Susan Waren Biography 2022 - Joe Scarborough's Ex-wife

Susan Waren Biography - Joe Scarborough's Ex-wife

Susan Waren is an American philanthropist and writer, also known as an ex-wife of Joe Scarborough. Image Source: Susan Waren's Facebook.

Although Susan Waren is popularly known as the ex-wife of the co-host of Morning Joe on MSNBC, Joe Scarborough, she is also an American philanthropist best recognized for her charitable works with Sherwood Foundation.

Unlike her famous ex-partner, Susan seems to prefer a very private life away from the spotlight. Although she has come into the limelight because of her marital relationship with such a famous personality, little is known about Susan Waren's life.

Hence, we have gathered some interesting facts about the philanthropist so, let's get to know about Susan Waren through this biography.

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Early Life, Family, And Education

The philanthropist is very private about her life so, there is little to no information about her birth date and place. Talking about Susan Waren's parents, like their daughter, they also like to live away from the media. Nevertheless, her mother and father must be very proud of her success.

It seems like Susan wants to keep her family away from the media attention. She has not opened up about her childhood so, there is no information about her siblings.

However, one can assume that she must be very close with her family as they have become her support system during her bad times. Furthermore, it is also not sure if Susan has ever attended and graduated from college.

Susan Waren Net Worth And Career

Aforementioned Joe Scarborough's ex-wife is a philanthropist and has been involved in various fields for years. Therefore, Susan Waren's net worth must be substantial owing to her earnings from various sources.

Susan has been involved with Sherwood Foundation for many years. Sherwood Foundation focuses most of its contributions on Nebraska-based social, cultural, community, and educational organizations and exhibits a left-leaning political orientation. However, whether Waren has a paying job there or is just a volunteer is unknown.

On the other hand, Susan worked as an aide to former Florida governor Jeb Bush. One of former NY governor Andrew Cuomo's top aides, Melissa DeRosa reportedly earned more than $200K yearly. Therefore, Waren must have been paid handsomely as an aide for Bush.

In addition, Susan Waren might have also earned a reasonable sum from her writings in her blog south x northeast. She used to write under the name Susan Scarborough but hasn't updated her blog since 2015.

Divorce And Alimony

Apart from her own successful career, Susan Waren's net worth also includes the amount she received in alimony. According to TMZ, Joe was asked to pay $150K in alimony. Although this seems like an enormous amount, it's not a big deal for Joe, who reportedly earned $99K per week at the time. Moreover, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Joe Scarborough's net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

Similarly, according to their divorce document, Susan was set to receive over $30,000 per month for five years, then $25,000 per month for two years. Hence, after receiving such a massive amount from divorcing a millionaire ex-husband, Waren must be living a very luxurious life with her children.

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Married For Twelve Years

Susan Waren became a popular name after she tied the knot with a well-known television personality, Joe Scarborough, in 2001. Even though there is no revelation about how they met, it is believed that Susan and Joe might have encountered during some charity event.

After being married for more than a decade, this beautiful couple decided to part their ways in 2013. Although even after the divorce, Susan Waren's husband seems to have a good bond with her as they are co-parenting perfectly. Moreover, this duo decided to stay together even after divorcing for better care of their children. However, this was not the first divorce of Joe.

Susan Waren's Ex-husband Has Been Married Thrice

Susan was the second wife of Joe as, before her, Scarborough was married to his first wife, Melanie Hinton, from 1986 to 1999. According to Daily Mail, Joe met Melanie during his college days at the University of Alabama. These college sweethearts used to reside at Pensacola with their children.

Moreover, Susan Waren's ex-husband, Joe has two handsome sons with Melanie. His first son, Joey Scarborough, was born in 1989. Furthermore, his second son, Andrew Scarborough, was born in 1991.

Following his father's footsteps, Joey has become a well-known journalist and is married to Catherine Scarborough. However, Andrew has been married to Brianna Keller since 2016.

Additionally, after divorcing Susan, Joe married his co-host, Mika Brzezinski, on November 24, 2018. Moreover, this was the second marriage of Mika, who has two beautiful daughters from her previous marriage. Hence, Joe must have a good bond with his two stepdaughters, Carlie Hoffer and Emilie Hoffer.

Susan Waren Ex-Husband Joe Scarborough

Susan Waren's ex-husband, Joe Scarborough married his Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski after their divorce. Image Source: Joe Scarborough's Instagram.

While Joe remarried after the divorce, Susan seems to have not tied the knot. It looks like she is enjoying her single life and spending her time raising her children. Who knows, maybe Joe Scarborough's ex-wife, Susan also has someone special in her life but wants to keep her love life private.

Is A Loving Mother Of Two Children

Talking about Susan Waren's children, she has two beautiful babies: a daughter and a son. Her eldest daughter's name is Katherine Clark Scarborough, born on August 8, 2003. She seems to be very close with her parents. Moreover, Katherine, the only daughter of Joe, is an emerging singer and songwriter.

Susan Waren Daughter, Katherine Clark Scarborough

Susan Waren's daughter, Katherine Clark Scarborough is pursuing a career in music. Image Source: Joe Scarborough's Instagram.

Moreover, Susan's son, Jack Scarborough, was born in May 2008. As he is still very young, Susan has tried to keep him away from the press as much as she can. Nonetheless, being the youngest child of Joe, he must be living a very comfortable life as he is seen going on vacations with his family.

Let's hope, Susan, Katherine, and Jack are enjoying their life to the fullest and we will get to know more about them in the coming days.

Trivia And Facts

  1. Susan Waren has a private Instagram account with 366 followers.
  2. She has two dogs, Scout and Abbey.

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