Jack Dorsey's Bluesky Social App Update: Over 30k Sign ups just in 2 days!

Jack Dorsey's Bluesky Social App Update: Over 30k Sign ups just in 2 days!

Jack Dorsey's Social Media App Bluesky is starting beta testing and is set to launch soon. Image source: Social Media

Jack Dorsey is set to launch his new and most awaited social app, Bluesky. Dorsey had mentioned his vision and plan of creating the app while he was still the CEO of Twitter, and the vision is soon becoming a reality. The app is now accepting new users for beta testing, asking interested users to join the waitlist to try the beta before it's publicly available.

With a continuous update on the project this year, on October 18, Bluesky explained its roadmap and use of the AT protocol, "Authenticated Transfer Protocol," a new social network that integrates the ideas from decentralized technologies into an open, fast, and simple network.

Let's find out more about this highly anticipated social app!

Bluesky is Opensource Social Media Project

The name 'Bluesky' says it all. It represents cloud-free, wide-open space. And this name matches the mission and vision of the social media project. The app will be a portal with a wide-open world of possibilities. 

And the unique thing about Bluesky is that it's independent and open, and no company would own it. The app is built with open-source software and is owned by developers. The app is planning to connect all possible social media platforms available. It means that Bluesky users will be able to use their account and log in to any social media account, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, that adopts the new code. So a single account would give them access to all of their social media accounts.

The coders who build the platform will create algorithms controlling what users see when using it. Moreover, the algorithms would be programmed to direct users away from polarizing content. It will also hide any content considered hate speech taking away the burden of content moderation.

Bluesky's Increasing Fame

Dorsey's new project has attracted the attention of many, and the public seems to favor what Bluesky has to offer. No wonder thirty thousand users signed up for testing in just two days, as announced by Bluesky on Twitter on October 20.

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Is Bluesky Twitter's Project or Competitor?

Technically speaking, Twitter announced in 2019, that Bluesky is a project that it has decided to fund. And yes, the social media project was formed with Twitter's initial funding in late 2021 with board members including Jack Dorsey, Jeremie Miller, and Jay Graber. They announced that they have formed Bluesky PBLLC, an independent organizaion.

Jack Dorsey, however, stepped down from his CEO position at Twitter in May 2022. And with Elon Musk taking over the company, Musk might have his own plans.

According to Dorsey, "Bluesky Social will be a competitor to companies who try to own the social media underlying fundamentals or data of people using it." And for Twitter, the goal is to ultimately be a client of the standard if it can use the underlying structure of the protocol that is being designed.

Will the Facebook's current 2.934 billion users want to try Bluesky? Will Facebook and other large social media platforms want to connect with the new app? With multiple such questions, we are yet to see what the app is going to do after its launch.

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