Cody McKay Biography 2022 - Former MLB Player And Dave Mckay's Son

Cody McKay Biography - Former MLB Player And Dave Mckay's Son

Dave McKay's son, Cody McKay is a former baseball player, known for his matches under the Oakland Athletics. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Cody McKay, born Cody Dean McKay, is a well-known baseball player. He is best known for his left-handed batting style and pitching skills. Moreover, the player made his debut in Major League Baseball at the age of twenty-eight. However, he was only active for few years as an MLB athlete.

The sportsman is also associated with former MLB player Dave McKay. The latter is the three-time World Series Champion and a member of the Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame. Moreover, Cody McKay's father, Dave, is also one of the significant influencers behind his career choice. As a result, he chose to follow in his dad's footsteps and become a professional baseball player.

So, let's go through Cody McKay's bio and get to know more about his life and career.

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Early Life And Family

The baseballer was born on January 11, 1974, in Vancouver, British Colombia. He was born into an athletic family, which further set his mindset. Moreover, growing up, Cody spent most of his time with his mother as his father was busy touring. This was because Cody Mckay's dad Dave McKay was a professional MLB player from 1975 to 1982.

So, McKay saw his father's earlier struggles and success firsthand during his childhood.

Cody McKay Father

Cody McKay's father Dave McKay began his career as a baseball player and later turned into a professional coach for MLB. Photo Source: Social Media.

The athlete was interested in sports from a young age. He completed his former education at Horizon High School in 1992. Afterward, the sportsperson enrolled in the Arizona State University. He also participated in many college championships during his time at the university.

Furthermore, McKay joined the Yarmouth-Dennis Red Sox for the 1994 Collegiate Summer Baseball League.

Cody McKay Net Worth And Career

The sportsman has played for popular teams in numerous matches throughout his career. As such, he has accomplished a fortune from his job. So, Cody McKay's net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his baseball career. It also includes his signing deals, salary, and prize money. However, the player hasn't revealed his income to the public yet.

Speaking of Cody McKay's father, Dave McKay has been active in the sports industry for more than four decades. He has played for Minnesota Twins, Toronto Blue Jays, and Oakland Athletics. Moreover, the baseballer began working as a coach for MLB even after his retirement. He has coached for Oakland AthleticsStLouis CardinalsChicago Cubs, and Arizona Diamondbacks.

The former MLB player earned $25,000 in his earlier years with Toronto Blue Jays. As such, Dave Mckay's net worth must be considerably growing over the years.

Earnings From Sports Career

The Canadian player gained the attention of higher league teams during his earlier college years. The MLB team, San Francisco Giants, drafted him at the 1992 Major League Baseball Draft. However, the young athlete wasn't signed by the Giants. Instead, he was again selected by the St. Louis Cardinals at the 1995 Major League Baseball Draft. But, this time, too, he had to deal with the same fate as before.

Despite not being signed up, Cody McKay didn't lose his dream of becoming an MLB player. After the Oakland Athletics chose him in the 1996 Major League Baseball Draft, his desire finally came trueCody's dad also played for the Athletics. Moreover, Mckay's father, Dave McKay, played for two seasons with the baseball team and coached for nearly a decade.

The Canadian sportsperson made his MLB debut on September 22, 2002, under the Oakland Athletics. He was also guaranteed a salary of $200,000. Furthermore, McKay managed good performances on the field as a rookie player. However, the MLB player made a solid comeback in the season of 2003. He made only ten errors in 793 total chances.

Cody McKay Net Worth

Cody McKay began his MLB career in 2002 with his father Dave McKay's former team Oakland Athletics. Photo Source: Social Media.

Cody appeared in 109 games at the 2003 Triple-A Indianapolis. He made six home runs with .232 batting and 43 Run Batted In (RBI). In addition, McKay performed better in July 2003, where he appeared in twenty-four matches and secured .291 batting.

The athlete signed a deal with St. Louis Cardinals for $300,000 in 2004. He made his first appearance as a Cardinal in the 2004 Opening Day Roster. Moreover, the baseballer had his first match against Milwaukee Brewers. He pitched for eighth and ninth innings but sadly suffered an 11-5 loss.

The sports personality also joined the Cardinals' Triple-A affiliate Memphis Redbirds, in June 2004. He batted .278 with thirteen RBIs in twenty-seven games with Redbirds. But, unfortunately, Cody had to leave the match due to a dislocated finger. Moreover, he was listed on Memphis' disabled list from June 28 to July 18.

The baseballer made his comeback in October 2004 against the Houston Astros in the 2004 National League Championship Series. He batted for .435 with five RBI in the first round. Furthermore, in the second match against the Astros, the Canadian player scored a career-high four hits. Additionally, the St. Louis Cardinals got the victory in the overall game and moved to the 2004 World Series.

Mitchell Report

Sadly, the 2004's match also marked the final MLB championship of Cody Mckay's career. He was named on page number 197 of the Mitchell Report for the use of banned drugs. Furthermore, the report made by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell branded many other baseball stars as drug users and cheats. It includes his investigations by doing drug testing and setting up a police internal investigative unit.

The investigation brought up active and retired players from prominent leagues such as Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Andy Pettitte, Daniel Naulty, Mark McGwire, etc. It also began the new era for baseball, where initially, drugs and steroids use were common.

Cody McKay was alleged of purchasing steroids and human growth hormones in 2002 and 2003 from former New York Mets clubhouse attendant Kirk Radomski. Alongside him, Oakland Athletics' Jack Cust, David Justice, and Miguel Tejada were also listed in the Mitchell Report.

Moreover, despite denying it at first, the MLB player eventually accepted the case. As a result, he was removed from St.Louis Cardinals.

StillCody McKay's net worth was increasing over the years of his MLB career.

Wife And Children

Alongside participating in baseball matches, the Canadian baseballer is also a family man. He was already married during his MLB career years. In addition, Cody McKay's wife Tiernan McKay never missed out on his baseball matches. Moreover, the duo also has a baby girl named Eden McKay.

Since his departure from MLB, the former baseballer hasn't been in the public eye. Unfortunately, he isn't active on social media, so it's hard to be up-to-date with his current status.

Moreover, Cody Mckay's father, Dave McKay, also doesn't have any social media presence, restricting our research about Cody. Still, the former player might be leading a happy life with his family.

Trivia And Facts

  • Cody McKay was called up from Triple-A Memphis on September 1, 2004.
  • His father, Dave Mckay, suffered a broken rib and lacerated spleen in March 2021.

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