Alexi Ashe Net Worth - Is It More Than Her Husband Seth Meyers' Net Worth?

Alexi Ashe Net Worth - Is It More Than Her Husband Seth Meyers' Net Worth?

Both Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe have amassed a huge fortune from their careers. Image Source: Seth Meyer Instagram.

Seth Adam Meyers, shortly Seth Meyers is a renowned writer, producer, and television host. He is also known for his talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers on NBC. Furthermore, Meyers has been married to Alexi Ashe, a prominent attorney, since 2013.

Both Seth and his wife have accumulated great success in their professional life. As a result, they must have earned an enormous sum of money. Thus, in today’s article, let’s take a look at how much the pair have to their name and who is richer among them.

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Alexi Ashe Net Worth And Earnings

Seth Meyers' wife was born on April 1, 1983, to her father, Tom Ashe, and mother, Joanne Ashe. She is a graduate of Occidental College and Southwestern Law School. From the last institution, Alexi earned a Juris Doctorate.

After receiving her degree, she began pursuing her career in the law sector. Now, Ashe is an established human rights attorney. She works as an assistant district attorney at King's County District Attorney. In addition, the law graduate is also an advisory board member at Journeys in Film. She served for Sanctuary for Families, as a leading service provider and advocate in New York for survivors of domestic violence, trafficking, and other forms of gender violence.

As an attorney, the comedian's spouse must be earning significantly. According to Glassdoor, a lawyer earns an average salary of $124,834 per year. Also, an assistant district attorney is estimated to have $66,909 as their pay. So, Ashe's salary must also be significant. Hence, Alexi Ashe's net worth must be a substantial sum.

Seth Meyers Net Worth And Earnings

Talking about Alexi Ashe's husband, he has been in the film industry since 2001. He appears to have made quite a lot of money throughout his career. As per Celebrity Net Worth, Seth Meyers' net worth is $26 million.

So let's further explore his earning sources and how he amassed such a vast fortune below.

Earnings From SNL

Seth Meyers was born in Evanston, Illinois. After completing his high school education at Manchester High School West, he enrolled at Northwestern University in Evanston. He graduated with a bachelor's degree in 1996. Furthermore, during his days at Northwestern, the writer ran a hot dog stand. 

At the same time, the talented host got involved with the college's improv comedy group Mee-Ow Show. Afterward, he continued developing his early comedy career by joining ImprovOlympic and then Boom Chicago. It was there that Saturday Night Live (SNL) talent scouts noticed him and invited him for an audition.

After a successful audition, Alexi Ashe's husband joined the SNL cast in 2001. He did well there and was promoted to writing supervisor in 2005. After that, the outspoken TV host became co-head writer, having shared the role with Tina Fey and Andre Steele. After Tina left the group, Meyers became the head writer and also took over the popular role of Weekend Update.

Seth Meyers' Net Worth Alexi Ashe's Net Worth

Seth Meyers first joined the Saturday Night Live in 2001. Image Source: Social Media.

Aside from Weekend Update, the comedian played a number of recurring characters on SNL, including Appalachian Emergency Room and Jarrett's Room. In 2007, Meyers joined the writers' strike organized by the Writers of America. As a result, Seth missed out on much of the 2007-2008 SNL season. Moreover, his final SNL episode aired in February 2014. He returned to host the program in 2018 with Paul Simon.

Talking about the comedian's salary, he must have earned a massive sum as he was the longest-serving Weekend Update host. As per one Celebrity Net Worth article, rookie SNL cast members earn $7,000 per episode, i.e., $147,000 per year. If the cast member is in the show for over five years, they get a huge raise and may earn $15,000 per episode, which ends up being $315,000 per season. It seems Seth Meyers' net worth benefited immensely from his job as an SNL cast member.

Earnings As A Television Host

Replacing Jimmy Fallon, Alexi Ashe's husband took over the Late Night show in 2013. He officially started hosting the show in February 2014. Late Night With Seth Meyers has received positive praises and retains consistent viewership. Furthermore, it is reported that Seth Meyers' salary is $5 million per year for hosting the talk show.

Considering all the fame and attention the tv personality has accumulated, he must have got several brand endorsement deals and earned significantly from them too. Nonetheless, Seth Meyers' net worth is a huge sum. Let's hope he continues to pocket even more fortune in the coming days. Another person with commendable wealth is Brent Barry.

Lifestyle And Assets

In 2013, Seth and Alexi bought an apartment in NYC's West Village neighborhood for $3.525 million. The married duo sold it for $4.5 million, the full asking price, in 2017.

In addition, the Meyers pair paid $7.5 million for a duplex with 10-rooms in 2016. It is located near Washington Square Park. The lovebirds spent one year renovating the duplex while, staying at their apartment in West Village. Overall, the duo seems to be enjoying a lavish life together with their lovely kids.

Seth Meyers' Net Worth and Alexi Ashe's Net Worth

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe live comfortably in their luxurious house. Image Source: Social Media.

Nonetheless, we can see Seth Meyers is richer than his better half, Alexi Ashe. However, they are a married couple. So, it does not matter who has more money; the Ashe-Meyers pair's wealth will benefit both. Hopefully, the couple will continue accumulating more fortune and enjoy their life happily together.

Trivia And Facts

  • Ashe Olson Meyers, Adelaide Ruth Meyers, and Axel Strahl Meyers are Alexi Ashe and Seth Meyers' children.
  • Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe first met at Chris Kattan's wedding in June 2008.

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