Andy Jassy Biography 2024 - CEO of Amazon

Andy Jassy Biography - CEO of Amazon

Andy Jassy is the newly appointed CEO of Amazon. Photo Source: Social Media.

Andy Jassy, also called Andrew R. Jassy, is one of the most significant figures in the business world. He is widely known for his works in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Moreover, the businessman has been with the company since its inception in 2002 and is credited for building AWS into a $40 billion business.

The businessperson began his career as a marketing manager. His creativity and hardships have promoted him to higher positions in the company. As a result, Andy Jassy has succeeded Amazon's former CEO, Jeff Bezos, to become the new CEO. Furthermore, the business mogul's journey hasn't been smooth. He faced many obstacles along the way.

So, here we will go through Andy Jassy's bio, education, family, and career and get to know him better.

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Early Life And Family

The business personality was born on January 13, 1968, in Scarsdale, New York. His father, Everett L. Jassy, was a senior partner in the corporate law firm Dewey Ballantine. Everett was also the chairman of the firm's management committee. So, it seems like the business gene has been passed down from Andy Jassy's father, Everett.

Likewise, Andy Jassy's mother, Margery Jassy, is a trustee of Theaterworks U.S.A. It is a theatre company for young audiences in New York. In addition, Andy Jassy's sister Kathy Savitt is a president and Chief Commercial Officer of Boom Supersonic. She is also a co-founder of Perch Partners and a former vice-president of strategic communications for Amazon.

Andy Jassy Father

Andy Jassy's father Everett L Jassy has been one of the major influencers in his career. Photo Source: Social Media.

The business tycoon completed his former education at Scarsdale High School. According to his LinkedIn account, Andy enrolled in Harvard College after high school. He graduated with honors, cum laude, in government in 1990. After graduation, Jassy decided to pursue a career as a sportscaster. So, he worked for A.B.C. Sports and FOX TV for a while. After that, however, the young man lost interest in the profession and quit it.

Afterward, Jassy joined M.B.I. Inc, an entrepreneurial company that focused on direct marketing. He learned management skills while working there and left the company to start his own business. But, unfortunately, the entrepreneur had to shut down the business within a short period of its establishment. After that, Andy joined Harvard Business School, where he earned a Master's in Business Administration.

Andy Jassy Career And Business

The business mogul had experience of five years of working in the field. So, right after his final exam at Harvard, Andy joined Amazon in 1997. Moreover, it was before the company went public. The businessman joined the marketing team of eight people and began his job from there. He initially managed competitive intelligence and customer retention.

After working for few months, Andy Jassy was included in a SWAT team project of Amazon. The group's main work was to explore different product categories on which Amazon should get into deeply. Furthermore, Jassy took music, and his co-workers Victoria Pickett and Jason Kilar picked software and video. From then on, they evaluated whether the customers would buy those products or not on Amazon.

The businessperson also helped build up the customer relationship marketing team for a year and a half. He ran product management and even managed the music category of business. Moreover, the manager co-leaded the marketing team for a year. He then moved on to job shadowing Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos. It continued for eighteen months, during which both Bezos and Jassy developed a good bonding with each other.

During that time, Jeff and Andy discussed how Amazon could develop and build things more quickly. But, at the same period, they wanted it to be beneficial for third-party companies. As a result, the duo came up with the idea of building a technological infrastructure platform that would address both criteria. It was launched in 2002 under the name Amazon Web Services (AWS). However, it was initially a failure and nearly turned Amazon bankrupt.

Andy Jassy, however, only joined AWS in 2003, taking over Colin Bryar. He left his shadow job to give more priority to the new vision of Amazon. Moreover, initially, AWS began as a web service provider and opened up the platform to all developers. After the involvement of Jassy, it eventually developed into a cloud computing platform with data storage and database service.

Amazon Web Services launched its partner network APN in 2014. As a result, it progressed faster and made sales of $1.57 billion in the first quarter of 2015. Moreover, Andy helped to make AWS a dominant server in the cloud infrastructure market. For his outstanding performance, Andy Jassy was appointed the CEO of Amazon Web Services in 2016.

Andy Jassy Career

Andy Jassy helped Amazon Web Services generate $45 billion in sales in 2020. Photo Source: Social Media.

At present, AWS provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. It also allows users to have access to a virtual cluster of computers through the internet at any time. Moreover, Amazon provides security to its subscriber's systems. It also allows its subscribers a large-scale computing capacity at a cheaper cost than any other physical server firm.

The CEO worked in the AWS department for more than a decade. Throughout his time, he helped to develop clientele for the company. As a result, Amazon Web Services provides its products to both small start-up businesses and the world's largest enterprise Apple. Moreover, Andy Jassy has won business from the Central Intelligence Agency and Democratic National Committee for his contribution.

Becoming Amazon's CEO

Billionaire Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 as an online store for books. He eventually developed the company to be one of the most valuable U.S. companies alongside Apple and Microsoft. Moreover, Jeff has also gained respect and admiration from his employees and colleagues alongside fame and popularity. So, the news of Jeff stepping down as a CEO received mixed responses.

Furthermore, Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon's Worldwide Consumer business, was rumored to be Jeff's successor. But he too announced his retirement in the first quarter of 2021. Moreover, the news of Andy Jassy becoming the new CEO of Amazon came in February 2021. However, before the announcement, Amazon's founder had already hinted the cloud executive to be his successor back in September 2020.

Andy Jassy CEO Position

Andy Jassy officially became Amazon's CEO on July 5, 2021. Photo Source: Social Media.

Andy Jassy officially became Amazon's new CEO on July 5, 2021. Many industries' CEO and Amazon competitors congratulated him on his success. In addition, the former CEO has transitioned to Executive Chair of the Amazon Board.

Andy Jassy Net Worth And Assets

The executive of AWS has been part of Amazon for more than two decades. He has shown his incredible working skills and created innovative ideas throughout his career. As such, Jassy has accomplished a fortune from his job. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Andy Jassy's net worth is $400 million. It comprises his salary as well as the stocks in Amazon.

The business personality received $19.7 million in salary in 2018. According to Forbes, Andy was paid a salary of $349,000 by Amazon in 2019. He also owns 81,500 shares worth about $275 million. In addition, the business tycoon's estimated cash and investments amount to $162 million.

Andy Jassy Net Worth

Andy Jassy has become one of the wealthiest businessmen with his salary, stocks and investments. Photo Source: Social Media.

After becoming Amazon's CEO, Andy Jassy received 61,000 shares in the company. Furthermore, according to Amazon's Friday closing price, they are worth $214 million and cost $3.510.98 per share. In addition to the award, Jassy also owns 0.02% of Amazon stock, worth more than $300 million.

With such massive fortune to his name, Andy Jassy has invested significantly in real estate. The business tycoon cashed $3.1 million for a house in 2009. He bought a 10,000 square feet home in Seattle's Capitol Hill Neighbourhood.

Furthermore, Jassy also purchased a new house in Santa Monica, California, in October 2020. He paid $6.7 million for a 5,517 square foot two-storied residence. In addition, Andy's new home is Cape Cod styled with a master suite, three bedrooms, and five bathrooms.

Marriage And Children

Alongside working, Jassy is also a family man. He tied the knot with his partner Elana Rochelle Caplan in 1997. Andy Jassy's wife is a fashion designer for Eddie Bauer Inc. Additionally; she studied at the Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science. 

Moreover, the pair married at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in a private ceremony.

Andy Jassy Wife and children

Andy Jassy's wife Elana Caplan and their children lead a private life. Photo Source: Social Media.

Andy Jassy's wife, Elana Caplan, leads a private life as such she rarely comes out in public. However, she is interested in politics and has donated $250 to Bernie Sander's campaign in 2016. Moreover, Caplan also provided $750 to Hillary Clinton in July 2016 after she won the democratic nomination. Moreover, she donated $2,800 to current president Joe Biden's campaign.

The CEO of Amazon is also a father of two. But, Andy Jassy's children have also not appeared in the media. However, the businessperson is currently living a comfortable life with his wife and children. He is also pumped up about working as a CEO and taking on new responsibilities in Amazon.

Hopefully, Andy Jassy will prosper more in his new position as the CEO of Amazon and finds immense success in the coming days.

Trivia and Facts

  • Andy Jassy has 102.1K Twitter followers.
  • He has also worked in Rainier Prep, a charter school in Seattle.
  • He enjoys watching sports, music, and films in his free time.

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