Did Jay Glazer mention his ex-wife Michelle Graci in his Podcast?

Did Jay Glazer mention his ex-wife Michelle Graci in his Podcast?

Unbreakable With Jay Glazer Podcast. Source: Jay Glazer's Instagram

Jay Glazer, Fox Sports NFL Insider, has started a mental health podcast, Unbreakable with Jay Glazer, which is an extension of his bestselling book, Unbreakable. Jay Glazer's new podcast began this September 2022 and is produced by iHeart Media and Fox Sports Radio.

In his podcast, Jay has one set pod per week and then check-in episodes. With guests like NFL, LA Realms Football coach Sean McVay, bestselling author, and keynote speaker Jon Gordon, and Actor Frank Grillo, so farJay Glazer is set to share with everyone how to deal with depression and anxiety and get through it their life. 

While sharing his life moments in his podcast, there might be a possibility that Glazer might have talked about his family, his ex-wife Michelle Graci, his son, and relationships. Let's get into details about what's going on with Jay Glazer's podcast!

Start of Unbreakable with Jay Glazer 

Glazer, 52, shared that for all the years, he didn't know why he suffered, and now he knows he feels God blessed him with depression and anxiety to help others through theirs. He really wants to be a leader in this.

Jay Glazer is the author of his best-selling book, Unbreakable, where he shares the truth of his life directly, the moments, and how he learned to live with depression, and anxiety, to outgrow it and manage it.

Glazer had battles with depression, anxiety and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. 

Today the world is online, so Glazer decided to extend his book to the podcast, where he can voice his struggles, share his methods, invite and let the guests speak, and share similar experiences related to disturbing mental health.

So far, Glazer has nine clips done with the latest episode 3 with guest Frank Grillo. Avengers star Frank Grillo shared how he lost his best friend/manager/brother to suicide just seven months ago, and his life changed completely. This made Frank question his own anxiety and depression.

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Grillo also feels that there is a need to put light on this horrific illness. Grillo shared he lost his parents two years ago. His wife divorced him six months later. He got through it by working out in gyms and speaking to himself, looking over positive content on social media, and sharing positive affirmations. 

He shared that there is a need for a sense of community and how crying out helps. There are so many events in life that are detrimental to our mental health. There might be hardship, and rejections, but how we deal with it matters.

Glazer and Frank concluded to make sure to create good people with you and around you. Have people who are happy for your success, don't need anything in return from you, and encourage you to do further. And a good man is dangerous man who could control themselves. You could listen more on their converstaions here.

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Mention of Jay Glazer's ex-wife Michelle Graci, Son, Family  

We know that Jay Glazer had to suffer from anxiety and depression. Jay said he was struggling with anxiety in 2005. He married Michelle Graci in 2006, and it ended in 2009. But the couple ended the marriage in a silent manner, due to which the reason for their divorce is confidential.

However, we could have an idea that this event might also have triggered Jay Glazer's anxiety. Glazer also adopted a son, Samuel Glazer, who was born in 2003, with his ex-wife. And they also shared a daughter, Lucy

Jay Glazer Dating

Jay Glazer's dating life or relationship after divorce is not in public and it seems he prefers to be single.

Wheras Glazer's ex-wife have remarried to husband, Travis Kanafani, who works as Managing Director in 8020 Consulting.

So far, Jay did mention that he wanted to be loved by others and many other events related to love but have not talked much about his ex-wife Michelle, family or any current relationship much.

He might in further episodes in his podcast though. So stay tuned for his other podcast episodes and updates here!

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