Sarai Burgos Biography 2022 - Bernice Burgos' Daughter

Sarai Burgos Biography -  Bernice Burgos' Daughter

Sarai Burgos is the younger daughter of model Bernice Burgos. Image Source: Social Media.

Sarai Burgos is not a name one hears every day. Many people do not even know who she is unless her mother, the famous model Bernice Burgos, is mentioned. The young girl is the younger daughter of the model.

Although she has lived her life in privacy and not much is known about Burgos, she has gained fame herself due to her mom and sister's fame. Despite the privacy screen in her life, here's what we know about Bernice Burgos's younger daughter, Sarai.

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Early Life And Family

Sarai Burgos was born in 2006, ten years after the birth of her elder sister, Ashley Burgos. Sarai's mother is a teen mom who has had to struggle a lot to raise her two angels. Yet, despite the young age, Bernice provided a good life for her two daughters. 

Sarai Burgos's mom, Bernice Burgos, was only 15 years old when she got pregnant with her elder sister Ashley. The juvenile mother recalls that she had been kicked out of her grandmother's home for being a teen mom and had to live with her boyfriend's family. Even that was not easy for her as she had to work hard around the house in exchange for food and a bed to sleep in.

Even though she was just a teenager, the influencer had to step up and become an adult for the sake of her child. The struggle never stopped. Sadly, the burden of motherhood at such a young age made Bernice Burgos drop out of her school and work to provide for her daughter.

Sarai Burgos Mother, Bernice Burgos

Sarai Burgos's mother, Bernice faced many struggles during her early life but she overcame them to provide for her family. Image Source: Bernice's Instagram.

After leaving school, Sarai Burgos' mother worked as a bartender while doing small modeling jobs. Not long after, the model was scouted to become a "video vixen" for the music videos of many rappers. The roles she played rose her fame, and soon she was making money like never before.

The flow of a good income meant Bernice was able to raise Sarai and Ashley with much ease and thus gave them a more comfortable life. However, Sarai Burgos's father has not been a part of her life, and thus there has been no mention of him.

Moreover, there have been reports that the young girl was born out of an abusive relationship, which may be why she has been kept away from her father.

Not just her father, Bernice Burgos has been adamant about keeping Sarai's life private until she can make her own decision to become known to the world. As a result, Sarai has been absent from social media platforms, and it is not easy to catch ahold of her.

Moreover, Bernice made up with her family members and now shares a cordial relationship. That certainly is a piece of good news as Sarai and Ashley got a chance to get close to their grandmother and great-grandmother.

Sarai Burgos Net Worth And Career

Even if she is still relatively young, Sarai has been able to live a comfortable life thanks to her mama's successful career. Naturally, as she is a minor, Sarai Burgos's net worth is heavily dependant on her mom, Bernice Burgos's fortune.

The mother of two has been estimated to be worth a substantial amount and is certainly able to provide her daughters with a comfortable life. The teen mom has been able to amass her fortune due to numerous modeling gigs, magazine front page features, and her roles as a music video vixen.

Sarai Burgos Net Worth

Sarai Burgos's mother and sister started the sleepwear brand Bold and Beautiful and she might follow in their footsteps. Photo Source: Bernice's Instagram.

Sarai Burgos's mama has even appeared on MTV's Wild 'n Out for one episode where she battled against Lil Durk and Nick Cannon. Moreover, Bernice has also become an actress with her role in the movie True to the Game 2.

In addition to her career in modeling, Sarai's mother also has a sound mind in business. Bernice opened up a company called Bold and Beautiful Sleepwear with Sarai's sister Ashley. The brand is very body inclusive and sells items for women of all body types. Some of the things they sell in their shop are listed below.

Item Price
The Sunshine Dress $30.00
Bonita $55.00
The Red Light Slippers $25.00
Signature Socks $12.00
The Bubblegum Set $42.00

With such great people to influence her, Sarai Burgos is sure to have a great support system when she plans to start her own career someday. No matter which field of work she chooses, her mom and sister will be there to guide her and help her whenever needed. 

Sarai Burgos Relationships

Despite her family's fame, Sarai Burgos has always preferred to stay private. The young teen has never let herself be seen to the public and has stowed away her personal matters far away from the prying eyes of the fans. So, naturally, very little is known about the dating life of the model's daughter.

Although Sarai Burgos's boyfriend's identity and existence are entirely unknown, it is sure that she is too young to settle down. In addition, her mother and sister are both young moms and thus may work hard to divert Sarai away from the difficult path of being a teenaged mom.

As the mother-daughter duo has faced society's stigma first hand, they can do anything to protect the younger daughter from going through what they went through. 

The relationship status of Sarai may be unknown, but her mother's dating life has been discussed by many for quite some time now. Bernice Burgos is rumored to have dated rapper Drake in the past. The Canadian singer was reportedly head-over-heels for the mother of two and apparently even popped the question.

In addition, Bernice has also been linked to rapper T.I., and their relationship led to the divorce between him and his then-wife, Tiny. However, these reports have never been confirmed by any of the parties involved. Moreover, Burgos even slammed the allegations on her Instagram, debunking the rumors that she was in a relationship with T.I.

Even if Sarai Burgos is single, it does not mean that she will never meet her soulmate. On the contrary, the young lady might soon meet the one she's destined to be with and live happily ever after together. Whenever that may be, we wish her the best and hope that she'll live the best life possible.


  • Sarai Burgos's great-great-grandmother is still alive.
  • Soon after Sarai's birth, Bernice Burgos had surgery done in order to maintain her figure.
  • Although Bernice is already a grandmother, Sarai's mom has stated her wish to have a third child.

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