How Is Edward Furlong's Net Worth Just $100K?

How Is Edward Furlong's Net Worth Just $100K?

Edward Furlong's net worth is just $100K. Image Source: Social Media

Edward Furlong is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. He is mainly recognized for his character John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. For his role, he earned several awards and nominations. During his career, he has appeared in numerous movies and series, which helped him earn considerably. 

As already stated, Edward earned significant fame and fortune in his career. But in the 2000s, his career and personal life witnessed a downfall. That led him to be involved in several problems, which in turn decreased his fortune. As such, Edward Furlong's net worth is just $100K. Now, learn about every issue that led to the descent of his riches.

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Edward Furlong Net Worth And Career

Edward was born and raised in Glendale, California. His life had always had its private turmoil. From the rise to his stardom to a series of problems, he has been through everything. Having risen to fame in his mid teens to losing almost everything a decade later, his story sounds like a plot for a movie. However, it wasn't always a bad day for the Terminator 2 star, he has also seen good days. With that being said, now let's talk first about how much he earned in his career. 

Earnings From Acting Career

Brought up in a world away from the entertainment industry, many might be curious how Furlong got into the acting business. The young guy was discovered by the casting director of his first movie in September 1990, while he was sitting outside on the step of the Pasadena Boys and Girls Club. At the age of 13, he was offered his first role.

In the 1991 movie, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward made his acting debut by portraying the character, John Connor. The first ever film of the actor made him known globally. In addition, it grossed a box office collection of $552.8K. The star kid was then cast in several other movies. Some of the films are listed below, along with their earnings. 

Movies Box Office Collection
American Heart $107.9K
Pet Sematary Two $15.1M
A Home of Our Own $1.5M
Brainscan $3.1M
Before and After $8.8M
Detroit Rock City $4.2M
Terminator: Dark Fate $62.2M

Table Source: Rotten Tomatoes

Edward, who had not thought of pursuing acting as a career prior to his first role, went on to appear in several movies and television series that made him famous. Some of the TV shows that he has appeared in are:

  • CSI: NY
  • Perception
  • Star Trek: Renegades
  • Renegades

Furthermore, he also acted in various commercials. As per The Richest, the California native earned $350K from Brainscan. Likewise, Furlong's salary from Terminator 2: Judgment Day was $30K. As a result, during his acting career, Edward Furlong's net worth must have been a commendable sum. 

Another celebrity with considerable earnings is Karen Weekly.

As Edward's fame increased, problems regarding his custody began increasing. Edward Furlong's mom, Eleanor Tafoya, was involved in several custody battles with her sister, Nancy Tafoya, and her half-brother, Sean Furlong, for him. The actor grew tired of the battles and took the most drastic action by filing for emancipation. 

In 1993, Edward took charge of his affairs as a legal adult after the courts granted him his wish. At that time, he was just 15 and had already met a 29-year-old woman, Jacqueline Louisa Domac, aka Jackie Domac. She was also his tutor while he worked on Terminator 2. Their bond grew closer, and by the time court had approved his emancipation, she was working as his advisor. 

Eventually, the couple began their romantic relationship. As Furlong was only a teen at that time, his uncle attempted to have his partner prosecuted for statutory rape, which later proved unsuccessful. In 1999, Domac sued her younger lover for domestic abuse. As per documents, she also asked to be paid 15 percent of everything he earned in the past three years as she worked for him as his manager. 

However, it is not known how the lawsuit was settled.

Apart from the legal battle with his ex-girlfriend, Edward also had to go through the problem of substance abuse. As the situation began unfolding quite quickly for him, he found himself struggling with drug addiction, which accumulated several legal problems. 

As Furlong struggled with cocaine, heroin addiction, and alcoholism, he went to rehab for treatment. He shuttled in and out of rehab plenty of times. In 2006, the MTV award-winning star got married to Rachael Bella. But the couple eventually ended up getting divorced due to Furlong's drug abuse and domestic violence. 

In September 2009, Edward Furlong's ex-wife filed a restraining order against him, followed by three years of probation for violating the civil protective order received by her. He was also accused of exposing their son, Ethan Page Furlong, to cocaine. The series of felonies and arrests continued after he was charged with domestic violence and assault against his then-girlfriend, Monica Keena

Edward Furlong's net worth

Edward Furlong was accused of exposing his son, Ethan Page Furlong, whom he had with Rachael Bella, to cocaine. Image Source: Rachael Bella Instagram.

Furthermore, in 2013, Edward was sentenced to 180 days in jail for violating a protective order. The same situation occurred in May of 2013. But at that time, he was able to avoid prison upon agreeing to one year of domestic violence classes, five years of probation, and 90 days of rehab. Following that, he committed to sobriety. 

It has been a long and challenging journey for the American History X star. But, he has not lost his hope and is determined to move on the right path. In 2013, he resumed his acting career and seems to be doing well. Many of his works are yet to be released as of now. 

Therefore, because of the abovementioned legal battles, Edward Furlong's net worth is only $100K. But as he has resumed his acting profession, he might cover the dent in his fortune in the coming days. 

Lifestyle And Assets

As mentioned earlier, Edward Furlong's fortune is $100K, after a series of legal turmoils. Before all these problems, he had earned considerably in his career. Now that he has committed himself to rehabilitation, he might be adapting to a new lifestyle. 

Edward must be living a good life. He has reconciled with his mom and must be close with his son. All in all, he must be doing well. Talking about his properties, car, and house, he has not revealed much. He might be paying a reasonable sum in taxes. 

Edward Furlong's net worth

Edward Furlong has reconciled with his mom. Image Source: Edward Furlong Instagram.

Let's hope Edward's commitment gets a good result in the coming days. We wish the actor best wishes for his future endeavors. 

Trivia And Facts

  • Furlong was born Edward Walter Furlong on August 2, 1977. 
  • He went to Elliot Junior High School and South Pasadena Junior High School.
  • He was held on $100,000 bail during his arrest in 2013.

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