Marijke Mars Biography 2024 - American Billionaire

Marijke Mars Biography - American Billionaire

Marijke Mars is a American billionaire businesswoman who inherited 8% of Marc Inc. wealth. Image Source: Flickr

The Mars family is one of the richest families in the US and has overseen the eponymous chocolate business for many years. They are makers of chocolates like Snickers, Milky Bars, Milky Way, and more. The Mars family still has a comfortable lifestyle despite the passing of Frank Mars, the founder member of the family business company Mars Inc. Nevertheless, the company is still operated by a few of the family's wealthy heirs. Here, we're referring to Marijke Mars.

Marijke is a successful businesswoman and American billionaire heiress. So, what are the ventures that she is involved in these days? So, let's learn more about Marijke Mars' personal history and career.

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Is Forrest Mars Jr.'s Daughter

Marijke was born Marijke Elizabeth Mars in 1965 in the United States. She is a member of the Mars family, whose company was founded by her great-grandfather, Frank Mars, as was previously indicated. From 1975 to 1999, Marijke Mars' dad, Forrest Mars Jr., held the position of co-president of the confectionery company. He married Virginia Cretella, and the couple had four children before separating in 1990.

Marijke was brought up in a big house alongside her three siblings: Victoria B. Mars, Valerie Anne Mars, and Pamela Diane Mars. Valerie has held the position of senior vice president of Mars Inc., and Victoria serves as chairwoman of the Salzburg Global Seminar. Likewise, Pamela is a supervisory board member of Heineken International, a Dutch brewing corporation.

Marijke Mars Parents

Marijke Mars was born to her dad Co-President who served as the co-founder of the confectionery company. Image Source: Info Bisnis Twitter

Speaking of Marijke's education, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Science from Duke University. After earning her degree, she began working for Mars Inc.'s pet food company Kal Kan Foods as a regional manager. Mars has put in a lot of effort from an early age despite coming from an affluent family which benefitted her well as an adult.

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Marijke Mars Net Worth - $9.7 billion

Forrest Jr.'s youngest daughter became a billionaire in 2016 after receiving an inheritance of an approximately 8% share in Mars Inc. She currently serves at Mars Food, which produces a dozen food brands, notably Twix, Snickers, M&M's, Dove, Uncle Ben's, and Suzi Wan. 

Over the years, Mars has enhanced her company's scope and accumulated a net worth of $9.7 billion. In addition, she and her three sisters were jointly listed as the 30th-richest women in the world by Forbes in 2018.

Marijke, one of the heirs of her family business, must be benefitting well from her business ventures. In addition, with her future ventures, there's no doubt that Marijke Mars' fortune will increase in the coming days. 

Similar to the American businesswoman, Billy Busch Sr. is another individual who received a sizable inheritance from the Busch family business. For many years, the Busch family dominated the American brewing industry.

Marriage And Divorce Story

Marijke was married to Stephen J. Doyle in 1999. Mars married her husband when she was 26, and he was 28. Unfortunately, the couple's union was short-lived, and they divorced in 2000. However, the estranged duo has not revealed any reasons behind their separation. Likewise, it is not known if the former couple has any kids.

Marijke Mars' ex-husband is the President and CEO at InterFlex Group. Stephen earned an M.B.A. in Finance from The Wharton School after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. His dad is the owner and CEO of Ashland-based packaging company Eastern Shore Printing Corporation.

Furthermore, there is no clear information concerning Marijke proceeding with another marriage. She has kept her private life out of the spotlight, just like her entire family. Nevertheless, we wish Marijke Mars the very best in life.

Trivia And Facts

  • Marijke Mars is the youngest child among her siblings. 
  • Her ex-husband has also worked as a management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in Los Angeles. 

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