Jayme Bohn Biography 2024 - Costume Designer And Pavel Bure's Ex-wife

Jayme Bohn Biography - Costume Designer And Pavel Bure's Ex-wife

Pavel Bure's ex-wife, Jayme Bohn is a well-recognized costume designer who has worked on films and television shows such as The Taking of Deborah Logan and The Things We Carry. Image Source: Pavel Bure Instagram.

Jayme Bohn is a well-known costume designer who has worked on a variety of films and television shows, including The Taking of Deborah Logan, The House of the Devil, and The Things We Carry. Additionally, she is also recognized as former NHL player, Pavel Bure's ex-wife.

Although Jayme was shoved into the limelight due to her relationship with the former NHL star, she has done a decent job in steering away from the media altogether. So naturally, many are eager to learn about the whereabouts of the former celebrity wife.

So, let's take a peek at Jayme Bohn's biography to learn more about her personal and professional life.

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Jayme Bohn Is A California Native

Jayme Bohn was born Jayme May Bohn on October 1, 1970, and raised by her parents in Los Angeles, California. However, the custom designer appears to be a private individual and has chosen to keep the details of her background confidential. Consequently, apart from this little piece of information, nothing regarding Jayme's childhood is known.

Similarly, despite her popularity, Bohn's parents have decided to stay out of the spotlight and have managed to avoid being discovered by the media. As a result, her father and mother's identities remain unknown.

Likewise, due to a lack of information, it is unclear whether she has any siblings. Nonetheless, we can assume she is a single child for the time being because no evidence to the contrary has ever reached the public.

While the identities of Bohn's parents remain unknown, it is apparent that their daughter has grown into a strong and independent woman who has earned a reputation for herself in the entertainment industry. So, we can only imagine how delighted her parents and family are with her accomplishments.

Jayme Bohn Net Worth And Career

While the California native has been tight-lipped about her personal life, she is well-known for her costume design work on a number of big movies. She has over 60 design credits to her name, including films and television shows such as Sweet Valley High, Running Woman, The Pandora Project, Black Scorpion, and many others. As a result, it's no surprise that Jayme Bohn's net worth is primarily derived from her design work.

Pavel Bure's ex-wife, Jayme has only worked hard over the years and has landed herself some fantastic opportunities to work on many more spectacular hit movies. The following are a few of the other films in which the designer has worked:

Title Year
Wuthering Heights 2003
Back in the Day 2005
The Genius Club 2006
The Things We Carry 2009
Last Will 2011
Arachnoquake 2012
The Christmas Spirit 2013
Saltwater 2016

The designs in the films were well-received by critics and fans alike. Furthermore, Symphony of the Universe, The Walk, and Functioning are among her most recent works.

We all know how crucial costumes are in bringing a character and a story to life in films and television programs. So, while it may appear to be an easy task, the designer must consider every detail before completing the final product.

So, naturally, the designers are well compensated for their time and effort. As a result of her involvement in such well-received films and shows, Jayme Bohn's net worth must have skyrocketed.

Furthermore, a costume designer's average annual salary in the United States is $38,185, although it can range from $15,000 to $86,500 based on their experience, popularity, and talents. Bohn has worked as a designer for almost three decades; therefore, we can assume she is well compensated for her work.

However, besides designing costumes, Bohn has also tried her hand at acting and has had minor roles in movies and shows like Black Scorpion, Black Ball, The Girl's Guide to Depravity, and Ghost Shark. And while the parts she got were not much significant, Jayme must have made a decent earning as an actress.

Other actresses who rose to prominence due to their relationships with husbands or ex-husbands include Jae Suh Park, Torrei Hart, and Afton Smith.

Jayme Bohn Was Married To Pavel Bure

We can all agree that apart from his professional career, Pavel Bure has been dragged into the spotlight for his affairs with women and personal life. But, even yet, it's surprising that few people have heard of his first wife, Jayme Bohn. And if you're wondering why that is, well, it's because his marriage with the costume designer ended as abruptly as it started.

Jayme Bohn's ex-husband Pavel Bure

Jayme Bohn was previously married to NHL star Pavel Bure. Image Source: Pavel Bure Instagram.

According to sources, the former couple merely dated for ten days before Bure's managers organized his civil wedding to the American model. His agents allegedly set up the marriage as a measure against a deportation deterrent when Jayme Bohn's ex-husband and the Vancouver Canucks, ice hockey team couldn't come to an agreement. Unfortunately, the marriage provided no benefit to Bure's immigration and was dissolved the following year.

Following the annulment, Jayme has opted to remain away from the media and possibly decided to live a peaceful life away from the drama. Consequently, not much is known about Bohn's dating life after her separation from then NHL star.

On the other hand, Pavel Bure has moved on with the beautiful Alina Khasanovanow Alina Bure, and has become a father to three children: a son Pavel Bure Jr. and two daughters Palina Bure and Anastasia Bure.

We hope the costume designer, like her ex-husband, has moved on and found the love of her life by now. And if she hasn't, we pray Bohn finds someone soon.

Trivia And Facts

  • Jayme Bohn is not a fan of social media and is not active on any of the sites.
  • Pavel Bure, Bohn's ex-husband, was allegedly accused of being a Russian mafia member due to his ties to businessman and wanted criminal Anzor Kikalishvili.

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