Married Since 2005, Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Bill Koch's Wife Bridget Rooney

Married Since 2005, Here Are 5 Interesting Facts About Bill Koch's Wife Bridget Rooney

Bill Koch's wife, Bridget Rooney has appeared in a short movie named, Zombie or Not Zombie. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Bill Koch is an American billionaire businessman, collector, and sailor. Born William Ingraham Koch, he is one of the wealthiest people in Florida, with a net worth of $2 billion. He was welcomed into this world by his mother, Mary Clementine, and his father, Fred C. Koch, founder of Koch Industries

Koch Industries is one of the most prosperous oil firms in American history. With yearly revenues over $100 billion, the multinational conglomerate is currently the second-largest private firm in the US, behind Cargill.

Alongside having a successful image in the business sector, Bill is often remembered for creating a buzz with his relationships and personal life. Married twice in his lifetime, he has faced a lot of ups and downs in his love life. However, currently, he seems to have a stable marital life. Hence, in today's article, we will talk about Bill Koch's second spouse, Bridget Rooney

Bridget Rooney Koch is the granddaughter of Art Rooney (1901-1988), the original owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers football team. Apart from belonging to an influential household and getting married to a successful businessperson, there are several fascinating facts regarding her life. Hence, without any further ado, keep scrolling through this article as we present you with five interesting facts about Bill Koch's wife, Bridget. 

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Bridget Has Been Married To Bill For Over 15 Years

While some marriages only survive a few years, some relationships are destined to last forever. Bridget Rooney and her husband Bill Koch are the perfect examples of this, as the duo has been married for over a decade. The couple tied the wedding knot in 2005 at a private ceremony in Colorado. Although their dating timeline and other wedding details haven't been revealed yet, there is no doubt that the lovebirds have already found their person and are carrying on a legacy.

Bridget Rooney Husband Bill Koch

Bridget Rooney and Bill Koch got hitched in 2005 at a private ceremony in Colorado. Image Source: Social Media.

Additionally, the pair works closely together and has been each other's biggest support system. Plus, Bridget Rooney's husband, Bill, is a wonderful partner who has supported her constantly. Overall, they have a solid and happy marriage, and we hope they will never part ways. 

She Previously Dated Kevin Costner 

Before getting married to Mr. Koch, Bridget was in a brief relationship with Kevin Costner. Born Kevin Michael Costner, he is an American actor, producer, musician, and film director. 

The chemistry between the former duo ignited after Kevin's divorce from Cindy Silva. The couple divorced in 1994, ending their 16 years of marriage. Following his separation, the renowned Hollywood personality found a new love in Bridget. Unfortunately, their relationship didn't last long, and they had to move on with their lives. 

Bridget Rooney Ex-Partner

Bridget was in a brief relationship with Kevin Costner, an American actor, producer, and film director. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Furthermore, just like Kevin, Rooney has also been a part of the entertainment sector. She was featured in a short horror movie titled, Zombie or Not Zombie (2011). She portrayed the character of Tess; apart from this, she has not appeared in other projects. 

Rooney Is A Loving Mother Of Two Children 

Staying under the shade, Bridget has ensured she takes good care of all her children well and provides them quality education along with emotional and financial support. She is a committed, loving, and devoted mother of two kids. Now, let's go to learn more about her little ones. 

With her husband, Bill, the Pittsburgh Steelers heiress welcomed a daughter, Kaitlin Koch. She was born in the mid-2000s, and relatively very less is known about her upbringing and professional career. Besides, her half-siblings from her paternal side are Wyatt Koch, Charlotte Koch, William Koch, and Robin Koch

Furthermore, with her ex-partner, Kevin, Bridget has welcomed a son, Liam Timothy Costner, who was born in November 1996. Unfortunately, Kevin refused to admit that Liam was his own child after his birth. 

Then, Art Rooney's granddaughter insisted on a paternity test, which proved Costner to be Liam's biological father. After being forced to acknowledge his kid, the actor created a trust fund for Liam. In addition, Kevin also occasionally visited the youngster because Bridget had moved from Aspen to Palm Beach.

Bridget Rooney Has A Low Social Media Presence

Even though prominent and influential figures are frequently covered by the media, it is reasonable that they would like to have a minimal social media presence. Similar to how Bill Koch's wife has maintained a low profile and avoided social media. Additionally, it is hard for fans to track what she has been doing lately as Bridget has kept her personal life quiet. Also, she has scarcely appeared in the media in recent days. 

We hope to see her on social media platforms in the future, where she will give the audience a glimpse into a part of her life. Also, you might be interested to read the interesting facts about Jim Walton's wife, Lynne McNabb Walton

She Belongs To An Influential Family

Mrs. Koch was born Bridget Mary Rooney in 1962 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She has kept her upbringing private and remained low-key, hence information regarding her mother and father has not been disclosed yet. 

However, it is clear that Bridget belongs to an influential family as her grandfather, Art Rooney, is the original owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers football franchise. Hopefully, Bill Koch's spouse will be more open regarding her family and early childhood in the future. Furthermore, Bridget has also not been vocal regarding her educational qualification. Many people like to keep their personal life discreet, and we should respect their boundaries. 

On the other side, Bridget is a capable, powerful woman who approaches everything with love. Along with being a wonderful person, she is a dedicated wife and caring mother. We hope Bill Koch's wife is comfortable and happy even if she has stayed out of the spotlight. We send her all of our best wishes.

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