is a businesswoman currently running a travel agency, Maximum Travel.

The pair hasn't revealed much about their initial relationship stages. Nonetheless, both must have dated for a while before getting married in 2011.

The player once thought of retiring from the professional circuit in 2017. However, Mark Williams' wife, Joanne Williams, advised him to continue playing, which he eventually followed.

Mark Williams Wife Joanne Williams

Mark Williams' wife, Joanne Williams, convinced him to continue playing snooker instead of retiring in 2017. Photo Source: Social Media.

The duo's love for each other can be seen from miles away. For instance, Williams nearly pulled out of the 2017 UK Championship after his spouse, Joanne, was admitted to the hospital.

The couple often share photos of their travels and vacations on social media. For example, both once enjoyed a romantic stay at Burj Al Arab in 2018.

Williams Is A Father Of Three

Alongside having a gorgeous wife, Mark is a father of three kids. His firstborn, Connor Williams, was born in April 2004.

Likewise, Williams' second son, Kian Williams, was born in 2007. He has often appeared on television coverage, including on BBC TV in 2018.

Finally, the player reportedly welcomed his youngest child, Joel Williams, in 2013. However, WalesOnline states that Joel was born in 2014.

Mark Williams Children

Mark Williams' children often appear alongside him and his wife, Joanne Williams, in the media. Photo Source: Social Media.

Mark Williams' children often attend his matches with their mother to cheer for him. They fully support their father's snooker career and are often seen celebrating after his wins.

Hopefully, we might see Williams' lads following in his footsteps in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Mark has 21.9K Instagram followers and 117.7K Twitter followers.
  • He received the MBE honor in 2004.
  • Following his third-world title victory, Williams arrived naked in a press conference.
  • He has several tattoos, including one depicting the Welsh Dragon eating the English flag.

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