Tee Grizzley Net Worth - Recently Lost $1 Million In Cash And Jewelry

Tee Grizzley Net Worth - Recently Lost $1 Million In Cash And Jewelry

Tee Grizzley is a renowned rapper and video streamer of American nationality. Photo Source: Tee Grizzley's Instagram.

Music has become a medium of not just showcasing one's talent but also is a means of expressing emotions and feelings. In fact, many have turned to music to bring change in their lives. Tee Grizzley can be considered among such people, as his rap career has completely turned his life 180.

Having come from a financially troubled background, the rapper was prisoned for attempted theft in 2014. While in jail, he became more serious about rapping and released his debut single after his release. It received massive success, and Tee has never looked back since. Alongside gaining love from his fans, he has also benefitted financially from his music career. So, this article talks about Grizzley's earnings from his album sales, video streaming, and other endeavors.

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Tee Grizzley Net Worth And Career

Before unraveling details about his fortune, let's get to know Grizzley a little bit first. The hip-hop artist was born Terry Sanchez Wallace Jr. on March 23, 1994, in Detroit, Michigan, USA. Unfortunately, Terry Grizzley's father is no more, as he was murdered in 2012. Moreover, the former's mother, Latoya Perry, was imprisoned for drug trafficking and only got released in 2020.

Terry's twin brother, Marcellus Wallace, was indicted in a federal case after being released from prison months before in January 2021. The latter had previously served five years in state prison. As you can see, Wallace Jr.'s family members have often been in and out of prison. He was raised by his grandmother and struggled financially in his college years.

Due to his wrong decisions, the musician landed himself in jail as well. But, who would have guessed the former jailbird to be one of the rising rappers years later. Thanks to his dedication and devotion to the music industry, Tee has been able to earn considerably. So, let's explore more about Tee Grizzley's net worth and career in the following sub-headings.

Income From Music Career

As already mentioned, Tee released his debut single, First Day Out, after being released from prison in 2016. The song became a huge hit due to its hard-hitting and deeply personal lyrics and raked millions of views on YouTube. It also launched Wallace to stardom and earned him a record deal with 300 Entertainment.

The newly debuted artist also signed up with Atlanta Records in 2017. He then released his second single, Second Day Out, in February of the same year. His first mixtape, My Moment, came in 2017. The rapper has since collaborated with Meek Mill, Lil Durk, King Von, Quavo, and more. Additionally, his new song, Ms. Evans 1, is trending on YouTube.

Now, let's take a look at some of Tee Grizzley's albums, including their prices in the table below:

Albums Price
My Moment $9.49
Activated $9.49
Built For Whatever $9.49
Half Tee Haf Beast $9.49

Table Source: Amazon

From his album sales, Terry must have earned considerably. In addition, he has a large social media following, with his IG boasting 6.2 million followers. His YouTube channel has 2.01M subscribers, and his Spotify has over four million monthly listeners. Tee's estimated YouTube earnings is $4.1K - $65.8K monthly and $49.4K - $790.1K a year.

The Detroit native must also make money from his collaborations, tours, and concerts. Thus, it's safe to say that, Grizzley's fortune primarily comes from his music ventures.

Earnings From Other Sources

Besides his music endeavors, Tee is making big bucks from other ventures as well. For instance, he is a video game streamer and has a customized Grand Theft Auto Server. Grizzley has over 874K Twitch followers and more than five million channel views. He once revealed he nearly made $50K weekly through his Grizzley World RP.

The rapper disclosed about being paid from YouTube after posting the already streamed Twitch videos. His earnings further benefit from sponsorships and ads from the platforms. Aside from that, he has also released his merch, some of whose prices are as follows:

Merch Price
Half Tee Half Beast Hood $60
Tee Grizzley Morgue Sweatpants $45
Morgue Tee $30
Morgue Hoodie $60
Gang Orange Hat $30

Table Source: teegrizzleymerch.com

Thanks to his album and merch sales, video streaming, sponsorships, and more, Tee Grizzley's net worth must be massive. Though the exact amount hasn't been disclosed, many sites have estimated him to be earning millions.

Lost Over $1 Million In Robbery

Being famous keeps one on the radar of the media and the public 24/7. However, it is not without its cons, as celebs have to be cautious about being safe from people with bad intentions alongside evading the paparazzi. Unfortunately, Terry became the victim of a robbery in September 2022.

Several thieves entered the songwriter's LA mansion by smashing a window and stole cash and jewelry. The value of the stolen items is speculated to be over $1 million. Ironically, the incident occurred amidst the arrival of Tee's acclaimed Robbery series. Its part four has been released as well.

Following the incident, the musician thanked his fans for checking on him and announced no one was harmed during the event via his IG post. He also didn't complain about the incident, instead, he chose to talk about the death of his close friend PnB Rock, who was shot to death on September 12.

Lifestyle And Assets

Well, rappers are known to flex diamond chains, rings, cash, and bling lifestyle. Wallace Jr. is also seen wearing expensive watches, chains, and huge rings on his social media posts. What's more, he spent $400K on the Half Man Half Beast chain and $300K on the Icebox pendant.

After landing his first record deal, Terry bought a new home which he revealed cost him $800,000. As already mentioned, he owns another house in the LA suburb of Porter Ranch. He is happily living there with his wife My'Eisha Agnewand their son Terry Wallace III.

Tee Grizzley Net Worth And Earnings

Tee Grizzley is happily married to his partner, My'Eisha Agnew, and has welcomed a child, Terry Wallace III. Photo Source: Tee Grizzley's Instagram.

The musician must own branded cars as well. All in all, he seems to be doing well financially and career-wise. Though the robbery might have put a dent in Tee Grizzley's net worth, he will surely overcome the loss by his earnings in the following days. Hopefully, he will continue getting more success ahead.

Trivia And Facts

  • Terry married his baby mama in September 2022 after getting engaged to her in January.
  • Tee Grizzley's son arrived in February 2021.
  • His upcoming album Chapters of the Trenches is set to release on October 14, 2022.
  • He was nominated for Push Artist of the Year at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards.

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