Yuanpu Cui Biography 2022 - Chinese Racing Driver

Yuanpu Cui Biography - Chinese Racing Driver

Yuanpu Cui was recently signed by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team. Image Source: Yuanpu's Instagram.

Yuanpu Cui is an upcoming young racer who is working upwards to become a Formula 1 racing driver. He recently signed into Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team’s junior category, which will put him on the road to become a Formula 1 racer. He is currently racing in the OK-Junior category. 

The young racer started go-karting since he was just 6 years old. He competed in small local events before he began competing professionally in 2014. Due to him being signed by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team at such a young age, Yuanpu has become a matter of interest to everyone enticed by racing.

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Early Life, Parents & Family 

Yuanpu Cui was born in Xi’an, China, on February 18, 2008. His father, Hao, was also a racing driver. This certainly shows that an apple does not fall much farther from the tree. Without a doubt, the young racer’s interest in racing sprouted due to his father’s career. 

After being introduced to kart racing Yuanpu would spend a lot of time on the race tracks. He would go there with his friends and compete in races during the weekends. That was when the racer became enthralled with racing, relishing the thrill of speed and the thrill of competitiveness. 

Even though little is known about Yuanpu Cui’s mother, she is certainly incredibly supportive of her child’s career choice. Hao could not be any bigger of a fan of his son Yuanpu than he already is. He must be thrilled that his son is on his way to become the first Chinese national qualified to be a Formula 1 racer.  

Yuanpu Cui Family

Yuanpu Cui was first introduced to go kart racing by his father at the age of 6. Image Source: Yuanpu's Instagram.

Yuanpu Cui is just in his early teenage years. Since he is still young, he may have to find a balance between his schooling and his racing career. Although he is extremely focused on his racing career, he and his parents must realize that schooling matters too. Unfortunately, the Chinese racer has kept to himself up until now, and we do not know if he does receive a formal education or he is home-schooled. 

Either way, we wish Yuanpu the best of luck in both his education and racing career. 

Yuanpu Cui’s Racing Career 

Although incredibly young, Yuanpu Cui has already managed to forge a path for himself in life. The young driver started go-karting when he was just 6 years old. Cui is said to have fallen in love with the thrill of speed at a budding age which led him to want to become a racer. 

Yuanpu Cui started small. He would go to go-kart racing with his friends all the time and race on weekends in local events. The F1 junior racer competed in local competitions for a few years before taking part in a professional race in 2014. The young racer competed professionally in China for many seasons before participating in competitions all around the world. 

During the 2018 and 2019 seasons, the blooming racer had podium finishes in several Italian national events, including the WSK Open Cup, WSK Final Cup, ROK Cup Superfinal, and WSK Euro Series in the 60 Mini and Mini ROK classes. 

Here are some of the competitions Yuanpu Cui has participated in. 

Year Name of the Competition  Ranking
2016 Chinese Rotax Series P2 
2016 Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals (Mico MAX) P33
2017 IAME International Final (X30 Mini) P14
2018 ROK the Rio (Mini ROK) P16
2019 Trofeo Delle Industrie (60 Mini) P16
2020 31° Andrea Margutti Trophy (OK-Junior) P2

Due to his immense growth in 2020, Yuanpu Cui was signed by Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team’s young driver program in 2021. He is China’s first racer to be selected in the Formula 1 category and is on his way to becoming the first Chinese F1 driver.  

In a video released by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team, Cui stated that he was proud to be a part of the Mercedes Junior Team. He also hoped that he would be able to achieve good results. His dream to become an F1 driver seems to be on the verge of completion. 

Yuanpu Cui Net Worth

Yuanpu Cui was signed by Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team in the young drivers programme in 2021. Image Source: Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team's Instagram.

Yuanpu has thanked Mercedes for giving him an opportunity to chase his dream. With the amount of effort Cui has put into his career, it will certainly move on an upward trajectory. It will be a great achievement if Cui is able to become an F1 driver and fulfill his dreams. 

Yuanpu Cui Net Worth And Earnings

The young racer’s fortune has been a mystery to many. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that he must have earned quite some money by racing in so many competitions and his contract with companies like Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 Team and Gamoto Racing Team. 

With him forging ahead to become China’s first professional racer to compete in Formula 1, Yuanpu Cui is certain to rise. And with him reaching new heights in his career, Yuanpu Cui’s net worth is expected to rise exponentially as well. 

Does Yuanpu Cui Have a Girlfriend? 

Aforementioned, Yuanpu Cui is only in his early teenage years, which, though still young, is a common age for people to begin dating. However, little is known about his relationship status as the racer prefers to keep things to himself. But with his fame, which is on the rise, there is no doubt that we will get to meet Yuanpu Cui's girlfriend in the coming days. 

Currently, the young racer is extremely focused on his career and working on fulfilling his dream of becoming a Formula 1 racer. So let us hope that he has someone to share his happiness with when he is at the top of his career. 


  • Yuanpu Cui currently has 900+ followers on his Instagram.
  • He has been regarded as the potential heir to Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton.

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