John Gibson Biography - Professional Ice Hockey Player

John Gibson Biography 2021 - Professional Ice Hockey Player

Ice hockey is not a safe sport. Sportspeople can lose a few teeth or even seriously injure their head when they play the sport in a competitive setting. Yet, despite the brutality of the game, ice hockey is a popular game in North America, especially in the USA and Canada. Millions of people watch the National Hockey League and cheer on for their favorite every year.

Goaltender John Gibson has been ranked as one of the most prestigious players in the NHL. Although the player was drafted to NHL when he was only 18, John has come a long way since his junior ice hockey days. The athlete is very famous for his exceptional play on the ice and has been able to amass millions of fans during his decade-long professional career.

So, here is a short biography on the NHL goaltender, John Gibson.

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Childhood And Entry To Professional Hockey

John Gibson was born to parents Jack Gibson and Sue Gibson on July 14, 1993. The player was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. John had been very fond of ice hockey since his childhood and would often watch it on TV.

The sportsman was actively playing the sport even in his high school, Baldwin High School. However, he was cut from his high school team. Nevertheless, Gibson did not lose hope and continued to work on his skills.

Amateur Hockey

To further improve his chances of getting drafted in the NHL, John Gibson dedicated himself to college hockey. While attending the University of Michigan, the athlete was one of the star players of the Michigan Wolverines men's hockey team. The college team gave the young player ample space to grow and improve, which later helped him achieve his dream, NHL.

Moreover, John Gibson had achieved his dream of getting drafted in the NHL when he was almost 18. The young athlete ranked 39 overall and was drafted into Anaheim Ducks in the entry-level in 2011.

John Gibson Net Worth

John Gibson was drafted into the NHL in 2011 when he was ranked #39 overall but played for the University of Michigan for a few years. Photo Source: Ducks' Instagram.

The goaltender soon left college hockey to join junior programs. Because he was an excellent player, John Gibson represented the USA in the 2013 IIHF World Championships, winning a bronze medal, and was part of the USA Hockey's National Team Development Program.

Professional Hockey

After years of hard work, John Gibson finally made a professional debut in April 2013. He played in the American Hockey League for the Norfolk Admirals. The goaltender made his NHL debut as a replacement goaltender for Anaheim Ducks in the following year, and the team won the game.

Since then, the player has been a valuable member of the Ducks. With a vast improvement in his play, the athlete has been signed on the team repeatedly. However, there have been some rumors that Gibson might be traded into some other team. The rumors have come and gone several times in the past and were proved to be a hoax.

John Gibson has also been qualified to play in the World Cup of Hockey. In 2016, the goaltender represented Team North America in the games. His team was able to finish fifth in the games.

John Gibson Net Worth And Earnings

As the hockey player has been playing professionally for the NHL for a decade, it has been estimated that John Gibson's net worth is substantial. The goaltender has been earning millions of dollars annually with just him playing the season. Furthermore, players receive bonuses, sponsors, partners and are paid to appear on-screen for shows and other sports.

As John has been such a valuable player in the NHL, the sports personality has earned millions of dollars in the past decade. Below, we have a table showing how much the athlete made since his NHL debut, according to Sportrac.

Year Salary Signing Bonus Total Cash
2013/14 $590,000 $92,500 $682,500
2014/15 $695,000 $92,500 $787,500
2015/16 $685,000 - $685,000
2016/17 $1,500,000 - $1,500,000
2017/18 $2,100,000 - $2,100,000
2018/19 $3,300,000 - $3,300,000
2019/20 $6,400,000 - $6,400,000
2020/21 $6,400,000 - $6,400,000

As a result of John Gibson's hard work on the ice and the vast improvement he's shown since his first NHL game, it is seen that the athlete is earning big money annually. Moreover, his annual income has been having an exponential climb. As of 2021, the sportsman has earned a jaw-dropping $28,255,000 playing in the NHL for nine seasons.

Moreover, the athlete has already been on the Anaheim Ducks payroll since 2012 on two three-year-long contracts. The first contract lasted from 2012 to 2015 on an entry-level and Gibson got an annual $925,000 on average for those three years with a total amount of $2,775,000. Next was a 3-year contract worth $6,900,000 with an average yearly salary of $2,300,000.

After realizing that John Gibson was a valuable player, Anaheim Ducks signed him for the third time in 2019. However, this time, the team signed him for an 8-year contract. This contract guarantees that the player is paid $51,200,000 in 8 years with an annual salary of $6,400,000.

Therefore, as the hockey seasons go on, an increase in the sportsman salary has been expected. Moreover, having already earned millions, Gibson might even become one of the richest NHL players in the world in the coming years.

Here is a video of some exceptional saves by John Gibson:

However, Gibby's contract with the Anaheim Ducks might be coming to an end. Many fans suspect that he will be leaving the club even though the player has not shown signs of him wanting out of the club. Furthermore, despite no actual warnings of a trade, because of John Gibson's relatively poor play in the 2021 season, many have suspected that the Ducks might opt to sell him off.

Whatever the future may be for the goalie, the multi-millionaire will undoubtedly continue to grow. We hope that John Gibson gets to be the part of the team that suits him the best, and he gets to shine on the ice like always. As the goaltender shines on the ice, money, and fame will undoubtedly follow him and continue to grow as always.

John Gibson Is Married

The NHL goalie has preferred to remain a private man despite his fame and fortune. So, it was indeed a shock when news broke that John Gibson had married his long-time girlfriendAlexa Gibson, in the summer of 2018. The NHL fandom was abuzz with the information, and many were gushing about the few pictures of the couple that went public. 

The wedding was a private ceremony, and not much was shared with the public. However, the bride and groom looked very happy on the day. Moreover, Alexa looked flattering in her white ensemble. 

John Gibson Wife Alexa Gibson

NFL goaltender John Gibson married his long-time girlfriend, Alexa Gibson in the summer of 2018 in a private ceremony. Photo Source: Anaheim Ducks' Instagram.

John Gibson's wife has been incredibly supportive of the player throughout his career's highs and the lows. She has been his cheerleader and is present in all of his games to support him. Moreover, the beautiful brunette gets along with the wives and girlfriends of other Ducks players.

The young couple is blissfully married and highly content with one another. Furthermore, the pair seems to feel that their privacy is paramount, and thus both of them have made their social media accounts private and thus out of reach for the public.

So, for now, John and Alexa live their married life to its full extent and enjoy their time together. We wish for a lifetime of happiness for the lovebirds.


  • The NHL star is 6 feet 2 inches tall.
  • John Gibson is a fan of baseball and has even pitched during a Los Angeles Angel's game.
  • Gibby's jersey number is 36.

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