Jim Cantore Hurricane Ian Update: Hit By A Flying Tree Branch!

Jim Cantore Hurricane Ian Update: Hit By A Flying Tree Branch!

Jim Cantore Fell on Knees after getting hit by a tree branch while doing live coverage on Hurricane Ian in Punta Gorda, FL. Source: Social Media

Jim Cantore, the veteran meteorologist, and storm chasing legend got hit by a flying tree branch while doing live coverage on Hurricane Ian update at Punta Gorda, Florida.

As Hurricane Ian category 4 made Landfall along the southwestern coast of Florida, like other storm chasers and reporters, Jim Cantore risked his life in Punta Gorda making a live coverage. 

He has been risking his life to cover the worst storms for over 35 years. And Cantore reports that Hurricane Ian is the worst so far. Get the updates here!

Jim Cantore Hit on Feet

While doing a live coverage in Punta Gorda, it was evident that Cantore couldn't stand still and see correctly in front of the extreme storm and wind surge. And just then, a tree branch flew towards him, hitting his feet and making him fall to his knees.

Cantore then stood up and reached toward a street sign to balance himself. The cameraman then asked Cantore if he was okay. Jim said he was fine and that he couldn't stand up.
Thankfully, Jim Cantore is ok, and there are no other injuries.

Meteorologist Reed Timmer In The Middle of Hurricane Ian!

Hurricane Ian Cantore Latest Updates

With winds up to155 mph, Hurricane Ian made Landfall near Cayo Costa as a Category 4 storm. With Hurricane Ian came the destruction as more than 2.5 million homes in Florida and many businesses were left without power. There's flooding, and people are trapped in homes, those who couldn't leave. 

Local emergency officers had asked the residents to evacuate from the Punta Gorda area as soon as possible.

The hurricane is reported as the fifth-strongest to hit the United States, just shy of a Category 5. All the destructive flooding had caused an impact on the area and nearby coastal communities. 

Along with Cantore, other Hurricane hunters and pilots like Nick Underwood agree that Hurricane Ian is the worst he has ever seen in his six years flying into hurricanes.

Where there is sever storm, Jim Cantore is ahead of it. However, It's getting difficult than how it was when Cantore was reporting live on Sunday in Clear water Beach, FL.  Hurricane Ian is intensifying and getting destructive.

We seriously hope all the reporters, camera men, team and storm chasers stay safe out there.

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