Afton Smith Biography 2024 - Actress And Brendan Fraser's Ex-wife

Afton Smith Biography - Actress And Brendan Fraser's Ex-wife

Afton Smith is an actress and ex-wife of legendary actor Brendan Fraser. Photo Source: Social Media.

Afton Smith, also called Afton Fraser, is one of the well-renowned figures in America. She has been featured in some of the greatest classics of Hollywood. Moreover, the actress has also established herself as a respected author. She has published several books over the years.

The media person is also known for being the ex-partner of Canadian-American actor Brendan Fraser. The latter is most remembered for George of the Jungle, Blast From The Past, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, etc. Furthermore, the ex-pair even shares a similar birthdate, with Brendan being a year younger. They also had a harmonious marriage for nearly a decade.

So, who is Brendan Fraser's ex-wife Afton Smith; let's get to know in this biography.

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Early Life And Family

The movie star was born on December 3, 1967, in Long Island, New York. She was raised in a loving household with supportive parents. Moreover, Afton Smith's mother, Miriam Smith, is a former magazine writer and designer. She is also a consultant at CUNY Media Relations. Likewise, Smith's father is not much seen in the media but, he must be proud of his daughter's successful career.

Afton Smith's sister, Margo Smithwick, is a professional photographer. She is an arts graduate and later worked as a photojournalist for the Rutland Herland for six years.

Afton Smith Sister, Margo Smithwick

Afton Smith was raised by her parents in New York alongside her sister, Margo. Photo Source: Social Media.

The actress completed her formal education in her hometown. She was passionate about acting from a young age. So, Smith might have majored in acting and drama at the university.

Afton Smith Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned, the American personality has performed in some of the greatest movies. As such, Smith has accumulated both popularity and abundant wealth from her acting career. So, Afton Smith's net worth mainly comprises her earnings from her acting gigs. But, besides that, her income also comes from her book sales, endorsement deals, commercials, etc.

Afton Smith Net Worth

Although short, Afton Smith's acting career helped raise her total worth. Photo Source: Social Media.

Speaking of Afton Smith's ex-husband, Brendan has made a fortune from his career. He earned $10 million for Bedazzled in 2000. Furthermore, the Canadian-American actor's paycheck for The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor was $14 million. He also makes money from his investments. So, combining all the sources, Brendan Fraser's net worth amounts to $20 million.

Earnings From Acting Career

Afton Smith made her acting debut with Less Than Zero in 1987. She starred alongside Andrew McCarthy, Jami Gertz, Robert Downey Jr., James Spader, etc. Although the artist had a minor role as a newcomer, she gained a footing in the film industry. Moreover, the same year, she was cast in Amin Q. Chaudhri's Once Again.

Smith's notable work was in Fried Green Tomatoes. It was a movie adaptation of the novel Fried Green Tomatoes At The Whistle Stop Cafe. Furthermore, the film went on to win six awards and fourteen nominations, with two of them being Oscars. It soared Afton's popularity to new heights in the entertainment industry.

The gorgeous actress has since acted in numerous movies. Some of their box office collections are listed below:

Films Box Office Collection
George Of The Jungle $174M
Fried Green Tomatoes $119M
Reality Bites $33M
Less Than Zero $12M

Afton Smith made a brief appearance in the tv series titled Pig Sty. She also collaborated with her then-husband, Brendan Fraser, in George of the Jungle. In addition, it is the only project which featured the former couple together.

After working in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star in 2003, the performer decided to quit her acting profession. She then began her journey as an author. Even though her career was short, Afton Smith's net worth must have risen from her roles in blockbuster films.

Income As An Author

Aforementioned, the former actress decided to leave acting by citing lack of passion as her reason. She was already a mom at that time, so she decided to focus on her children instead. Still, Afton couldn't completely abandon her love for movies in general. As a result, she wrote her first volume titled Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado. Additionally, it explores the cinemas of the Golden Age from 1930 to 1960.

Since then, Smith has authored several books in her career. Some of their prices on Amazon are as follow:

Books Prices
Hollywood Picks the Classics: A Guide for the Beginner and the Aficionado $11.95 (Paperback)
Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum $39.48 (Hardcover)
The Tiger: Class of January 1922; Lewis and Clark High School, Spokane, Washington $9.50 PDF

Afton Smith co-authored with her mom, Miriam Smith, and baby sister, Margo Smithwick, for her second paperback, Point to Happy: For Children on the Autism Spectrum. The novel is also about her own child's medical situation.

Thus, Afton Smith's net fortune also benefits from her writings and scholarly works.

Afton Smith Marriage And Children

The blonde beauty's relationship with legendary actor Brendan Fraser began like a fairytale. She first met him at Winona Ryder's Fourth of July barbecue in 1993. There, the ex-couple had an instant connection and began dating soon after. Moreover, they also starred in a film together and attended red carpets as a couple.

The ex-duo engaged after four years of courtship in October 1997. They later married in 1998 at the Bel Air Hotel in Los Angeles.

Afton Smith Children

Afton Smith shares three sons with her ex-husband, Brendan Fraser. Photo Source: Social Media.

The author is a mother of three children with her former husband. The eldest, Griffin Arthur Fraserwas born on September 17, 2002. Furthermore, he has autism and is the inspiration behind his mother's second book. Moreover, Afton Smith's second son, Holden Fletcher Fraserwas born on August 16, 2004.

Likewise, Smith's youngest baby, Leland Francis Fraserarrived two years later on May 2, 2006.

A Messy Divorce

Afton Smith and Brendan Fraser had kept their relationship lowkey from the beginning. Both also rarely talked about their life in the media. However, the ex-pair was going through lots of marital issues, which caused their divorce in 2007. They agreed to co-parent their children and raise them harmoniously after the separation.

But, things didn't go as planned for the divorced couple. They had initially agreed for the latter to pay $50,000 per month in alimony. However, Afton Smith's ex-husband, Brendan Fraser, pleaded with the court to decrease his alimony payments in 2013. He further backed his case by showing his financial statement, where he paid $25,000 in child support, $5000 in mortgages, $6000 for property tax, and $34,132.52 for income tax.

Brendan Fraser's ex-wife, Afton, accused him of lying and pointed out his acting projects' salary in the media. However, the former partners solved the matter and are still taking care of their sons together.

Afton Smith Ex-husband, Brendan Fraser

Afton Smith had a messy divorce from her ex-partner Brendan Fraser. Photo Source: Social Media.

Afton Smith is currently enjoying a comfortable life with her family in Greenwich, Connecticut. However, she doesn't appear in the limelight as much since her feud with her ex-spouse.

On the other hand, Brendan Fraser had a bit of a drawback due to controversies in his career. Nonetheless, he has made a solid comeback in the industry and is starring on Killers of the Flower Moon alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jesse Plemons, Robert De Niro, etc.

Additionally, Brendan is still admired by many people. He became emotional after his fans showed support on his virtual meet-and-greet on August 9, 2021.

And like Fraser, we hope Afton Smith will also find success in her career.

Trivia And Facts

  • Afton Smith is an advocate of raising awareness for autism.
  • She initially shared a house in Beverly Hills with her ex-husband and later sold it for $3 million.

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