Sonora Tillman And Kelsey Tillman - What Are Fred Tillman And Kelly McGillis' Daughters Doing Now?

Sonora Tillman And Kelsey Tillman - What Are Fred Tillman And Kelly McGillis' Daughters Doing Now?

Kelly McGillis' daughters, Kelsey and Sonora Tillman, have already grown up. Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons.

When you mention Kelly McGillis, the first thing that comes to mind is her role as Charlie in the 80s movie Top Gun. Even those unaware must have heard about the actress after the news about her not being cast in the sequel Top Gun: Maverick came. Since she had delivered such an epic performance, fans were curious as to why she wasn't asked back.

Well, McGillis replied the reason was her age and her age-appropriate appearance. Besides, she seems happy spending time with her two kids, Kelsey Tillman and Sonora Tillman. While their mom has often enjoyed the limelight, the girls have always stayed far away from it. Hence, many must be eager to learn about Kelly McGillis' children, for which we are presenting you with this article.

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Who Among The Tillman Sisters Is The Oldest?

To those who don't know, the Top Gun star has been married thrice in her life. Her first marriage was to Boyd Black, which ended within a few years. Afterward, she got hitched to Fred Tillman and welcomed Kelsey and Sonora. However, the Tillman girls' parents' marital life couldn't last, and the former partners divorced in 2002.

Afterward, Kelsey and Sonora Tillman's mother entered into a civil union with her then-partner, Melanie Leis, in 2010. A year prior, she came out as a lesbian. On the other hand, Kelly McGillis' ex-husband's relationship status remains a secret as of now. However, Sonora did once mention how both her parents have been divorced thrice.

Sonora and Kelsey Tillman Dad Fred Tillman

Sonora and Kelsey Tillman's parents are divorced. Photo Source: Fred Tillman's Facebook.

Speaking of the ages, Kelsey is older than her sister. She was born Kelsey Lauren Tillman on May 24, 1990. Likewise, her younger sister was born Sonora Ashley Tillman on April 10, 1993, in Key West. The family of four often moved around due to McGillis' career. Later, they finally settled down in Amish country, where the girls grew up.

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Sonora Is A LGBTQIA+ Advocate

As already mentioned, Kelsey and Sonora Tillman's mother came out as a lesbian in 2009. So, both of them were exposed to struggles their mom had to face as a homosexual earlier. In an episode of The Tom Flip Key West Podcast, Sonora shared how she was never ashamed of her mama's sexuality.

In the same podcast, the youngest Tillman shared about her childhood and education. Speaking of which, she studied psychology at UNC Chapel Hill. Furthermore, the blonde beauty is now an LGBTQIA+ advocate and fully supports the LGBTQIA+ community.

Was Arrested Once

When googling about Sonora, the chances are you might stumble upon her mug shot. Apparently, she was arrested on August 13, 2017, on DUI charges. The Key West native revealed she was having a hard time and drinking to cope.

The night of her arrest, Sonora had drunk pretty heavily and was pulled over by a cop. On The Tom Flip Key West Podcast, she disclosed that she kind of deserved it.

Is In A Relationship

Kelly McGillis' daughter is pretty active on social media. As such, she hasn't refrained from sharing photos about her day-to-day life. What's more, she has even disclosed her romantic interest and often posts pictures with him on IG and FB.

Sonora Tillman's boyfriend is Jordan Garcia. As per her FB post, she has been dating him since February 2022. Talking about Jordan's profession, he works in JG Carpentry & Tile and is from Key West, Florida.

Although the duo has only been in a relationship for a few months, they seem to share a very close bond. Both don't hesitate from expressing their love and feelings for one another through heartfelt captions. Hopefully, the lovebirds' relationship will continue to last in the future as well. Will we even see the Garcia-Tillman pair getting hitched?

Prior to dating Jordan, Ms. Tillman was engaged to her ex-boyfriend. However, the then-couple's relationship ended before they could tie the knot. Going through Sonora's IG posts, she had previously posted pictures with a guy. Could it be he is Sonora Tillman's ex-fiancé?

She Is A Mother Of Two

Aside from being a loving partner, daughter, and LGBTQIA+ advocate, Kelly's kid is a doting mother of two. Her firstborn is son, Atlas Owen Wood, who was born on March 19, 2016. The latter is adorable and can even bust cool dance moves.

Sonora Tillman's daughter, Harlow Wood, was born on February 14, 2019. She is a momma's girl and has even inherited her mama's blonde locks, alongside her brother. The kids often appear on their mom's social media posts.

All in all, Sonora seems to be living comfortably with her little ones and partner. Hopefully, she will continue to do so in the future as well.

All About Kelly McGillis' Daughter Kelsey

Kelly McGillis' firstborn is a secretive person just like her. She has tried to stay away from the limelight as much as possible. Hence, information about Kelsey is just bits and pieces acquired from her FB posts. Though, her sister did once mention she is a non-conformist.

Well, going through her social media handle, we can see that Kelsey is interested in singing and has shared some of her singing videos. She looks gorgeous with her double nose piercings and tattoos. She goes by Kelsey BoBelsey on FB, however, it's not sure whether she is married.

To conclude, both of Kelly McGillis' children have grown up and seem to be doing well. While talking about her upbringing, Sonora shared what it was like living under her parents' shadow. However, she and her sister aren't bitter about it but still prefer to lead modest lives away from the glamour.

We wish the Tillman sisters nothing but the best in the days ahead.

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