Is Kelly McGillis' Ex-Husband Fred Tillman Still A Restaurateur?

Is Kelly McGillis' Ex-Husband Fred Tillman Still A Restaurateur?

Kelly McGillis' ex-husband, Fred Tillman was a yacht broker when they first met. Photo Source: Fred Tillman's Facebook.

Many people might already know that the 80s was one of the golden years of Hollywood as movies such as The Shining, Tootsie, The Untouchables, The Terminator, and more were released. One such Hollywood classic was Top Gun, which soared the popularity of Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis to the next level.

For Kelly, her role as Charlie in Top Gun helped establish her stance in Hollywood. The following years saw her starring in numerous projects. While her acting journey was pretty smooth-sailing, the same couldn't be said about her personal life. Well, for starters, the actress married thrice, and all of them ended in divorce.

Today's article is about Kelly McGillis' ex-husband, Fred Tillmana restaurateur and yacht salesman. The former pair were married for several years before separating. What was the reason; if you are curious, keep reading to find out.

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Fred Was Kelly's Second Husband

Prior to his marriage with Kelly, Fred wasn't a renowned name. Sure, he was successful in his profession as a yacht broker, but Tillman hadn't received the spotlight that came after his relationship with the actress. Moreover, after the ex-couple married on December 31, 1988, Fred was called a complete nobody by a tabloid.

Well, McGillis looked at the brighter side and took such statement as a compliment. She addressed the matter by disclosing how she found actors boring, courtesy of her personal experience. She supported her then-hubby by calling him the right person and shared she didn't mind his profession.

Kelly McGillis Ex-Husband Fred Tillman

Kelly McGillis married her ex-husband Fred Tillman in December 1988. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

However, Fred wasn't Kelly's first partner, in fact, she was previously married to Boyd Black, a fellow Julliard student. The former pair got hitched in 1979 and divorced in 1981.

Welcomed Two Children With His Ex-Wife

After nearly a year of their wedding, Fred Tillman's ex-wife became pregnant with their first baby and decided to take a hiatus from her film career. She was under a contract with the Shakespeare Theatre at the Folger then. The then-couple welcomed their firstborn, Kelsey Lauren Tillmanon May 24, 1990.

Afterward, Kelly shocked Hollywood by deciding to settle in Key West and leave the industry. It was also to begin a new business with her then-spouse and to raise their small family in a friendly small town. At that time, she was also expecting her second little girl.

Eventually, Fred and Kelly McGillis' daughter, Sonora Ashley Tillman, arrived on April 10, 1993. Shortly after the birth of the youngest Tillman, the yacht salesman was arrested for soliciting sex from a sex worker who turned out to be an undercover cop.

Fred Tillman's ex-wife then met Melanie Leis in 2000, who eventually became her third partner. She and Fred couldn't continue on and divorced in 2002. She also came out as a lesbian in 2009 and a year later entered into a civil union with Melanie.

On the other hand, Kelly McGillis' ex-husband has stayed away from the limelight following their separation. It isn't known whether he remarried or not. Though he has a FB account, he merely posts anything and only has uploaded a handful of pictures.

But, the Top Gun star did reveal a bit about their divorce. She disclosed of not being dishonest with Tillman about her past but had always struggled. Also, she shared that though she and Fred were in love, she deeply felt it wasn't real.

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Is Kelly McGillis' Ex-Husband Still A Restaurateur?

As per some sites, Fred was a wealthy yachtsman when he first met his former beau. After settling in Key West, he added another title to his name, a restaurateur. The Newport Beach yacht broker and his ex-wife opened Kelly's Caribbean Bar, Grill & Brewery in 1993. It was always packed with locals and tourists and doing well.

Both former partners were doing hands-on management and were in the restaurant every day. Even after their divorce, the ex-duo seemed to have co-owned the eatery for some time. However, as per Tripadvisor, Kelly's Caribbean has been reported permanently closed.

Other than the restaurant, Fred hasn't shared whether he owns other eateries. Likewise, not much is revealed about his yacht sailing business. But, once, the news about one of his yachts, The Centurion, being destroyed by fire came in 1996. Tillman had planned to sell the $1.5 million worth yacht the same weekend of the accident.

Although Kelly McGillis' ex-husband's current professional ventures haven't been disclosed, he is likely doing well. While the Hollywood personality's life after her separation from Fred was filled with drug abuse, rehabilitation programs, and other issues, Tillman has led a quiet life. Still, he must be a loving dad to his two girls and living comfortably.

Hopefully, we will learn more about Mr. Tillman in the coming days.

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