Oliver Daemen Biography - Dutch Student and Joes Daemen's Son

Oliver Daemen Biography 2021 - Dutch Student and Joes Daemen's Son

Oliver Daemen is a popular name right now around the world. He came into the limelight after being selected to be a part of Amazon's founder Jeff Bezos's space adventure. Moreover, the media personality is going to be the youngest person ever to travel in space. He is a courageous man to take such a tremendous step at such a young age.

The celeb is also the son of the founder of Somerset Capital Partners, Joes Daemen. The latter is also the CEO and managing partner of the private firm. Furthermore, Daemen is also the main reason behind his son's upcoming space tour. He bided for the ticket of Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket. Howeverhe decided to give his seat to his son instead after winning the bid.

So, who is Oliver Daemen; let's get to know about him in his short biography.

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Early Life And Family

The young man was born in 2003 in the Netherlands. He was born into a business family who owned their own private company. Aforementioned, Oliver Daemen's father, Joes Daemenis the owner of an investment company. He opened his own private equity firm in 2005 after leaving his former firm.

Furthermore, Somerset Capital Partners works for developing and investing in the business logistics real estate, private equity, and financial markets.

Likewise, Oliver Daemen's mother, Eline Daemen Dekker, is also a businesswoman. As per her LinkedIn account, she is the ambassador at Somerset Capital Partners Foundation. Moreover, she also volunteers with a program to combat loneliness among older adults.

Oliver Daemen Family

Oliver Daemen's family supports his decision to travel in space. Photo Source: Oliver Daemen's Instagram.

Oliver Daemen's sister Charlotte Daemen loves traveling and hanging out with her friends. She has also posed next to F1 driver Max Verstappen and DJ Martin Garrix alongside her brother on her Instagram account.

The Dutch teenager attended St. Odulphus Lyceum for his high school education and graduated in June 2020. Afterward, Daemen took a year gap and later studied to obtain his private pilot's license. Furthermore, he is set to attend the University Of Utrecht in September 2021.

However, contrary to his father's degree in Agriculture Economics and Marketing, Oliver is determined to major in Physics and Innovation Management.

Oliver Daemen Net Worth And Career

The passenger of New Shepherd is currently focused on his studies. He is also preparing to attend college. As such, Oliver isn't involved in any jobs. However, after graduation, he might have interned in some companies.

Moreover, Daemen might pursue a career as an astronaut in the future after the completion of his space travel.

Thus, although there is no mention of Oliver Daemen's net worth, we can assume he lives comfortably due to his father's riches.

Oliver Daemen Net Worth

Oliver Daemen could be a multimillionaire like his father in the future. Photo Source: Oliver Daemen's Instagram.

Speaking of Oliver Daemen's father, Joes Daemen has made a fortune from his career. He initially worked as a broker on the financial markets. Moreover, the businessman launched his own company but sold it after it didn't meet his initial expectations. Then, he founded Somerset Capital Partners, which focuses on private equity and real estate development.

The firm has joined hands with many companies and entrepreneurs throughout its running years. In addition, its thirty-three employees provide excellent services under the leadership of their CEO. So, as an important figure behind Somerset Capital's success, Joes Daemen's net worth must be a high amount.

Furthermore, the business mogul was the second person after the mystery man who bid $28 million to go on Jeff Bezos's space flight. Although the amount he paid amount isn't revealed, it shouldn't be any less than $28,000,000. It also speaks of Joes Daemen's total worth.

So who knows, maybe in the future, Oliver Daemen's net worth too could be in millions, as his father's.

Youngest Person To Go To Space

The Dutchman has been interested in the outer universe since his childhood. Additionally, he has been fascinated by the moon, rocket, and space since four. Furthermore, to make his space-traveling dream come true, Oliver Daemen's father, Joes Daemen, participated in the auction for a seat in Blue Origin's space flight. But, he failed shortly after the $28 million bid by an anonymous bidder.

Still, the businessperson had secured a seat on the second flight. However, his place moved on to the first flight after the winner couldn't join. As a result, Oliver Daemen is set to join former Amazon's CEO Jeff Bezos, his brother Mark Bezos and the aviator Wally Funk and two other passengers for the first New Shepherd's mission. It will take leave on July 20, 2021.

The teen is also the first paying customer to fly on the Shepherd rocket. After completing the flight, Oliver Daemen will be the youngest, whereas veteran Wally Funk will be the oldest person ever to visit space.

Relationships And Dating

As his popularity is growing, many people are curious about the youngest space traveler's dating status. However, Oliver is a private person and rarely reveals his affairs in the media. In addition, Oliver Daemen's girlfriend hasn't made any appearances on his social media accounts. So, he is possibly single at present.

Still, with his charm and honest personality, Daemen could have been in relationships before.

The space traveler is highly enthusiastic about going to space. According to his video message on Twitter, Oliver is super excited to experience zero gravity and see the world from above. Moreover, the upcoming space flight also makes his lifelong dream come true. It might also open up a new path to his life in the future.

Oliver Daemen Relationship

Oliver Daemen hasn't revealed much about his personal life. Photo Source: Oliver Daemen's Instagram.

Hopefully, Oliver Daemen will succeed in his upcoming space journey and fully experience the wonders of being in space.

Trivia And Facts

  • Oliver Daemen has 4.5K Instagram followers.
  • He enjoys watersports such as diving, snorkeling, surfing, and wakeboarding.
  • He rarely posts on his Instagram account.

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