Ronnie O'Sullivan Biography 2024 - 6X World Snooker Champion

Ronnie O'Sullivan Biography - 6X World Snooker Champion

Ronnie O'Sullivan is a six-time world snooker championship winner. Photo Source: Ronnie O'Sullivan's Instagram.

Ronnie O'Sullivan is not a new name in the world of snooker. Often considered the greatest snooker player of all time, he is idolized by many other snooker athletes. Moreover, the athlete has established a bar for all other newcomers with his record-breaking scores.

The sportsperson is renowned for his fast and attacking playing style. With his incredible skills, he has won numerous trophies in his professional career. For instance, he is one of the few people to win the World Snooker Championship several times in a row.

So, let's learn more about this snooker legend in this biography.

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Ronnie O'Sullivan's Parents Were Imprisoned

The snooker pro was born Ronald Antonio O'Sullivan on December 5, 1975, in Wordsley, West Midlands. He comes from an unorthodox family who ran sex shops in Soho, London.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's father, Ronald O'Sullivan Sr., was jailed for the murder of Bruce Bryan in 1992. He was released in 2010 and has remained low-key since then. Before he was imprisoned, Ronnie's dad had introduced him to snooker. Ronnie Sr. had prepared a particular snooker room for his son and also instilled competitiveness in him.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Family

Ronnie O'Sullivan admires his dad, Ronnie O'Sullivan Sr., despite his criminal background. Photo Source: Ronnie O'Sullivan's Instagram.

Similarly, Ronnie O'Sullivan's mother, Maria O'Sullivan, a Sicily native, served a year in prison for tax evasion. After both of his parents were imprisoned, the snooker player had to take care of his younger sister, Danielle O'Sullivan.

The incident also made the snooker player turn his attention towards drinking and drugs. It caused several obstacles in his budding career, but he prevailed, and now Ronnie is counted among the top snooker players in the world.

O'Sullivan's Playing Career

The sportsman had an early start in snooker at the age of seven. He won his first club tournament two years later and won the British Under-16 Championship at thirteen. In addition, he set the record by becoming the youngest player to win English Amateur Championship in 1991.

The snooker player turned professional in 1992 and earned thirty-eight victories the same year. He won his first title a year later in the 1993 UK Championship.

Although he won many titles, Ronnie's playing career was initially marred with controversies. For instance, he was fined $26,685 (£20,000) and faced a two-year suspension for assaulting an assistant press officer in 1996. In addition, he was stripped of his Irish Masters' title after testing drug positive in 1998.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Net Worth

Ronnie O'Sullivan has broken many records from the beginning of his snooker career. Photo Source: Ronnie O'Sullivan's Instagram.

Nonetheless, the player improved his habits and never repeated the same mistakes. As a result, he grabbed his first World Snooker Championship title by beating John Higgins in 2001. Since then, he has won five more championship titles, with his latest being in 2020.

The player has also won Masters and U.K. Championship seven times each in his career. In addition, he currently ranks at number three in snooker world rankings.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Net Worth And Earnings

Since the beginning of his snooker career, the athlete has been named a prodigy in the snooker field. His fast-paced style places him as one of the formidable opponents in the competitions.

Aforementioned, the sportsperson has won many titles in his nearly three decades of professional career. Alongside recognition for his talents, he has earned a notable amount from multiple events.

Ronnie's prize money that he received in the 2020/2021 season are tabulated below:

Tournament Prize Money
2021 Tour Championship $80,055 (£60,000)
2021 Players Championship $66,712.5 (£50,000)
2020 Scottish Open $40,027.5 (£30,000)
2020 Northern Ireland Open $40,027.5 (£30,000)

According to several sources, O'Sullivan's tournament money alone amounts to around $15 million. He also earns a considerable sum from his endorsement deals, merchandise, and literary works.

Hence, Ronnie O'Sullivan's net worth stands at a gigantic $14 million. Another snooker player who has earned both fame and fortune from his career is Judd Trump.

Earnings From Merch, Endorsements, And Books

As a well-renowned figure in the snooker world, many companies are lining up to endorse Ronnie. He is currently sponsored by RoKit Group, Affinity, etc.

The sportsman has also released official merch under his name. It features clothing products, accessories, mugs, towels, etc. Some of their prices are listed below:

Product Price
Signature Iconic T-Shirt- Black $33.29 (£24.95)
Ronnie O'Sullivan Signed Black Ball $100.07 (£75)
Ronnie O'Sullivan Signed Snooker Cue Framed Display $300.21 (£225)
Ronnie O'Sullivan Signed Snooker Cue $166.78 (£125)
Ronnie O'Sullivan Signed 2020 WC Mount $80.05 (£60)

Aside from playing professionally, the athlete has authored and co-authored several books. His first book, Ronnie: The Autobiography of Ronnie O'Sullivan, is available for $10.93 (£8.19) in paperback format.

Likewise, the author's second autobiography, Running: The Autobiography costs $10.93 (£8.19) on Amazon. His other books are also available for $5.32 (£3.99) in Kindle format.

The writer has also co-written crime novels with Emlyn Rees. His collaborated fitness book with a nutritionist, Rhiannon Lambert, named Top of Your Game: Eating for Mind and Body, is priced at $20 (£14.99).

Hence, Ronnie O'Sullivan's net worth must have also risen alongside his endorsement deals, books, and merch sales.

Is Ronnie O'Sullivan Married?

Well, speaking of O'Sullivan's relationships, he has been involved with several women over the years. He initially shared a two-year relationship with a woman named Sally-Ann Magnus. Afterward, he dated Jo Langley for a certain period.

At present, the snooker personality is engaged to British actress Laila Rouass. Ronnie O'Sullivan's soon-to-be wife is known for her roles in Footballers' Wives and Holby City.

The pair had a coincidental meeting in 2012. O'Sullivan's father, Ronnie Sr., introduced the duo to each other. They developed an instant connection right from the start and soon started dating. After a year, both got engaged in February 2013.

Unfortunately, Ronnie's lady love, Rouass, once faced a dangerous situation during Barcelona's Terror attack in 2017. Thankfully, she hid in a restaurant's freezer room to save her life. The incident undoubtedly caused trauma to the couple. Nonetheless, both have now healed from the ordeal.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Fiancee Laila Rouass

Ronnie O'Sullivan's soon-to-be wife, Laila Rouass, is a well-renowned English actress known for her role in Footballers' Wives. Photo Source: Laila Rouass' Instagram.

Ronnie O'Sullivan's fiancee, Laila Rouass, also doesn't hesitate to show off her romantic affairs on social media. She often poses next to him and shares their traveling pictures on her Instagram account. The couple also appeared on a television show, Saturday Kitchen, in February 2021.

Both seem to be enjoying a comfortable life with each other. However, the lovebirds haven't shared plans for their marriage yet. But, we might see Laila becoming Ronnie O'Sullivan's wife soon in the future.

O'Sullivan Is A Father Of Three Children

While few of his relationships were short-lived, the snooker pro has been blessed with three adorable children. His firstborn, Taylor-Ann Magnus, was born out of his affair with Sally-Ann Magnus.

However, Ronnie's first daughter, Taylor-Ann, called him out for cutting her out of his life. She also expressed suffering many rejections, letdowns, and abandonment from him. Moreover, Taylor-Ann has also given birth to a baby girl named, Zarah-Ann. But due to the estrangement with his first child, the snooker pro hasn't met his granddaughter.

Furthermore, with his ex-girlfriend Jo Langley, the sportsperson has fathered Lily O'Sullivan and Ronnie O'Sullivan Jr.  Both children were born a year apart in 2006 and 2007 and rarely appear in media.

Ronnie O'Sullivan Children

While Ronnie O'Sullivan's eldest daughter, Taylor-Ann Magnus accused him of abandoning her, he shares a close bond with his younger children. Photo Source: Ronnie O'Sullivan's Instagram.

O'Sullivan has succeeded highly professionally but seems to have some troubles regarding his private life. Hopefully, he will reconcile with his children and guide them in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • Ronnie has 446K Instagram followers.
  • He was honored with OBE in 2016.
  • He has worked on several video games.

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