Mattia Binotto Biography 2024 - Engineer

Mattia Binotto Biography - Engineer

Mattia Binotto is an Italian engineer and a senior staff of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1. Image Source: Social Media.

Mattia Binotto is an Italian engineer and a senior staff of Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1. He replaced Maurizio Arrivabene in 2019 to become the new principal of Scuderia Ferrari.

Before his promotion, he was appointed as the deputy director for engine and electronics before taking the role of chief operations officer for the power unit. Today, he leads the car company in the F1 championships. Let us know more about Mattia Binotto's biography and career. 

Early Life, Family, and Education

Mattia Binotto was born on November 3, 1969, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The engineer was raised by his Italian parents, whose names have not been revealed to the public by Mattia yet. Also, no details about his siblings can be found on the internet, meaning that Mattia could be the only child in his house. 

Mattia Binotto's early life, family, and education.

Mattia Binotto has a master's degree in motor vehicle engineering. Image Source: Social Media.

In addition, Mattia Binotto is a very educated person. He attended the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in 1994 and received his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. Pursuing his higher education, he moved to Italy. Binotto obtained his master's in motor vehicle engineering at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. The engineer joined Scuderia Ferrari in 1995 in the engine department and went on to have a long career for the professional sports team.

Career, Net Worth, and Earnings

Joining the race team in 1995, Binotto served in the engine department and fulfilled the role of a test engine engineer from 1997 to 2003. In 2004, Mattia was promoted to race engine engineer before taking on the role of chief engineer, race and assembly in 2007. As the head of a department, Mattia Binotto must have certainly received a fat check from his employer. 

Furthermore, the Swiss-born Italian became the head of engine and KERS operations. Following the improvements in every department Binotto oversaw, he was next appointed the deputy director of engine and electronics in October 2013. He later went on to serve as the chief operating officer of the power unit. Furthermore, the engineer was given the role of a chief technical officer at Scuderia Ferrari. His contribution to the F1 company must have surely earned him a considerable sum of money throughout the years. 

On January 7, 2019, the Swiss-born engineer was appointed as the managing director of Gestione Sportiva and Scuderia Ferrari's team principal. He replaced former team principal Maurizio Arrivabene to take on the principal role at the end of 2018. However, the renowned engineer was not able to improve the team's standings in the championship. 

Despite having one of the best engines on the track, Ferrari had poor aerodynamic efficiency in the 2019 season. In 2020, the team finished 6th in the standing, raising questions about the principal's future in Ferrari. Also, the racing company replaced their driver Sebastian Vettel, a four-time world champion, with Carlos Sainz Jr. Carlos will be occupying the cockpit alongside Charles Leclerc, one of the most talented drivers in the team. 

Although Ferrari would be competing without having any world champions in their cockpit since 2007, Mattia's career at the racing team is uncertain due to the team's earlier performances. Earlier, Ferrari GT driver Josef Karl stated in a YouTube video that the Ferrari was going to sack Mattia Binotto. The video was removed from the streaming platform after it triggered numerous media stories suggesting that Binotto would be sacked after the pre-season testing at Bahrain.

However, the senior management at Ferrari did not make any announcements regarding the departure of Mattia Binotto and had been quiet about the incident. As for the new season, the Italian principal is very positive and hopes to correct the past seasons' mistakes. Binotto has also revealed Ferrari's plans for their new car and revealed the name SF1000 in honor of Ferrari's running in their 1,000th Grand Prix this year. As the racing company's in-charge of various essential works, Mattia Binotto's net worth must surely be over a couple of million dollars.

According to various sources, Mattia Binotto's net worth is estimated to be over a million-dollar mark. However, there are no factual data of Mattia Binotto's income and salary on the internet. Instead, looking at his career history in such a well-known company for one of the biggest car racing events in the world, the team principal must have surely earned a considerable sum of money. 

Christian Horner, Red Bull's team principal, earns a salary of around $10 million annually. Similarly, as a team principal for Scuderia Ferrari, Mattia Binotto's net worth could be way more than expected. Furthermore, the Italian engineer has been with the F1 team for more than 25 years. With such a long history with Ferrari, it would be an understatement to think of Mattia's fortune to be less than a couple of million dollars or even more.

In addition, the Italian engineer leads a lavish and comfortable life. He lives in his expensive home in Modena, Italy, and owns a collection of supercars. Mattia owns a Ferrari GTC4Lusso, which is priced at $300K in the US. The Ferrari principal also drives a Ferrari F12 worth $319K with 731 horsepower @ 8250 rpm. He also has a Porsche Cayenne Turbo with a 4.0L Twin-Turbo V8 gas engine and costs $126K in the US. With such expensive assets to his name, Mattia Binotto's net worth must surely be of a considerable sum. 

Relationship and Children

Being a hardworking man and an Italian by blood, Mattia Binotto is very secretive about his relationships and romantic life. The same goes for Mattia's wife, Sabina Binotto, who has also maintained her privacy while living a comfortable life with her husband. Despite their secretive lifestyle, the adorable pair support each other and are seen together during various race events. Also, the lovely duo has not shared any details regarding their marriage life and romantic encounters and continues to maintain their secrecy. 

Mattia Binotto's relationship and children.

Mattia Binotto is married to Sabina Binotto. Image Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, Mattia Binotto and his wife Sabina are parents to two beautiful children. The married couple has a son and daughter named Marco Binotto and Chiara Binotto. Unfortunately, Binotto and his wife have shared very few details regarding their children. According to Forbes, Mattia's son Marco is a university student living a comfortable lifestyle away from the media spotlight. Their daughter Chiara Binotto is a high school student and is currently focused on her studies and career. 

Mattia Binotto and his wife love both of their children very much and have given them a secret and comfortable life. They have made sure that their career does not affect their children in any way. Moreover, we might even see Mattia and Sabina's children grow up to become even successful and famous than their parents.

Lastly, we hope for Mattia to have a smooth career in his future and enjoy his life of prosperity with his loving wife and bundles of love.

Trivia and Fun Facts

  • Mattia Binotto lives with his family in Modena, Italy.
  • He was born in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • Mattia has worked for Ferrari for over 25 years.

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