Sean Strickland Biography 2023- UFC Fighter

Sean Strickland Biography- UFC Fighter

Sean Strickland's career earnings is increasing with his winning performances. Image Source: Sean Strickland's Instagram

Sean Strickland is an American MMA (Mixed Martial Artist) who was a former King of the Cage Middleweight Champion. Currently, he is at no.7 in the UFC Middleweight rankings. Strickland is known for his outspoken personality and string of victories. One of the prominent fighters in his division, Sean Strickland is nicknamed as 'Tarzan',

Let's learn more about Sean's biography, his professional and personal life, and how much is Sean Strickland's net worth.

Early Life and Education

Born in Corona, California, the ultimate fighter Sean Strickland, unfortunately, faced traumatic childhood. Sean hasn't disclosed his parents' name but shared that his father was very abusive. Growing up with his mother beaten up and scolded by his father almost all the time turned Strickland into an angry young man.

Strickland shared his childhood trauma in the MMA Hour

Strickland once appeared in The MMA Hour in October 2021 and shared all about his troubled childhood and how MMA changed his life.

Since he grew up in an abusive household and toxic environment, he couldn't focus on his studies, was angry most of the time, and got kicked out of many schools. So instead, Sean spent most of the time in his garage, watching UFC fights and hitting a punching bag.
Teen Sean Strickland couldn't be social and struggled to express his emotions.

Sean Strickland sharing his childhood trauma

Sean Strickland shared his childhood trauma and his abusive father, toxic family environment in the MMA hour. Image source: Social Media

He also shared some instances of his father's abuse, like hugging his mom's leg in the pre-elementary school kitchen when his dad, all drunk, told his mom that he would cut her up in little pieces and bury her in the backyard with a bottle of acid.
He expressed that hearing such things from his dad every day from his early childhood started shifting the way his brain worked.

The UFC middleweight kept sharing that he was constantly worried he would find his mother dead one day. Similarly, when his dad abused his mother once, third-grader Sean even attacked his father and called the cops. But his mom bailed his dad out the next day.

Sean turned towards fighting and began to prepare for professional wrestling at the age of 14.

But the abuse continued. However, when Strickland's dad crossed his line when Sean was 18, calling his mother nonsense things, he cursed his father. His dad then came to his face, and Sean hit dad on his face and broke his nose.

Strickland said the cops arrived and somehow convinced his father not to press charges. That was when Sean had enough of his father's abuse. He and his mother moved out after that day. Strickland's father passed away after suffering from cancer for a few years.

Strickland On His NeoNazi Past

Sean Strickland opened up about his Neo Nazi past in the interview with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour again. Along with disturbing details of his abusive father, Sean shared that he looked up to his grandfather and was influenced with his grandfather's Nazi ideologies.

Sean respected his grandfather and even drew signs of swastikas in his hand when he was young without even knowing the meaning.

Sean Strickland's education couldn't go anywhere but he found direction in what he wanted to do.

After being kicked out of school, once Strickland's mother took him to an MMA gym and that the move changed his life forever. He started feeling what normal people feel like. He felt happy and wanted to do this wholeheartedly.

Sean shared that his first training day was the time he ever felt happiness. And he decided to be a UFC fighter.

UFC Fighter Sean Strickland Hates Ronda Rousey: Says Suicide Isn't Cool!

Sean Strickland Net Worth From Fighting Career

After going through all kinds of hardships, and chasing his dream career, it would be a waste if Strickland wouldn't earn more than enough money, winning titles and fanbase. Let's know about the fighter's career earnings through base salary, win, performance bonuses, incentive pay, sponsorship that sums up Sean Strickland's net worth.

Once, Strickland shared that if it wasn't for his MMA career and his supporting fans, he would be a piece of s**t somewhere but now he is a piece of s**t with money. He meant it because Sean Strickland net worth from his fighting career is estimated to be approximately more than $1.5 million. Since some state do not disclose actual official fighter's pay, this is based on estimation of his previous pays and earnings in UFC. Let's have a clear picture of Strickland's career stats and his earnings in the table below:

Date Event Fighter Result Base Salary Win Bonus Performance Bonus Sponsership pay Incentive Pay Total Pay

UFC 171


Robert McDaniel Win $8000 $8000       $16,000
05/31/2014 UFC Fight Night: Munoz vs Mousasi Luke Barnatt Win $10,000 $10,000       $20,000
02/22/2015 UFC Fight Night: Bigfoot vs Mir Santiago Ponzinibbio Loss           $17,000
07/15/2015 UFC Fight Night: Mir vs Duffee Igor Araujo Win $17,000 $17,000   $2500   $36,500
02/21/2016 UFC Fight Night: Cowboy vs Cowboy Alex Garcia Win $20,000 $20,000   $2500   $42,500
06/04/2016 UFC 199 Tom Breese Win $23,000 $23,000   $5000   $51,000
04/08/2017 UFC 210 Kamaru Usman Loss $32,000     $5000   $37,000
11/11/2017 UFC Fight Night: Poirier vs. Pettis Court McGee Win $32,000 $32,000   $5000   $69,000
05/12/2018 UFC 224 Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos Loss $34,000       $5000 $39,000
10/27/2018 UFC Fight Night: Ozedemir vs Smith Nordine Taleb Win $34,000 $34,000     $5000 $73,000
10/31/2020 UFC Fight Night: Hall vs. Silva Jack Marshman Win $40,000 $40,000     $16,000 $96,000
11/14/2020 UFC Fight Night: Felder vs Dos Anjos Brendan Allen Win $42,000 $42,000 $50,000   $10,000 $144,000
05/01/2021 UFC Fight Night: Reyes vs. Prochazka Krzysztof Jotko Win $44,000 $44,000     $11,000 $99,000
07/31/2021 UFC Fight Night: hall vs Strickland Uriah Hall Win $60,000 $60,000     $11,000 $131,000
02/05/2022 UFC Fight Night: Hermansson vs. Strickland Jack Hermansson Win $65,000 $65,000     $11,000 $141,000

Source: UFC Stats and The Sports Daily

As you can see, Sean Strickland has been slowly earning more than 100K for his last fights. Strickland was reported to receive a purse of $144,000 from his fight with Alex Pereira.  However, Strickland was defeated. Now, Streakland is set to have another fight with Jared Cannonier due soon on December 17, 2022. Without the recent loss pay, Strickland earned a total of one million twelve thousand dollars from his previous UFC fights.

Sean Strickland's net worth thus includes fighting career earnings including salary, bonuses, incentive pay and sponsor endorsements from brand like Reebok, Icon Meals, Venom, and more. Apart from UFC in 2008, Sean Strickland made his debut for the King of the Cage promotion. He made an undefeated record of 9–0 until December 9, 2012 when he faced Josh Bryant in a fight for the King of the Cage Middleweight Championship at KOTC: Unification. Through split decision, Strickland won. He successfully defended his title three times. Then UFC officially signed Strickland.

The 31-year-old prominent fighter will certainly secure a title shot for himself in the near future.

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Strickland's Girlfriend/ Relationships

Once Sean Strickland's girl, his crush was nearly exposed. He tweeted about a girl he liked but didn't name her. He however shared that Dominick Cruz, UFC fighter in Bantamweight division, took away his crush years ago. In his next tweet, Sean added that he was too young and not experienced with dating anyone or expressing his emotions whereas Dominick, his love rival was.

Sean Strickland dating

Sean Strickland shared about how Dominick Cruz took away the girl he liked. Source: Twitter

The outspoken champion is known to speak out his opinions in social media and once he shared that he would date adult film star Karma RX once he and she retires. WIll she become Sean Strickland's girlfriend? For that Sean clarified that he wasn't serious about his interests in her specially for what she does for her living. But he respects her as she is earning and living a life the way she wants too and had a tough life before. However, he may have a change of heart if both of them retires.

Sean Strickland seems to be lookng for the right partner and have a good relationship soon.

Strickland is not much open about his private life and affairs. His social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook have been suspended and he was even banned from Instagram. He has his Instagram account now but with only few posts with no disclose of him dating anyone.


  • Sean Strickland had an accident on December 11, 2018, While he was riding his motorcycle, a van turned out in front of him resulting in accident and him requiring knee surgery.
  • Sean Strickland's win with Alex Pereira would have brought a six-bout winning streak for Sean. But he lost.  
  • Sean, However, is preparing for his bout with Jared Cannonierhis in UFC fight event on October 15, 2022. Though not officially finalized, the event might take place in Las Vegas at the UFC Apex as reported.

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