Katy Perry's 10 Tattoos With Special Meanings

Katy Perry's 10 Tattoos With Special Meanings

Katy Perry has numerous tattoos which all holds a special place in her heart. Image Source: Instagram/ katyperry.

Katy Perry is a popular American singer-songwriter and television judge. She has been in the music industry since the early 2000s and has found immense fame and fortune throughout her career.

Perry has gone on to numerous world tour over the years to support her studio albums like One of the Boys, Teenage Dream, Prism, Witness, and Smile. And to celebrate her success in her music, Katy has inked her body multiple times.

 So, here are 10 of Katy Perry's tattoos and the meaning behind them.

Take A Look At All Of Ruby Da Cherry's Tattoos And Know Their Meaning

1. A Sanskrit Tattoo On Her Arm

One of the most identifiable tattoos Katy has is a Sanskrit tattoo that reads "Anuugacchati Pravaha." The phrase means "go with the flow," and Perry has undoubtedly followed it and does not hesitate to try new things with her music as well as her life.

Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry has a tattoo of the Sanskrit term, Anuugacchati Pravaha on her arm. Image Source: Social Media.

The Teenage Dream singer got the tattoo with her then-boyfriend, Russell Brand when the pair were vacationing in India. They also got engaged and married in the country, so it must have been a special place for them. However, their marriage didn't last long but, the Sanskrit tattoo can still be seen on Katy's arm.

2. A Jesus Tattoo On Her Wrist

Katy Perry born, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, comes from a religious family, and her first foray into music was with her Christian album, Katy Hudson. She released her debut gospel album in 2001 and also got the Jesus tattoo the same year.

This tattoo was the first among many inks for the American pop star. She was raised by her evangelical Christian parents, so her getting a Jesus tattoo was no surprise.

Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry's Jesus tattoo shows her spiritual side and is a reminder for her religious upbringing. Image Source: Instagram/ katyperry.

However, over the years, rumors have gone abound about Perry getting the ink removed. But the singer has stated that this tattoo reminds her of where she came from. And while she does not follow any religion, Katy Perry's Jesus tattoo will remain a reminder of her beginnings.

3. Strawberry On Her Ankle

Katy's second album, One of the Boys, came out in 2008, and she went on her first headlining world tour, Hello Katy Tour, the following year. Moreover, she got her strawberry tattoo to celebrate her album and tour success. It was inspired by the stage props that were used throughout her tour.

Colorful fruits were part of Katy's costumes and accessories during her Hello Katy Tour. So, it seems like Perry got her strawberry tattoo on her ankle to immortalize her tour experience.

4. A Smiling Peppermint Tattoo On Ankle

As a complement to her strawberry tattoo on her left ankle, Katy has a smiling peppermint on her right ankle. She got this tattoo to celebrate her album Teenage Dreams and tour, California Dreams' success.

Just like in her Hello Katy Tour, Perry used peppermint-inspired props and costumes in the California Dreams tour. She got the small but cute tattoo on her ankle after the tour. Apparently, a few of her crew members also got the same design.

5. A Hello Kitty Tattoo On Her Middle Finger

Keeping up with the tradition of small and cute tattoos, Katy also sports a Hello Kitty head on her right middle finger. She got this inked on October 30, 2014, and showed it off on her Instagram.

Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry got her Hello Kitty tattoo a few days after her 30th birthday. Image Source: Instagram/ katyperry.

Katy Perry got her Hello Kitty tattoo on the character's 40th anniversary. She has been a fan of the cartoon character for years, so it is no surprise that she wanted it tattooed on her body.

6. A Lotus On Her Right Wrist

After her separation from English comedian Russell Brand, Katy was seen sporting a tiny lotus tattoo on her wrist. However, unlike her other inks, Perry has never shared pictures of the lotus on her social media.

The Roar singer has also not talked about the meaning behind it. However, fans believe that she got the tattoo to signify new beginnings after her divorce from Brand.

Moreover, the lotus is a symbol of purity, rebirth, and enlightenment. And Katy getting it after a big change in her life shows her strength to rise above the difficult situation.

7. A Cherry Blossom On Her Ankle

Katy Perry sports another flower tattoo on her ankle, a Japanese Cherry Blossom. The beautiful pink flower has a very short life span but symbolizes a time of renewal and passing of time.

Perry reportedly got the tattoo in 2013 when she was dating The Heart of Life singer John Mayer. He also sports a similar tattoo on his wrist.

8. Roman Numeral On Her Finger

The singer-songwriter is one of the few pop stars who have got the chance to perform at a Super Bowl Half Time Show. She took to the stage on February 1, 2015, and gave an impressive performance watched by around 118 million in the US alone.

Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry performed at the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show and got the Roman numeral tattooed on her finger. Image Source: Instagram/ katyperry.

To celebrate this amazing feat, Katy got the Roman numeral XLIX (no. 49) tattooed on her finger. She was joined by Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz, which made the Super Bowl XLIX halftime show one of the most memorable shows in its history.

9. A Prism On Her Left Ankle

Complementing her strawberry, peppermint, and cherry blossom tattoos, Katy has a vibrant prism design on her ankle. The prism with its bright rainbow colors and a smiley face symbolizes Perry's sunny personality. She got this little tattoo after completing the Prismatic World Tour in 2015.

Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry's prism tattoo features vibrant rainbow colors and a smiley face. Image Source: Instagram/ bangbangnyc.

Katy's third headlining tour reportedly grossed $204.3 million worldwide, with almost 2 million tickets sold. So, it is no surprise that Perry wanted ink on her body which showcases her album and tour success.

10. An Eye Tattoo

Taking a break from her normal, small and colorful tattoos, Katy got an intricate design to end her highly successful Witness tour. The tattoo, which is shaped like an eye, features the planet Saturn in the middle, surrounded by small dots in orbit.

The design is inspired by the eye-related imagery, which was heavily featured on the tour. Moreover, Perry took to Instagram to reveal her tattoo and also share her happiness about finishing her 4th world tour. Moreover, Katy stated that she and her 45 tour mates share the insignia as well as their amazing experiences.

Katy Perry Tattoos

Katy Perry got her eye tattoo after the completion of Witness: The Tour. Image Source: Instagram/ katyperry.

After wrapping up her Witness tour, Katy launched her shoe line and joined American Idol as a judge. She released her sixth studio album, Smile, in 2020 but is yet to announce her next headlining tour.

Also, it seems like she has not added any new ink in the last few years. Maybe the I Kissed a Girl is waiting to tour again and get new ones after its completion.

Let's hope we get to see more of Kat Perry's tattoos and learn more about the special meaning behind them.

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