James Whitham Biography 2022 - Retired Motorcycle Racer

James Whitham Biography - Retired Motorcycle Racer

James Whitham is a retired professional motorcyclist who raced for nearly two decades. Photo Source: Social Media.

While Formula races are at the forefront of the world, motorcycle racing is popular in Europe. So, it's no surprise to see many English racers in Motocross or other championship. And joining the bunch is a former professional rider, James Whitham.

The sportsperson had a whirlwind of a racing career that spanned the British and International Championships. He won many competitions, including two British titles. However, several crashes and injuries made the former racer miss out on many seasons. Still, his legendary racing moments are forever remembered by his fans.

If you want to learn more about this talented motorcycle racer, keep reading this biography.

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James Whitham Started Racing Early

The former professional rider was born James Michael Whitham on September 6, 1966, in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, England. He comes from an extended family with three sisters.

James Whitham's dad, David Whitham, was an experienced pilot who lived a very eccentric life. He was also a motorcyclist and took his son to many races. The racer became fascinated with the bikes and soon started learning. Finally, his dad bought him a 125 Honda, and he began competing with it.

James Whitham Family

James Whitham's father, David Whitham, took him to motorcycle races which inspired him to learn riding bikes. Photo Source: James Whitham's Instagram.

Likewise, James Whitham's mother might have supported his racing passion earlier. His siblings must also be proud of his racing accomplishments.

The young guy also received the guidance of retired racer Mick Grant. He had a reasonably smooth journey ahead with his family's support and his mentor's advice.

James Whitham Net Worth And Career

Like others, the bike rider started his career by racing in 125cc class. Then, he slowly moved up to bigger bikes and competed in national competitions.

The driver's first championship win was at the 1986 British 80cc Championship. He soon followed up by winning the 1988 1300cc Production British Championship. Later, he joined Suzuki for the TT races and won the 1991 MCN TT Superbike Challenge.

James switched to being a Yamaha rider and earned the 1993 British Superbike Championship and ACU TT Superbike British Championship. His other notable results include winning British Championship races at Superstock, Seniorstock, TT Formula One, and Supersport 600 levels.

The champ debuted in Superbike World Championship for Ducati in 1994. He finished seventh in his first season before returning to the championship the second year. However, he contracted Hodgkin's Disease mid-season and had to depart.

James Whitham Net Worth

James Whitham won Britsh Superbike Championship, ACU TT Superbike British Championship, and other titles. Photo Source: Social Media.

After undergoing six chemotherapies, the professional motorcycle racer returned to compete in the 1996 British Superbike Championship. He finished as a runner-up in the event. Moreover, Whitham competed for the Harris Suzuki team in the Superbike World Championship in 1997 and 1998. He raced in Supersport World Championship from 2000 to 2002.

Aside from contracting cancer, James also experienced terrible crashes and suffered many injuries. For instance, he broke his pelvic after crashing his motorcycle in the Brno circuit in 1999. Later, the rider was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost some sight in his left eye. He then announced his retirement in 2003.

Despite his retirement, the former pro racer must have earned a considerable sum. As Comparably states, the average pay of a professional motorcyclist is $64,168, Whitham's salary might have been around the same range. Moreover, he might have pocketed a considerable sum in prize money from all the championship titles he won.

Thus, James Whitham's net worth must have risen during his motorcycle racing days. Another individual who experienced a successful bike racing career is Neil Hodgson.

James' Income From Media Works, Coaching, And Book Sales

After retiring, James became a sports commentator for various television stations. For instance, he served as a motorcycle racing commentator for Eurosport, Channel 4, and ITV. He now covers IOMTT and WSBK news for EuroSport and ITV.

The television presenter has launched a James Whitham Track Training program. It offers coaching from legendary Taylor Mackenzie, Christian Iddon, Dan Linfoot, Davo Johnson, and others.

In addition, he has launched merchandise whose prices are tabulated below:

Merch Prices
Jacket $50.15 (£40)
Team Hoody $47.38 (£35)
Charity JW69 Bobble Hat $27.08 (£20)
Team T-Shirt $27.08 (£20)

Besides that, the commentator has authored a book titled James Whitham: What A Good Do. It is available for $54.38 in Paperback and $13.30 for Hardcover format.

Thus, James Whitham's net worth must be a considerable sum from his coaching, television career, and book sales.

James Whitham Was Married To Andrea Whitham

The motorcyclist has created a massive fandom with his incredible racing career. His fans are always eager to learn more about him every day. They are also curious whether he found anyone to settle down with.

So, questions regarding James Whitham's wife or partner are nothing new. And to answer that, yes, he was married to a beautiful lady Andrea Whitham.

The ex-pair hasn't precisely revealed when they first met or started a relationship. But looking at both's old photos, they must have begun dating during Whitham's racing years. In addition, the ex-couple must have married after dating for a certain period.

James Whitham Ex-Wife Andrea Whitham

James Whitham's ex-wife, Andrea Whitham, must have dated him during his earlier racing days. Photo Source: Andrea Whitham's Instagram.

James Whitham's ex-wife, Andrea Whitham, seems interested in racing like him. For example, she has posted old pictures of herself in racing attire on her Instagram account.

However, the ex-duo seems to have divorced. The former pro rider spoke of him separating with his ex-beau on his Twitter in 2012. Similarly, Whitham's ex-partner, Andrea's social media, doesn't hint at her being together with anyone.

James Is A Father Of A Baby Girl

The racing commentator welcomed his baby girl Ruby Whitham in November 2002. She was born a healthy baby weighing 6lbs and 14oz.

James Whitham's daughter, Ruby, also has a passion for racing like him. But unlike his two wheels, she participates in horse races. Furthermore, James' child, Ruby, has raced in several horse riding competitions. But, she prefers to stay away from the media.

James Whitham Daughter Ruby Whitham

James Whitham's daughter, Ruby Whitham, is a jockey who has participated in many horse racing competitions. Photo Source: Andrea Whitham's Instagram.

The former pro racer is very proud of his little girl and often shares photos of her on social media. He must never miss out on any of her races. Hopefully, we will see his baby, Ruby, gaining immense fame like him in the future.

Trivia And Facts

  • James has 94.8K Twitter followers.
  • He obtained an honorary doctorate of Science from Huddersfield University in 2009.
  • He hasn't competed in any MotoGP events.

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