How Supportive Was Clairo's Mother Allie Cottrill Regarding Her Musical Career?

How Supportive Was Clairo's Mother Allie Cottrill Regarding Her Musical Career?

Clairo and her mother, Allie Cottrill share a tight-knit bond. Image Source: Allie Cottrill Instagram.

Clairo epitomizes the term cuteness. Born Claire Elizabeth Cottrill, she is an American singer-songwriter who began posting music on the internet at age 13. Although she is young, she has amassed an outstanding amount of success in a short period thanks to her most popular singles, Pretty Girl, Bags, and Sofia

Behind Clairo's success, her parents are equally responsible. Throughout her musical career, her dad and mom have evenly supported her. Hence, we are dedicating this article to Clairo's mother, Allie Cottrill, and discovering why she is her daughter's biggest fan. 

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Clairo's Mother Is A Photographer And Designer 

Just like her daughter, Allie Cottrill is established in her professional career. She works as a kid's fashion and advertising photographer. Allie studied art direction at Miami Ad School AtlantaPortfolio Center and later completed her BFA in Graphic Design from The University of Georgia. After graduating from Portfolio Center and the University of Georgia, she worked as a graphic designer and art director in ad agencies, including J. Walter Thompson Atlanta. 

Since photography has been Allie's lifelong passion, she started shooting professionally in 2008. In addition, Clairo's mother shoots kids' and teens' editorial and advertising photography. In October 2008, Allie started shooting at her studio named Allison Cottrill Photography. Furthermore, some of her clients include Petite Plume, Mini Boden, Bella Bliss, Puma, Misha & Puff, Reebok, Adidas Kids, Justice, and many more. 

Clairo's Parents Are Living Happily Together 

Clairo's mother celebrates her birthday every year in October. Allie was welcomed into this world by her mother, Marion Edwards, and her father. Not just a loving daughter, she is equally a supportive sister to Susan Doyle Summers and Angie Hobbs Schrader

The musician's mom is extremely blessed to have a stable personal life. She is happily married to her partner, Geoff Cottrill. Allie Cottrill's husband is the Chief Marketing Officer for Top Golf as of 2022. The duo has been together for over two decades and share an enduring and thriving marriage. 

Allie Cottrill Partner

Clairo's parents share a marriage of over two decades. Image Source: Geoff Cottrill Instagram.

Furthermore, Clairo's parent's marriage is based on the foundation of love, trust, and honesty. The couple has always been there for each other, and we pray their love will stand strong against all odds. 

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Clairo's Mother Is Her Biggest Fan 

There is a beautiful saying, 'God couldn't be everywhere, and therefore, he made mothers,' and this quote ideally implies to the singer/songwriter, Clairo, who is extremely grateful to have a supportive mom. It's a blessing to have parents who believe in your dreams, see beauty in them, push you through every hurdle, and support you no matter what. 

Just like every other mother, Allie Cottrill is also an incredibly loving and supportive mom to her daughter, Clairo. We can often see her sharing photos of her child and expressing to the world that she is extremely proud of Clairo's professional growth and hard work. In addition, Allie also shares many achievements of her other daughter, Abby Cottrill.

On the other hand, the Sofia singer is also working extremely hard to make her parents proud. Clairo has also released a song called Reaper, a love letter to her mother and the hope of motherhood. 

Overall, we just witnessed the bond between Clairo and her mother, Allie Cottrill. The mom-daughter duo shares a beautiful bond, and we hope their relationship will remain smooth and alluring forever. Our best wishes, luck, and light follow their path. 

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