Jae Suh Park Biography 2023 - Actress And Randal Park's Wife

Jae Suh Park Biography - Actress And Randal Park's Wife

Jae Suh Park is a famous American actress. Photo Source: Jae Suh Park's Instagram.

Jae Suh Park is an American actress famously known as 'Marianne' from the Netflix comedy series 'Friends From College.' The beautiful actress has been featured in several films and TV series in her career. Her performance in 'How I Met Your Mother' has also been applauded by critics and fans all over the world.

So, how did the award-winning actress achieved her dream in the American movie industry? Let's learn about Jae Suh Park's biography. 

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Early Life

Jae Suh Park, born on April 5, 1984, in South Korea, has Korean ancestry. She moved to the United States with her family at the age of six. Raised in Lodi, California, Park developed a deep passion for acting since her childhood. At the age of 8, she played the role of a dinosaur in her school play. She immediately fell in love with the onstage performance despite her shy personality. 

Jae Suh Park biography and early life.

Jae Suh Park (Right) with her mother and supposedly sister. Photo Source: Jae Suh Park's Instagram.

The actor has not yet confirmed the information regarding her parents or siblings. However, she has shared some photos of her childhood with her mom and supposedly her sister. 

She was attending her acting course when her teacher asked her if she considered it as a career. Jae, who was also a design major at that time, began to consider acting seriously. She eventually moved to San Fransisco and then to Los Angeles, looking for a career in acting.


Jae Suh Park's career features several hit TV series, feature films, and short movies. Debuted from 'Devil in the Flesh 2' in 2000, Park gradually picked the pace in her acting career. In 2019, she was starred in 'Friends from College' with actors like Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, and Annie Parisse, which helped her gain much fame in the industry. So lets' see the filmography timeline of her notable performances in more detail.

Year Released TV series name Appearance Role
2004 (Debut) ER 1 episode Mary Tan
2008 How I Met Your Mother 1 episode Crystal
2011 The League 1 episode Grace
2013 The Mindy Project 2 episodes Anna
2015 - 2016  Adam Ruins Everything 2 episodes Maya Cho 
2017-2019 Friends from College Main cast; 16 episodes Marianne
2020 Never Have I Ever  Episodes 5-7 Ms. Wong - Eleanor's mom

Jae Suh Park has also been featured in several movies. She was featured as Michael Burry's wife in 'The Big Short' released in 2015, and Caryn in The Paper Tigers in 2020. Recently in 2021, the comedy movie 'Marvelous and the Black Hole' was released with her name on the cast list with other stars like Miya Cech, Rhea Perlman, and Leonardo Nam

Jae Suh Park biography and career.

Jae Suh Park on the set of 'Friends from College.' Photo Source: Jae Suh Park's Instagram.

Furthermore, she has also worked in several short movies. Some of her notable performances can be seen in shorts like 'Chinese Hi-Five,' 'Save the Date,' and 'Logan Lee & The Rise of the Purple Dawn.' 

In 2006, Park won the Richard Kind Dramatic Award as the Narrative Feature - Best Supporting Actress for her work in the film 'Purity.' 

Jae Suh Park Net Worth And Earnings

Although her annual income has not officially been confirmed, we can guess that Jae might have earned a grand fortune in her career. She has been featured in big movies like 'The Big Short,' which had a budget of $28 million and generated a worldwide box office collection of $133,440,870. Similarly, she has worked on several TV series, movies, and shorts from which she could have amassed huge paychecks as her salary. 

Jae Suh Park's net worth is rumored to be in the millions, but unless the 5 feet 4-inch tall actress herself confirms it, it is almost impossible to state her net value. It has been 20 years since the actress debuted in her first project, but little is known about her career earnings and salary. However, Celebrity Net Worth estimated Jae Suh Park's husband's net worth to be $1 million.

Married and Mother of One 

Jae Suh Park first met Randall Park in 2007 at a nonprofit theater fundraiser. Good House Keeping reports that Randall instantly fell in love when he first saw Jae across the room. They didn't get the chance to meet personally, but a few days later, Jae initiated a conversation with him for the first time in an audition. So, basically, their love story started with a $20 painting. Unfortunately, Randall couldn't get her number as she was called in for her audition.

A few days later, the pair of Randall Park and Jae Suh Park met each other in another audition. This time Randall invited his future wife to his birthday celebration. Accepting the invitation, Jae showed up, but with Randall's friend all around, the two couldn't spend alone time together. 

The next morning at 3 a.m, Randall finally asked Jae for a date. After two weeks of dating, the couple confessed to being in love with each other. Their love relationship continued for a year. Randall finally popped the big question at a steak house in West L.A.  

Jae Suh Park husband and biography

Jae Suh Park has shared some photos from her honeymoon with her husband Randall Park. Photo Source: Jae Suh Park's Instagram.

On August 29, 2009, Randall got hitched with his bride, Jae. The actress has even posted a photo of them from their honeymoon tour in Hawaii. It has been more than ten years of their married relationship. Now, the pair seems to live a very happy life and cherishes a lovely bond together. Along the journey, they welcomed a child into their family. 

Blessed with a Baby Girl

Jae now needed to share her husband with the little one when their baby girl, Ruby Louise Park, was born in May of 2012. With talented actors as parents, little Ruby was featured in Randall's comedy web series 'Baby Mentalist.'

Jae Suh Park Biography and Children.

Jae Suh Park's husband, Randall Park, with their daughter. Photo Source: Jae Suh Park's Instagram.

Now, the family of three share a lovely bond together. "We both see our family as the first priority," Jae tells Bella magazine when asked about her and her husband's work/life balance. 

Trivia and Facts

  • Jae Suh Park is a huge BTS fan.
  • Randall Park's wife has 12.9K followers on her Instagram page as of now.
  • Jae Suh Park and her husband Randall Park are the board members of KultureCity. 
  • She has dubbed her voice for many video game characters in 'Driver: San Fransisco' and 'Saints Row.'

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