Joe Natale Biography 2022 - Roger Communications' CEO

Joe Natale Biography - Roger Communications' CEO

Joe Natale, a successful businessman, is the CEO and president of one of the largest telecommunication companies, Roger Communication Inc. Image Source: Social media.

Joe Natale is best known for his work as the president and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of a Canadian communications and media company, Rogers Communication Inc. Before that, Joe worked in different high posts at Telus Corporation from 2003 to 2015.

Furthermore, Natale had also co-founded PNO Management Consultants Inc. However, later on, it was bought by another company in 1997. Additionally, he has also been serving on the board of the CivicAction Leadership Foundation and The Hospital for Sick Children.

Let us get to know everything we can about Joe Natale through his biography.

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Joe Natale's Early Life, Family, And Education

Joe Natale, a well-known businessman, was born in 1966. Joe seems to prefer living a life away from the spotlight as he is not so active on social media. Additionally, Joe Natale's parents appear to be those people who like living a very private life. Nevertheless, they must be very proud of Joe for becoming successful in life.

Joe Natale Father

Joe Natale's parents must be proud of all of his achievements. Image Source: Social media.

Moreover, talking about Joe Natale's siblings, there is no confirmation on whether he has any brothers and sisters or not. If he has any brother or sister, then they too must be very proud of him.

Speaking of his education, Natale has received a Bachelor of Applied Science (BASc) degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1987. 

Joe Natale Net Worth And Career

Although Joe has become a successful businessman, he has worked very hard to achieve such significant accomplishments in life. From being a managing director to CEO, he has come a long way. In addition, just like other CEOs, Andy Jassy, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, Natale has likely inspired many people through his journey. 

Furthermore, looking at his success, one can assume that Joe Natale's net worth must be in the millions. Plus, Natale must be living a luxurious life with his family. Well, he is one of the best CEOs of Canada.

Earning As A President And CEO

In April 2017, Joe Natale became the CEO of Rogers Communication Inc. However, this was not his first time becoming a CEO. Natale worked as the CEO and president at Telus Corporation until August 2015.

Moreover, Joe was also Chief Commercial Officer(CCO) at Telus Corporation from 2003 to May 2014. His total compensation at Rogers Communication Inc is $11,704,000. Additionally, Natale is the highest-paid executive at Rogers and must have a grand salary.

Joe Natale net worth and earnings

Joe Natale is currently working as a CEO and president of Roger Communication Inc. Image Source: Joe Natale's Twitter.

Since the present CEO of Telus Corporation, Darren Entwistle, has a total compensation of $12,920,900, Joe must have earned a handsome sum while working at Telus in the past. Who knows, with coming projects, Joe Natale's net worth may elevate more in the upcoming days.

Joe Natale Was In Non-Compete Agreement

Joe Natale resigned from his CEO position at Telus Corporation when the board decided that CEO must work from western Canada. However, even though he resigned from his job just after one year of becoming CEO, Joe's non-compete agreement with Telus had not finished.

Hence, even though Rogers Communications Inc wanted to appoint Joe as their new CEO, they had to wait for many months. Finally, after many proposals, Rogers and Telus came into an agreement. As a result, Telus released Joe from the non-compete agreement.

Initially, Joe was said to start his job at Rogers after the contract with Telus would have expired in July. However, after Telus ended the agreement, Rogers appointed Joe Natale as their CEO on April 19, 10 weeks prior.

Ever since Joe joined Rogers, he had been receiving compliments for his work. The famous CEO has played an essential role in the success of Roger Communcation Inc in these past years.

Moreover, Joe's experience as CEO, president, and CCO at Telus became very beneficial in his new CEO job at Rogers. His ability to get along with others quickly and risk-taking skills have made him a successful and well-known CEO.

However, after serving for Rogers Communications for almost four years, Joe is being replaced by Tony Staffieri. This shocking news came after the Rogers family went fought a vicious battle in regards to the company's control.

Edward Rogers had been in a  legal battle between his mother and sisters for the control of the company. He even attempted to boot Natale on a previous occasion. But since a British Columbia judge ruled in favor of Edward's right to make decisions regarding Rogers board members, he has taken major steps in changing the company's look.

And one of the changes has resulted in Joe Natale being replaced by Tony Staffieri. Well, despite the shocking exit, Joe is a big part of the company. And we hope he continues to find success in the business world.

Earning As A Manager

Initially, Joe started his career as a Managing Partner at KPMG Canada in April 1997. The corporation had purchased the company that Natale had co-founded, PNO Management Consultants Inc, in 1997. He worked at KPMG until February 2001. After that, Joe worked as a managing director at a consultant company, Bearing Point.

Joe Natale Career

Joe Natale started working as a manager in KPMG Canada and since has come a long way. Image Source: Joe Natale's Instagram.

Although he started working as CEO later on, his previous work experience must have helped him in his current profession. Moreover, he must have generated a good amount by working as a Manager in the two companies.

Who Is Joe Natale's Wife and Children?

Being such a well-known CEO, Joe often comes in the headlines. Looking at his popularity, it is not surprising that the public and media are also interested in his personal life, including his relationships.

Talking about his love life, Joe Natale has been happily married to Melissa Martin for many years. Natale is currently residing with his wife in Toronto. Moreover, Joe Natale's wife seems to be very supportive as she is often seen accompanying her husband in many public events.

Joe Natale Wife Melissa Martin

Joe Natale is happily married and a proud father of three children, all daughters. Image Source: Joe Natale's Twitter.

Furthermore, the adorable couple is also actively involved in charities. In addition, the lovely duo has three beautiful daughters. Joe Natale's daughters are all grown up who are currently in the university. Joe seems to be a very loving dad as he loves annoying his daughters by singing Bruce Springsteen lyrics badly.

Who knows, maybe one of his daughters might have been inspired by him. In addition, Joe Natale's daughters may follow his footsteps and become successful CEO just like him. Nevertheless, we wish all the best to Joe Natale for the future.

Trivia And Facts

  1. Joe Natale has 1200 followers on Twitter.
  2. Darren Entwistle became CEO of Telus twice before and after Joe Natale.
  3. Before Joe Natale, Jonathan Guy Laurence was the CEO of Roger COmmunication Inc.

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