Jamie Bestwick Biography 2024 - 13 Times BMX Vert Champion

Jamie Bestwick Biography - 13 Times BMX Vert Champion

Jamie Bestwick is one of the top BMX riders in the world, having won 13 gold medals at the X Games in the BMX Vert event. Image Source: Jamie Bestwick's Instagram.

Often referred to as "the undefeated", Jamie Bestwick is one of the best BMX riders out there. The British rider has won 13 gold medals in the BMX Vert event at the X Games, establishing him as a top athlete.

However, Jamie has gone through many obstacles to reach the top. And now, there is not a single sports fanatic who hasn't heard of the iconic BMX Vert Champion. So, in this biography, we'll take a look at how Bestwick's career progressed throughout time.

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Jamie Bestwick's Active Childhood

On July 8, 1971, Jamie Bestwick was born to parents who prefer to keep their identities hidden from the public eye. However, because Bestwick was born in Nottingham, England, there's a good possibility that his parents are British. Similarly, we can presume that the BMX rider is a single child because no proof of him having a brother or sister has ever surfaced in the news.

However, it is known that even as a child, Jamie was an active kid who started riding a bike when he was only ten years old. Additionally, he also competed in BMX races.

So, Jamie Bestwick's father and mother must have been understanding and encouraging allowing their child to get involved in such dangerous sports at such a young age. 

Jamie Bestwick's Childhood.

Jamie Bestwick was an energetic child who began riding a bike at the age of ten. Image Source: Jamie Bestwick Instagram.

Still, Jamie only saw riding as a fun activity and a way to spend more time with his friends. His true purpose was to work at Rolls-Royce as an engineer. However, after working as a mechanic after graduating from high school, he decided to pursue his dream of being a professional BMX rider.

Jamie is currently considered one of the top BMX riders in the world. So, whoever they are, Jamie's parents and family members must be pretty proud of him.

Jamie Bestwick Net Worth and Career

Although Jamie Bestwick is primarily renowned for being one of the best BMX riders, he has not limited himself to just that. Apart from participating in BMX Vert competitions alongside top competitors like Corey BohanDennis McCoy, and Simon Tabron, Bestwick also works as the BMX Freestyle Coach for Great Britain's Olympic Freestyle team.

In addition, he is also a co-owner of Rothrock Coffee, the President of the Bestwick Foundation, and a consultant at Camp Woodward. Nonetheless, most of Jamie Bestwick's net worth is still comprised of his earnings and prize money he collected as a BMX champion. 

Bestwick Has Won 13 Gold Medals In BMX Vert

Jamie Bestwick first competed in the X Games in 1996, where he bagged the second runner-up title. However, this was only the beginning of his reign. Soon after his victory, he reconsidered refocusing his career path and decided to work as a full-time professional BMX rider.

Following his victory in 1996, the cyclist competed for the next four years in a row. Even though he didn't win initially, he eventually took first place in the X Games BMX vert 2000. The undefeated champion maintained his winning streak, earning 13 gold medals in the following X Games.

Jamie Bestwick's net worth

Often referred to as the unbeatable BMX Vert Champion, Jamie Bestwick has won 13 gold medals. Image Source: Jamie Bestwick Instagram.


While Bestwick was thriving and winning back-to-back events, the same cannot be said for the three times X Games BMX Park gold medalist Scotty Cranmer. Crammer ended up breaking his back when his bike malfunctioned while attempting a backflip double tailwhip in BMX Park. Thankfully, Jamie has not faced similar troubles.

Bmx vert is one of the most significant events that happen every year, and the winning prize money is even more significant. Sources claim that the winner of the vert event wins up to $100,000. And if the amount is accurate, then Bestwick's career winnings alone amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Has Made Numerous Television Appearances

Being famous has its own perks, and one of them is being invited for interviews and making TV appearances. Jamie, here, is no stranger to the camera. Like other athletes such as Van HomanRyan Nyquist, and Garrett Reynolds, Bestwick has made several television appearances in shows and documentaries throughout the years.

The following are some of the TV series and documentaries the BMX rider has appeared in: 

Title  Year
Firsthand 2003
The Buried Life 2010
Team Toyota: Bringing BMX to Monster Energy Supercross  2016
 2017Toyota TRD Pro: Challenge - Vietnam 2017
World of X Games: Monster Moments  2020

There is no doubt that the Vert champion has a very tight schedule, and Bestwick must charge a considerable sum to take time out of his schedule to make television appearances.

Jamie Bestwick's Earnings From Businesses and Sponsors

As previously stated, the 13-time BMX Vert champion is also the co-owner of Rothrock Coffee, a Central Pennsylvania-based coffee store specializing in coffee roasters. The following are some of the products in his shop, along with their prices:

  1. Colombia El Progreso - $35.00
  2. Equinox - $19.00
  3. Mexico San Francisco Ozolotepec - $19.00
  4. Adventure Variety Box - $28.00
  5. Ridgeline - $16.00
  6. Creekside - $16.00

The rider must be earning thousands of dollars from his coffee business alone. In addition, he is also the President of the Bestwick Foundation and a consultant at Camp Woodward.

Furthermore, according to Bestwick's Instagram, he has earned himself quite a few sponsors and endorsers. Some of the player's most well-known partnerships are with elite companies such as Monster Energy, Team Toyota, Alpine Stars, Stan's NoTubes, and Pinarello US.

So, there is no doubt that Jamie Bestwick's net worth also includes his revenues from enterprises and sponsorships.

Jamie Bestwick Is Married To Kerry Bestwick

While the BMX rider has been in the spotlight for many years, Bestwick's wife, Kerry Bestwick, has done a decent job living a life away from the limelight. So, naturally, people are intrigued about who the wife of one of the greatest cyclists is.

Jamie Bestwick's wife, Kerry, is a yoga instructor and life coach who shares most of her work on her Instagram. Kerry has established herself as the owner of The PYP Studio, and she is a force to be reckoned with.

In the same way, she is the owner and founder of Kerry BE LLC. While Bestwick and his other half are candid about their professional lives, they haven't shared much personal information about their marriage with the public.

Despite their peaceful lifestyles, Jamie and his spouse are incredibly active on social media and do not hesitate to declare their admiration for one another. The couple started dating in 1992, and after a year of dating, Bestwick proposed to his then-girlfriend. In October 1999, the lovesick couple married and became husband and wife. 

As previously stated, Bestwick is a private individual who rarely speaks about his personal life in the media. Nonetheless, their relationship appears to be flourishing, and we wish them many more beautiful years together.

Bestwick Is A Father Of One

Jamie Bestwick's wife gave birth to their one and only child, Samuel Bestwick, in June 2005. And, if "Like father, like son" were to be applied in any case, this would be ideal, as Samuel, like his father, is an athletic child. However, unlike Jamie, Samuel prefers to ride a scooter rather than a bike.

Jamie Bestwick's Wife, Kerry Bestwick

Jamie Bestwick And Kerry Bestwick have been married for over two decades and together they share a son . Image Source: Jamie Bestwick's Facebook.

Nonetheless, the BMX rider is still incredibly proud of the young boy and considers him his proudest achievement and a constant source of inspiration. Going through Bestwick's social media accounts, it is clear that the father-son duo is going strong. 

Jamie is a proud parent who frequently posts pictures of his son on his social media platforms, whether to congratulate him on his accomplishments or simply to show them having a great time. 

For the time being, we wish the Bestwick family all the best and hope that they will continue to create beautiful memories together.

Trivia and Facts

  • He is a huge food lover.
  • He loves building Lego and has an extensive Star Wars collection.
  • He is a Vincenzo Nibali fan.

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