Is The Black Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Amanda Ribas Dating Júlio Arantes?

Is The Black Belt In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Amanda Ribas Dating Júlio Arantes?

Brazilian MMA fighter Amanda Ribas shares a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend, Julio Arantes. Image Source: Julio Arantes Instagram.

Brazilian professional mixed martial artist Amanda Ribas is somebody you should watch out for. Miss Ribas currently competes in the Strawweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and inspires millions of people who are scared to follow their dreams and heart. While Amanda is incredibly successful in her professional career, one question that many of her fans are curious about is, does her personal life looks equally content and happy? 

Well, we have joyful news for all the fighting sensation's fans, as she is in a beautiful relationship with her partner, Júlio Arantes. In fact, they have been together for some time now. So, here's an article dedicated to Amanda Ribas' boyfriend and their love story.

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The First Beautiful Meeting

Amanda has rapidly gained the crowd's affection due to her upbeat demeanor and fierce fighting style. The strawweight contender has caught the attention of MMA fans worldwide. She boasts over 2 million Instagram followers and is an active social media user. Although Amanda Ribas' popularity is rising, very little is known about her personal life.

The UFC fighter prefers to maintain a modest profile and posts very little information about her personal life on the Internet. However, she first shared photos with her partner, Julio, in November 2021. And since then, we have seen Arantes on her profile more often.

On the other hand, Julio first posted a picture of them together in April 2021 on Instagram, and most of his posts are now dedicated to his fighter girlfriend. So, it is safe to say that the duo has been dating since 2021, as they publicized their relationship the same year. Still, it is unclear when and where they first met. Nonetheless, the two look adorable together, and there is no denying that. 

Amanda Ribas Boyfriend Julio Arantes

Amanda Ribas and Julio Arantes have been dating for some time now. Image Source: Julio Arantes Instagram.

Furthermore, Amanda and Julio are extremely private regarding their love life, so it is unknown if they were dating anybody before this relationship. Some people like to keep their personal life under shade, which is also completely okay. Now, let's get to know more about this good-looking duo. 

A Good-Looking Couple Sharing A Beautiful Relationship 

The relationship that Amanda and Julio share is exceptionally passionate, giving, and strong. This is why many people can't help but adore and love this pair when they discover they are in love. Even though their relationship timeline is not an open book, there is no doubt that the lovebirds are head over heels in love with each other and are incredibly supportive of one another. 

In addition, Amanda Ribas' boyfriend is highly proud of her and leaves no chance to express his love for her on social media handles. The duo frequently travels together and provides one another with constant support and push. Still, there has been no news regarding the love doves' intended nuptials. Maybe they are awaiting the ideal time. 

Besides, Julio Arantes' girlfriend also always motivates him to transform himself into the best version. All in all, their relationship is as good-looking as they are, and we hope their love will stand firm and survive against all odds.

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Who Is Amanda Ribas' Boyfriend Julio Arantes? 

The lovely pair don't just share hearts, they also share the same professional background. Since the two are involved in the fighting scene, there must have been immense understanding and respect between them regarding their careers.

Amanda Ribas' partner is from Brazil, and he is a Jiu-jitsu athlete at Rodrigo Carvalho BJJ. He was born on 8th February 1990 in Varginha, Brazil. The lovebirds are approximately three years apart, Amanda being the eldest in their relationship. Furthermore, Julio is a purple belt in Jiu-Jitsu and has secured four wins, one by disqualification, two by points, and one by submission. 

The Jiu-Jiutsu athlete is just getting started, and he has yet to achieve the same level of success as his girlfriend. But, that day is not far as Julio is a hard-working and dedicated persona. Apart from his professional career, Amanda Ribas' boyfriend is a family man who loves his family to every extent. 

The handsome guy is extremely close to his mother, Josi Souza, and his father. Not just a loving son and committed partner, but Julio is also a loving brother to Jessica Arantes and Alexia Arantes. He was raised in an incredibly supportive household.

Although Amanda and Julio started their journey of love and life together recently, we believe they have many milestones to complete as a team. We hope their bond and love will grow stronger in the coming days and we don't have to hear the ugly news of their separation. May the couple soar higher in love and their lives. Our best wishes follow their way.

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