Chase Koch Biography 2024 - Koch Disruptive Technologies President And Charles Koch's Son

Chase Koch Biography - Koch Disruptive Technologies President And Charles Koch's Son

Chase Koch is the president at Koch Disruptive Technologies. Photo Source: Chase Koch LinkedIn.

Many must be familiar with The Koch Family, whose legacy runs far and wide. They are mostly recognized by their multinational conglomerate Koch Industries, founded by Fred C. Koch. The latter's sons, Charles Koch and David Koch, led the company to flourish even more.

Sadly, David has already passed away, and Charles is also in his late 80s. So, now it's time for the newer generation to continue their legacy. Chase Koch is considered a leading figure in the Koch network and has proven his worth over the years. But, what makes him distinct from his other cousins who are also in line to inherit the family fortune?

This article covers that and more about Charles Koch's son, Chase. Hence, don't go before getting all the deets.

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One Of The Two Children Of His Parents

The businessman was born Charles Chase Koch on June 15, 1977, in Wichita, Kansas, USA. Well, the upbringing by a billionaire dad is certainly different than that of a normal family. Chase Koch's father used to tutor him and his sister Elizabeth Koch by making them listen to tapes about renowned economist thinkers such as F.A. Hayek.

Though the young guy often nodded off, he has adopted similar thinking to shape his political outlook and focuses on the same ideals he learned then. Chase Koch's mother, Liz Kochundoubtedly mustn't have objected to his dad's way of teaching. What's more, Charles and Liz shared their parenting methods in the CGKon series.

Speaking of the businessperson's sibling, Elizabeth is a writer and publisher by profession. She is also married to her husband, Jason Kakoyiannis.

Talking about his education, Chase attended Wichita Collegiate School. He later earned a marketing degree from Texas A&M University. After graduation, he moved to Austin, became briefly involved in the tech startup scene, and played in a band. Eventually, he returned to work in Koch Industries and is also the first child of the Koch brothers to join the family empire.

Was Involved In A Car Accident

Chase Koch's son made headlines after the news about a teenager hitting a pedestrian was published in 1993. The driver was none other than Chase, who was sixteen at that time. He ran a red light and hit the 12-year-old Zachary Seibert, who was out for a jog. Unfortunately, the latter passed away in the hospital.

Following the incident, the teen was charged with misdemeanor vehicular homicide. His license was suspended for a year, and he was sentenced to a hundred hours of community service. In addition, Chase was made to pay Zachary's funeral expenses.

Chase Koch's parents attended Seibert's funeral service. They also told him to visit Zac's father and mother to be accountable for what he had done.

Chase Koch Net Worth And Career

It might surprise many that Chase's first job at Koch Industries was at a cattle feed yard. He spent his summer shoveling bovine ordure and digging post holes. However, the experience helped the young lad learn how to do more with less. With the same mindset, he moved forward and has now achieved the fruits of his hardships.

After joining the family industry in his mid-20s, the Wichita native first served as a financial analyst at Koch Equity Development Group. He then moved to hold regional management and global supply and trading positions at Koch Fertilizer in 2006. He was an executive vice president for Koch Ag & Energy Solutions, LLC, between 2014 and 2017.

The business mogul started his own company, Stand Together Ventures, in 2017. The same year he was appointed president of Koch Disruptive Technologies, where he is focused on assisting tech entrepreneurs in unlocking their full potential by structuring unique capital solutions, bringing Koch's market channels, network, and knowledge to them, and more.

The KDT has made many investments, including a $26 million series A funding in Arkestro in June 2022. The team also announced leading a $40M series C investment in CYREBRO in September 2022.

Aside from that, Mr. Koch is a board member of Koch Industries and the Charles Koch Foundation. Thanks to Charles Koch's son's full dedication to the company, KDT has now become one of the renowned privately held firms globally with $6 billion in revenue, as per ZoomInfo.

On the other hand, his family company, Koch Industries, has a revenue of $115 billion as of 2021 and operates in over fifty countries. Being part of such multi-billionaire conglomerates, Chase must be earning pretty well too. Hence, Chase Koch's net worth must be a considerable figure. Speaking of which, his father has a fortune worth $66 billion.

The Texas A&M graduate has invested his hard-earned money in various properties and estates. For instance, he purchased almost seventy acres near Greenwich and 21st for $3,065,000 in 2010. Additionally, Chase also owns a house in the 2000 block of North Greenwich.

Is Happily Married

Not only is the KDT president prospering career-wise, but his marital life is also a success. The handsome guy is married to his partner Annie Breitenbach. The latter is a former neonatal nurse and a former Koch network fundraiser. The couple tied the knot in 2010.

A marriage can only withstand if there is harmony and understanding between partners. Well, in the case of the Koch pair, Annie and Chase have even worked together. Both were financing a private school in Kansas in 2018. The institution, called Wonder School, is a privately-funded school and is open for elementary and preschool children.

Chase Koch Wife Annie Koch

Chase Koch and his wife Annie Koch opened a private school in Kansas. Photo Source: Social Media.

The lovebirds are quite fond of privacy and as such seems to prefer to keep to themselves. Moreover, Chase Koch's wife, Annie Koch, has little to no social media presence. The same also goes for him. So, learning about the duo's marital life is pretty challenging. Nevertheless, they must be doing well.

Is A Proud Dad Of Three Kids

It can be said that a family is incomplete without any kids. Chase is indeed a lucky guy as he has welcomed three little ones with his spouse. Chase Koch's son, Charles Koch, arrived in 2012, as per some sources. His other son is two years younger than his firstborn.

Furthermore, Chase Koch's daughter is his youngest baby. Unfortunately, details regarding the children, including their pictures haven't been disclosed. Chase and his partner have kept their little ones away from the limelight. The former did once reveal how he believes a well-rounded education involves music, so he must be raising them by combining music and study in their upbringing.

Overall, Charles Koch's son is a talented businessman with a knack for helping tech entrepreneurs. He is also focused on removing barriers to opportunity through his venture capital equity Stand Together Ventures. And, as already mentioned, he is a loving husband and a devoted dad. All in all, Chase is an inspiring personality, and we all can learn more from him.

Trivia And Facts

  • Chase's private North Greenwich residence suffered some damages after a guy named Aron White drove through the property gates in 2019.
  • He is a philanthropist and has supported many causes.
  • Chase once revealed his approach to politics includes libertarian ideals.

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