Ashley Burgos Biography 2023 - Bernice Burgos' Daughter And Entrepreneur

Ashley Burgos Biography - Bernice Burgos' Daughter And Entrepreneur

Ashley Burgos, commonly known as the daughter of prominent modeling figure Bernice Burgos, is an emerging face in the industry. Photo Source: Ashley's Instagram.

Ashley Marie Burgos is an up-and-coming American model and entrepreneur better known to her followers as Ashley Burgos. Despite being widely recognized as the daughter of prominent fashion and modeling figure Bernice Burgos, Ashley has made a name for herself in the industry and is a frequent topic of discussion on social media.

Born and raised in New York, Ashley followed her mother's footsteps to rise to prominence. Initially discovered through her sizzling Instagram photographs, the black beauty soon began signing modeling contracts for well-known agencies and even founded her own fashion clothing business.

As Ashley continually ascends to new heights in her career, admirers are eager to learn more about her personal life and the key to her success. So, stay with us a bit longer as we unfold Ashley Burgos's biography before you.

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Early Life And Family

The Instagram beauty Ashley Marie Burgos was born on May 9, 1996, in New York City. Her mother, Bernice Burgos, who is now one of the most revered names in the fashion industry, was a struggling model trying to make ends meet back then.

Although there is no reliable information about Ashley Burgos's father, the rumor is that he was around 19 when she was born. Moreover, her mother, Bernice, was also only 15 at the time of her birth. In addition, she has a half-sister named Sarai Burgoswho is ten years younger than her.

Following Ashley's birth, her father left the family, leaving her mother to raise the child alone. Being born to a single teenage mother, Ashley didn't have fulfilling childhood. 

Young Ashley closely watched her mother's journey to stardom. Ashley's mother, Bernice Burgos, became one of the most successful personalities in the fashion and industry profession while raising her as a single mother.

Ashley Burgos Mother

Ashley Burgos was raised in New York City by her single mother, Bernice. Photo Source: Bernice's Instagram.

Soon enough, Ashley walked the same path as her mother and started to post fiery pictures on her Instagram. Moreover, thanks to her mother's connection and influence, she embarked on her modeling career at quite an early age.

At the time, Ashley was also receiving private tutoring at Hempstead High School.

Ashley Burgos Net Worth And Career

Even though Ashley is a highly sought-after model with a large fan base, the Afro-American has effectively kept her personal life discreet. Moreover, she is adamant about being secretive and likes to live a low-key life out of the media spotlight.

Consequently, there is no official info about Ashley Burgos' net worth or earnings. However, given her accomplishments in the fashion industry and success as a businesswoman, the young model must have amassed a massive fortune.

Earnings As A Model

The modeling celebrity Ashley primarily earns most of her income through her modeling profession. Since beginning her modeling career in her early 20s, the popularity of this black beauty has only been on the rise. As such, she has been able to land several lucrative deals with modeling agencies.

Additionally, she has been on the cover of multiple popular magazines.

Ashley Burgos Net Worth

Despite being young, Ashley is highly sought-after model and agencies are ready to pay lot for her modeling skills. Photo Source: Ashley's Instagram.

Despite Ashley's revenue from these contracts not being publicized, the Instagram personality most have got hefty fundings for her appearances.

Furthermore, the average annual salary of a US model ranges from $50,000 to $125,000, as stated by ZipRecruiter. Therefore, Ashley's income must be around the same scale, given her demands.

Earnings As A Entrepreneur

Along with her modeling career, Ashley has also established a couple of businesses. Ashley launched a collection of signature sleepwear called 'Bold & Beautiful' together with her mother. The clothing line features sporty and flirty styles for women.

Prices of some products listed on the bold & beautiful site are listed below:

Sunshine Dress $29.99
Bubble Gum Set $41.99
Noir Dress $36.00
Let It Snow - Plus Babe $48.00
Red Light Slippers $20.00

In addition, Ashley is also the owner of Miracle Fitness, an online retail store specializing in selling health products and fitness-based clothing. The site is currently under maintenance, and Burgos will surely make a grand comeback soon.

Hence, profit generated through her online sales is bound to increase Ashley Burgos' assets adding to her net worth.

Relationships And Dating

Ashley is a mother of a beautiful girl named India Ava. On March 15, 2018, she posted a picture of her daughter for the first time on Instagram showing her happiness.

The news of Ashley's pregnancy first went viral when her mother, Bernice, shared the information through an Instagram video in December 2017.

The young model got a lot of hate and criticism online for getting pregnant at such a young age. However, Ashley's mother stood by her side and defended her. Besides, Ashley being a mom at such young age also gave Bernice the title of one of the youngest celebrity grandmothers.

Ashley Burgos Daughter, India Ava

Ashley Burgos enjoying her time as a mother to her young daughter, India Ava . Photo source: Ashley's Instagram.

Nevertheless, there are no details about Ashley Burgos' baby daddy even after all these years. The celebrity model has kept quiet about her baby daddy and refuses to bring her daughter Ava around paparazzi.

Is Ashley Burgos Dating Anyone?

At the time, there is no clue about Ashley Burgos' boyfriend. However, she constantly shares her daughter's images and expresses her affection on social media. As such, she appears to be a devoted mother to her daughter and has little to no time for romance.

Yet, there were speculations that Ashley Burgos might be engaged in a relationship with Gervonta Davis, an American professional boxer. The rumors first appeared when Davis' wife Vanessa Posso shared a story suggesting he might be cheating on her with Ashley.

On the contrary, Ashley denied the rumors shutting down any further speculations. Thus, it is safe to say she is single and focused on giving a proper upbringing to her daughter.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Ashley recently deleted all her social media accounts.
  • Her new Instagram account had more than 300K followers.

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