Brenda Patea Biography 2022 - Model And Alexander Zverev's Baby Mama

Brenda Patea Biography - Model And Alexander Zverev's Baby Mama

Brenda Patea is a well-recognized German model . Source : Brenda Patea's Instagram.

Brenda Patea, popularly known as tennis player Alexander Zverev's ex-girlfriend, is a well-recognized German model. The Berlin-based model initially came to light after competing in the popular reality TV show German's Next Top Model, where she placed 10th.

Although Brenda did not win the show, the exposure that the model received from the show was enough to drive her modeling career to newer heights. Her appearance and confidence on the show drew a lot of attention, and she quickly established a name for herself. She is currently managed by Maze Management.

The model began her modeling career by leaving her birthplace at a young age to gain independence. Let's see whether or not her decision to leave her home was a wise move.

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Early Life And Childhood

Brenda Patea, also known as Brenda Hübscher, was born on September 2 of 1993, in Berlin, Germany. The model was raised in Frankfurt an der Oder, eastern Germany, alongside her two brothers and parents. 

However, At the age of 16, the model left her hometown searching for independence to pursue her modeling career. Her siblings, on the other hand, still reside in Frankfurt an der Oder. One of Brenda Patea's brothers, Tobias Hübscher, is an engineer who is a very private person and likes to keep his life away from the spotlight.

Patea appears to be close with her family, even though she left her home at 16. Brenda Patea's mother, Heike, is frequently included on her social media posts. She shares her mom's pictures with touching messages and also videos of the two performing silly activities. Her mama returns the gesture by applauding and admiring her daughter on her own.

Brenda Patea's mother and brother.

Brenda Patea is close to her mom and brothers. Image Source: Brenda's Instagram.

Brenda and her mother are not hesitant to express their gratitude for one another. The same, however, cannot be said for Brenda Patea's father, as the model has opted to keep his identity a secret. As a result, Brenda has only mentioned her dad once with the caption, "Miss you, Dad."

Brenda's parents and brothers must be proud to have such a hardworking person in their family. Unfortunately, there isn't much to say about Brenda's father and siblings as the model has chosen to safeguard their privacy, but we certainly expect to see more of them as time goes on.


As mentioned above, Brenda left the comfort of her home at 16 in search of independence and has never looked back. So, let us take a look at how her career has progressed.

German Next Top Model Journey

In 2017, when the auditions began for the hit reality TV show German's Next Topmodel, Brenda, among millions, happened to one of the contestants selected.

Patea competed as Brenda Huebscher, made it to the top 10 on the TV show. She wowed the judges and fans with her stunning looks and her outstanding personality in the show. Before the model landed on GNTM, she had a side job as an insurance clerk.

Soon after Brenda's journey of GNTM, the star gained fame as a model and was signed by Maze Management. With over 291,000 Instagram followers, the influencer provides a mix of commercial modeling content and lifestyle images of her visiting various premieres and events on her page.

From Competitions To Real Modeling Opportunities 

Since participating in Germany's Next Topmodel, the brunette-beauty has been a part of many modeling campaigns and earned a name for herself in the modeling industry. She has walked in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week sponsored by Maybelline. The model also walked the ramp for famous fashion designer Rasit Bagzibagli and even cosmetic companies such as Maybelline and ARTDECO.

On October 26, 2017, the trending star attended and won New Body Award by McFit Models in Berlin, Germany. Later the winner posted a story in a gym on her Instagram with the message, "Proud to be MC."

In October of 2019, the stunning model was featured in a music video, Hochexplosiv, by Jay Khan. Hochexplosiv is a German word which when translated to English means, "High Potential." 

Although former Germany's Next Top Model contestant was no stranger to fame in her country, she was relatively unknown internationally. However, her career as a model and her fame skyrocketed when the model was spotted with world-famous German tennis player Alexander Zverev during one of his tournaments. While they were dating, the popular tennis star was very supportive of Brenda's modeling career. 

Brenda Patea is currently working on herself to make an even bigger name for herself in the industry. When asked what she wants to do to advance in her profession, Brenda said,

 “I would like to continue to build a foothold in the field in which I am active.”

Alexander Zverev's ex-girlfriend has also mentioned that she would like to find success in the acting industry. She has already starred in a television series in her home country.

We wish Brenda all the luck in her future endeavors and hope she achieves even more success in her career.

Brenda Patea Net Worth And Earnings 

Being a well-known young model, the emerging model gains both fame and riches from her career in the fashion world. So, it is safe to say that modeling contributes to most of Brenda Patea's net worth. However, she is apprehensive about disclosing her financial details to the public.

Nevertheless, Brenda has had multiple opportunities to work with talented brands, walked on numerous runways, and participated in countless photoshoots since her debut in the modeling industry. In addition, the rising influencer has several brand endorsements and sponsorships. Glamira, Shein, Maybelline, Amazon, and ARTDECO are just a few of the businesses she has worked and collaborated with. Patea's fortune must have benefited greatly from her collaborations with such incredible brands.

Furthermore, Brenda also has a significant fan base on Instagram, with over 291,000 followers. Instagram influencers with a large following are well-known for being compensated. With Brenda's followers growing day by day, the model may be able to make loads of money through paid partnerships and endorsements. And with her popularity growing over time, Brenda Patea's net worth will likely increase in the upcoming days.

As for Brenda Patea's baby daddy, Alexander Zverev has earned more than $24 million in prize money alone as a tennis player. He also pockets a significant amount from brand endorsements.

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Relationship and Unplanned Pregnancies 

Brenda Patea made headlines in 2018 when she was seen with Alexander Zverev in Paris. Soon after, rumors began to circulate that the pair were together. However, the couple started dating in 2019 and first met in a cafe in Paris.

In the cafe, Zverev and his then-girlfriend made arrangements and spent the next few days together and some with Brenda's friends. The exes even visited an escape room where they had a great time together.

Brenda Patea's Boyfriend Alexander Zverev

Brenda Patea broke up with her boyfriend Alexander in 2020. Instagram Source: Tennis Nowurce.

Zverev and his ex-beau Patea also enjoyed themselves together on a romantic vacation in Mexico. Brenda posted images of the duo on her Instagram account from their many adventures together. From their social media posts, it was clear that the romance was developing, and the beautiful couple was enjoying each other's company.

Even though all seemed well, rumors of their split quickly made news when both the parties removed their pictures from Instagram. Confirming the speculations, the couple broke up in August 2020.

Has A Daughter With Ex-lover

However, the pair's breakup was not the end of their relationship since, soon after the breakup, Brenda revealed her pregnancy to the world. As a result, many fans speculated that Brenda Patea's unplanned pregnancy caused the split. However, the influencer debunked the claims, claiming that their baby had nothing to do with their breakup and that it was somewhat due to different life perspectives.

 Although the pregnancy was unplanned, Brenda intends to fully raise her child with all the love in the world. The new mom also regularly let her fan base participate in her pregnancy and kept her followers informed throughout her pregnancy. She also shared a ton of photos on her Instagram showing her baby bump.

Brenda Patea's Daughter

Brenda Patea has a daughter name Malya. Source: Brenda's Instagram.

Alexander and Brenda Patea's daughter, Mayla, was born in mid-March of 2021. The new mom, who typically shares most of her everyday images, has adopted a different approach to her daughter's privacy. Although she has shared numerous adorable photos of her child, she has yet to share any images of her daughter's face.

Alexander recently expressed his joy at being a parent, claiming that the day his daughter was born was the finest day of his life. However, shortly after the comments were made, the frustrated model shot down all of Alex's claims of him ever being in touch with her over the pregnancy in her Instagram live.

As mentioned above, she has no intention of sharing custody with Alexander, and that she plans to raise her daughter with the support of her mother. So, co-parent with your ex-lover? Maybe not.

Trivia and Facts

  • Apart from modeling, Brenda Patea is also very fond of boxing.
  • The model has a dog named Hatschi.
  • Alexender Zverev is four years younger than ex Brenda Patea.

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