Did You Know The MMA Fighter Miesha Tate Has Two Children And One Of Them Is Unexpected?

Did You Know The MMA Fighter Miesha Tate Has Two Children And One Of Them Is Unexpected?

Miesha Tate and her husband, Johnny Nunez are incredible parents to one daughter and one son. Image Source: Johnny Nunez Instagram.

Watching women make history in the field of MMA is incredibly empowering. Although they have to endure many actual difficult situations, it is tremendously encouraging to see women in martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship holding top positions. Similarly, Miesha Tate is one such personality who has created history in the field of MMA and has inspired millions of people to dream beyond the horizon.

The dedicated UFC fighter shares a beautiful marriage with her husband, Johnny Nunez, and the pair together have welcomed two kids. Many people are interested to see if Miesha Tate's children will follow in her footsteps, and we are equally excited as well. Here are some essential details about the UFC fighting figure's babies.

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Miesha's Second Child Was Born Unexpectedly 

Miesha and her husband, Johnny, have been together since 2018. They began dating after Miss Tate retired from MMA in 2016 and are doing great in their personal lives. After having a strong, kind, and faithful relationship, Miesha and Johnny decided to give their bond another name and got married. 

During their marriage, the duo has welcomed two children. Their first daughter, Amaia Nevaeh Nunez, was born on June 4, 2018. She is a beautiful and adorable girl who is excessively fond of her parents. Furthermore, Amaia's brother, Daxton Wylder Nunez, arrived on June 14, 2020. Miesha had announced her second pregnancy on December 25, 2019.

Unanticipatedly, the birth of Daxton happened on the bathroom floor. His mom didn't have enough time to get to the hospital, so she was forced to give birth at her Singaporean house in the early hours. Sharing pictures of the newborn son on Instagram, Johnny stated that he had to make an immediate decision to prepare for the delivery when the baby's head started to crown and decided not to call for an ambulance. Although the birth happened unexpectedly, Daxton was born healthy and sound. 

Besides, Miesha Tate's children must be lucky to have her and her partner as parents, who is so strong, hardworking, and dedicated. Also, the duo frequently dedicate many social media posts to Amaia and Daxton and express how grateful and blessed they feel to become parents. 

Johnny Nunez And Miesha Tate Children

Miesha Tate's children are Amaia Nevaeh Nunez and Daxton Wylder Nunez. Image Source: Miesha Tate Instagram.

Nonetheless, the family of four is leading a wonderful life, and we hope their bond will grow stronger as time passes. Also, we believe Tate's babies will work hard in the future to live up to her legacy. 

Miesha Tate's Daughter Has A Facial Birth Defect

Miesha is not just a brave fighter, she is equally a courageous mother. A few years earlier, taking to Instagram, the sportswoman revealed to the world that her baby girl, Amaia, suffered from a Hemangioma. Hemangioma is a cluster of blood vessels that group at the skin's surface that causes a bright red birthmark. Although they tend to disappear entirely with time, it does take a few years to do so. 

Though Hemangioma can go down by taking blood pressure medication, Amaia Nevaeh Nunez's mother doesn't wish to do so as she believes she is perfect the way she is. Furthermore, the sports personality doesn't want to risk Amaia's health for her appearance without having a safe alternative.

The drawbacks are that Miesha Tate's daughter must always wear sunscreen and that if she ever scratches it, it will bleed profusely and may continue to spread for the first two years of life. For those reasons, Tate thought about safer alternatives to prevent it from worsening to the point where her little girl might develop a health issue.

These little gestures of Miesha towards her kids show how caring she is and that she would never want her kids to feel worthless. Looking at the way Tate and her husband are raising their babies, it is safe to say that both Amaia and Daxton have secured futures and will turn into influential and humble individuals. 

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Nunez Kids' Parents Are MMA Fighters 

Amaia Nevaeh and Daxton Wylder Nunez's parents are both professional MMA fighters. They are established and successful sports personalities who inspire millions through their fearless attitudes and passion. 

Daxton Wylder Nunez's mother currently competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and is the former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. The Tacoma native made her professional MMA debut in November 2007 and has won many bouts since then. Although she retired from her decade-long career in December 2016, she made a comeback on July 17, 2021, and is still going strong. 

Similarly, Daxton and Amaia Nevaeh Nunez's father, Johnny, is also engaged in the MMA fighting sector. Johnny, raised by a single parent, began wrestling in Idaho and soon won the state title. He won two Idaho state wrestling championships and wrestled in 2,000 contests before making his MMA debut in 2012.

Furthermore, Miesha Tate's husband competed mainly in North America and briefly in the UFC in 2017. Before joining his current promotion, ONE Championship, he competed in Bellator MMA. The fighter is motivated to make a living while also using his position to better his and other people's lives. Since both Miesha and Johnny are involved in the fighting scene, will it also influence their kids? 

All in all, Miesha Tate's children are both young and growing up with promising futures. It will be fascinating to witness if the two decide to follow in their parents' footsteps. They still have a long way to go before establishing their careers, and it is just the beginning. For now, we send our good wishes, luck, and light to the entire Tate family. 

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