Stephen Maguire Biography 2024 - Winner Of 2004 UK Championship

Stephen Maguire Biography - Winner Of 2004 UK Championship

Stephen Maguire is an English snooker pro who has six ranking titles under his name. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Stephen Maguire is not a new name in the snooker world. He is known for compiling some of the highest century breaks in his two-decades-long career. Moreover, the player is also renowned for his rivalry with Shaun Murphy. Both players give their best performances while competing against each other.

The sportsman began playing snooker from a young age. His playing style continued to evolve and he received more attention after turning professional. Furthermore, the player has also won many competitions throughout his career. For instance, his winnings include six ranking titles, with one Triple Crown win.

So, let's learn more about Maguire's family background, career, and relationships in this biography.

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Stephen Maguire Hated Going To School

The snooker pro was born on March 13, 1981, in Glasgow, Scotland. He developed a passion for snooker from a relatively young age and began practicing earnestly.

The player's efforts led him to beat older players at his snooker club. Although he enjoyed playing snooker, he dreaded attending school. Moreover, the young guy wasn't doing good academically and often missed classes at Turnbull High School.

Stephen Maguire's mother, Margaret Maguire, was initially angry regarding his class skipping. But, she later came to terms with his passion for snooker.

Stephen Maguire Family

Stephen Maguire's mother, Margaret Maguire, was initially a bit apprehensive regarding his snooker career but later supported him. Photo Source: Social Media.

On the contrary, Stephen Maguire's father fully supported his snooker persuasion from the beginning. His grandparents also knocked down a wall of their Glasgow home to create a snooker room for him.

Maguire also has a sister who must be proud of his accomplishments.

With his family's utmost support and own hardships, the player began competing in local snooker competitions. Soon after, he started his professional career.

Maguire Began His Professional Career

After winning numerous local tournaments, the sportsman finally turned professional in 1998. He quickly began showcasing his skills and became qualified for the UK Championship in 1999.

Maguire couldn't score any wins in his first few years, but he improved his game plan each season. Finally, he obtained his first ranking title by defeating Jimmy White at the 2004 European Open.

The professional snooker player then scored his Triple Crown win by beating David Gray at the 2004 UK Championship. Since thenhe has finished as a runner-up for the championship two times in 2007 and 2019.

Stephen Maguire Career

Stephen Maguire won his first ranking and triple crown titles in the 2004 season. Photo Source: Social Media.

Aside from that, Stephen has won China Open, Welsh Open, Northern Ireland Trophy, etc. He earned his sixth tournament title by defeating Mark Allen at the 2020 Tour Championship.

Likewise, the snooker pro's recent match was in the 2021 UK Championship. Sadly, he finished in the last 32 after losing to Luca Brecel in November 2021.

Stephen Maguire Net Worth And Earnings

The sportsperson has had a successful snooker journey with both winnings and failures. Stephen's continuous efforts have led him to rank number eight at the world snooker rankings.

Moreover, Stephen Maguire's net worth is heavily influenced by his professional playing career. He earns thousands of pounds from each of his snooker matches.

The snooker player's prize money in the 2018-2019 season, as stated by CueTrack, is mentioned below:

Tournament Prize Money
2019 World Championship $66,551.25 (£50,000)
2019 German Masters $26,620.5 (£20,000)
2018 UK Championship $29,948.06 (£22,500)
2018 English Open $26,620.5 (£20,000)
2018 Riga Masters $19,965.38 (£15,000)

The snooker star earned a whopping $346,066.5 (£260,000) after winning Tour Championship in 2020. In addition, he cashed $16,637.81 (£12,500) after finishing in the last sixteen at the 2021 Champion of Champions.

As per WST, Maguire's career earnings amount to $443,231.32 (£333,000), and his yearly income is estimated to be $19,299.86 (£14,500). But, Snooker Database, states his total earnings to be $2,794,520.26 (£2,099,525).

Alongside prize money, Stephen must have also secured multiple endorsement deals and sponsorships. His salary from them must also be a considerable sum.

Hence, Stephen Maguire's net worth must be a notable figure from his pro snooker career.

Stephen Maguire Is A Married Man And Father Of Three

The English player's dominance in the snooker has made him one of the most looked-after athletes. His rise to fame has also earned him a massive fan following who are curious about his relationships. So, we often see questions about Stephen Maguire's wife in the media.

Well, speaking of Stephen's love life, he is married to his partner, Sharon Maguire. The latter is his number one supporter and most loyal fan.

The pair seems to prefer to stay away from the limelight. As a result, we don't know much about when the couple first met or began dating. Nonetheless, both have dated for some period before getting married.

Stephen Maguire Wife Sharon Maguire

Although she has fewer media presence, Stephen Maguire's wife, Sharon Maguire, never misses out on his matches. Photo Source: Social Media.

Stephen Maguire's wife, Sharon Maguire, is credited with helping curb his temper. For instance, the player used to smash his cue after losing but stopped due to his spouse's home counseling.

The lovebirds are also proud parents of three children. However, Stephen Maguire's children have also opted to stay away from the spotlight like their parents.

Nonetheless, from what we know, the sportsman makes his family his priority. For example, he pulled out of the 2011 Players Tour Championship finals to attend the birth of his third baby.

Hopefully, we might get more insight into the Maguire family in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Stephen is nicknamed On Fire.
  • He and John Higgins represented Scotland and won the 2019 World Cup.
  • He is allowed to perform without a bow tie due to a neck condition.

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