Meteorologist Reed Timmer In The Middle of Hurricane Ian!

Meteorologist Reed Timmer In The Middle of Hurricane Ian!

Reed Timmer Records the worst of Hurricane Ian from Pine Island. Source: Social Media

Dr. Reed Timmer Ph.D., meteorologist, and the extreme storm chaser, is in the middle of Hurricane Ian now. That's right; Timmer has recorded and posted the video of the storm surge and eyewall of Hurricane Ian in Pine Island on Wednesday, September 28.

The hurricane hit the fort Myers area, near Cape Coral, Sanibel Island, along with Punta Gorda and south of Port Charlotte. The Pine Island Timmer recorded is in the west of Fort Myers.

Dr. Reed Timmer is known for being an addict to his work. He chases the storms to study them and is obsessed with weather models. Reed can create and distribute content to all the viewers in the middle of such horrific storms. Watch below what he got this time!

Reed Timmer Records Hurricane Ian in Pine Island

After having studied, experienced, recorded, and reported over a thousand tornadoes, many horrific storms, and hurricanes, Dr. Reed Timmer has become one of the generation's most famous and respected weather experts.

And it seems he isn't going to stop any sooner. With Hurricane Ian surging in Florida, Timmer hit the road with his Dominator Fore and recorded the journey. He has posted the recordings online on his channel, Reed Timmer, the latest recording being of Pine Island.

Anyone will shake after watching the video, but Reed Timmer is right there recording everything. 

Reed Timmer's Dominator Fore Abandoned

Timmer arrived in Florida in his Dominator Fore on September 26, 2022. The vehicle was a hail-damaged, beat-up Subaru. 

Timmer used a series of vehicles named SRV Dominator, featured on the Discovery Channel Storm Chasers (2007-2012).

The Dominator Fore was the newest in the fleet, a modified Subaru. Reed Timmer's Dominator Fore was famous along with him as Timmer chased the storms in the vehicle. However, the storm chasing vehicle got washed away on Wednesday.

Timmer tweeted that his vehicle is abandoned and he is retreated to shelter.

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What do Reed Timmer's Family, Wife Do When He Stormchases?

Reed Timmer's parents, Susan Tolbert and Dan Timmer, were happy to have Reed as their second oldest son, on March 17, 1980.

Timmer grew up with his big sister, Cortney Timmer, and little sister, Dayna Timmer, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. However, when he was ten years old, Timmer's parents got divorced. Reed was fascinated with science and nature and was attracted to extreme weather since childhood.

His parents know that Timmer had been obsessed with the weather change and storms since he was a child, so they also had to buy him a new TV with a weather channel. 

As for Reed Timmer's wife, he was married to Fox channel's on-air meteorologist, Maria Molina, in 2015 but is single now. In 2018, Timmer and now his ex-wife Molina couldn't continue their marriage and got a divorce. Timmer is known to have had few relationships in the past, but he is not linked to anyone now.

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So, his parents are worried but know how much their son has loved his profession since a young age. Reed doesn't have a partner or wife at home but great best friends sharing similar interests, including Chris Chittick and Joel Taylor. Reed had also worked with his friends in their show Storm Chaser', which was very successful.

Timmer and Chittick also started Extreme Tornado Tours in 2008, going through storm-chasing trips with different people. With Reed Timmer being a successful extreme storm chaser, everyone is pretty confident in his actions.

Let's wait and see what Dr. Reed Timmer, Ph.D. has to show us in his next recording!

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