Where Is August Busch IV's Ex-wife Kathryn Thatcher Now?

Where Is August Busch IV's Ex-wife Kathryn Thatcher Now?

August Busch IV's ex-wife, Kathryn Thatcher, enjoys a quiet life away from the spotlight. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Many might recognize August Busch IV as the former CEO of Anheuser-Busch, a brewing company. He devoted his heart and soul to the brewery and created marketing ads for Budweiser beer. Sadly, the company was sold out right under his watch, and once a public figure, August decided to stay away from the limelight.

Busch IV's dedication to the family business wasn't the only thing covered by the media, his playboy lifestyle also made headlines those days. In fact, his marriage to his former partner, Kathryn Thatcher, was widely covered by various publications, calling it a stepping stone to take over the brewery. It didn't help that the ex-couple divorced less than three years after marriage.

Following the separation, what is August Busch IV's ex-wife doing now? While he has maintained a low profile, has Kathryn also done the same as her former hubby? Hence, this article is about Kathryn's current whereabouts, family, and more.

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Had A Grand Wedding Ceremony

Who doesn't want their big day to be special; after all, it's the most awaited day for the partners and the next step to make their bond permanent. Likewise, Busch IV and his then-girlfriend, Kate Thatcher, did their best to have the wedding of their dreams. From gigantic horse chariots to a perfectly decorated wedding venue, the former pair did it all.

The then-lovebirds exchanged vows in Bradford on August 5, 2006, and then moved to The Hanover Inn for the wedding reception. They entered in a grand way in a large Clydesdales carriage at the Inn. While the newlyweds were having fun at the Inn, their chariot was scheduled to circle the town in celebration. Also, the Hanover cops closed the block of East Wheelock Street while the guests arrived at the function for thirty minutes.

The Busch-Thatcher matrimony also impacted the town's alcohol scene. Hanover restaurants and bars agreed to feature Anheuser-Busch liquors highly before the wedding. At several restaurants, Anheuser-Busch products, including Budweiser, replaced the traditionally popular beers.

All in all, it was an event worth watching, and Kate and August looked very happy in the wedding pictures.

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Kate's Marriage Didn't Last Long

Alas, not every marriage is meant to be, and some end sooner than later. After tying the knot with his partner, August was promoted to CEO of Anheuser-Busch. He seemed quite befitting for his new role as he arranged the $82 million takeover of InBev's Rolling Rock Beer in his first year.

Sadly, Kathryn Lisa Thatcher Busch's ex-husband's tenure couldn't last long, and in July 2008, his family brewery business was acquired by rival InBev. Busch IV was against the deal, but the board of directors, including his dad, August Busch III, approved it anyway.

Anheuser-Busch's takeover by InBev also impacted Kate's marriage with her then-spouse. Busch IV filed for divorce right around the month the InBev takeover was completed on November 26, 2008. It was just a few months after the duo had celebrated their second anniversary.

August Busch IV's ex-wife shared that the stress of the brewery's sale played a vital role in their separation. The former duo's short marital life pretty much confirmed the previous rumors of Busch IV getting married to ascend to CEO of the family business. Ironically, the former CEO couldn't even remember where he took vows with his ex-partner.

During the divorce process, it was revealed that Thatcher had signed a prenup. Her ex-hubby cited the marriage was irretrievably broken without a reasonable likelihood that it could be preserved. St. Louis County judge approved the ex-pair's divorce the same day it was filed without providing the court with any expense statements, income, or statements of property. Also, the former pair didn't welcome any kids while they were together.

About Kathryn's Background

Prior to her short marital life with the businessman, Kathryn wasn't exactly known by people. Similarly, throughout her marriage and even during the divorce process, she maintained a low profile. Hence, many are still curious about who the former Mrs. Busch is.

Well, August Busch IV's ex-wife is a native of Fairlee, Vermont. She is a Boston College alumna and was valedictorian of Orford High School in 1999. Talking about her family, Kathryn Thatcher's parents are Robert Thatcher and Nancy Thatcher. She grew up with her siblings, Michael Thatcher, Adam Thatcher, and Tori Thatcher Taylor.

Kate Thatcher's father was a former soccer coach at her high school. He served in Fairlee for nearly fifty years, working as the Athletic Director, Soccer Coach, PE Teacher, Assistant Principal, and more. Unfortunately, Kathryn's dad passed away from complications of Alzheimer's disease on January 20, 2022.

Talking about Kathryn's profession, she is an account executive at UKG, as per her LinkedIn account. She previously held sales representative and customer marketing representative roles in Ultimate Software.

Where Is August Busch IV's Ex-Wife, Kathryn, Now?

After their separation, Kate Thatcher's ex-husband led a quiet life until the news about his girlfriend, Adrienne Martin's death surfaced in December 2010. The latter was found dead of unknown reasons at Busch IV's home. After such a tragic event, Ms. Thatcher, who had also stayed away from the media, disclosed plans to visit him.

Many might be eager to know whether the former Mrs. Busch has remarried. Well, she hasn't revealed much about her relationship status, but going through her social media handles, it is seen that she is a mother of a baby boy. Kathryn Thatcher's son, Jack, was born in December 2015. He looks adorable and is enrolled in a school.

August Busch IV Ex-Wife Kathryn Thatcher

August Busch IV's ex-wife, Kathryn Thatcher, is a mother of a son named Jack. Photo Source: Kate Thatcher's Instagram.

All in all, August Busch IV's ex-spouse appears to be doing well. She is enjoying motherhood while also progressing in her career. Hopefully, she will continue living comfortably in the future.

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