Martin Tyler Biography - English Soccer Commentator

Martin Tyler Biography 2021 - English Soccer Commentator

Martin Tyler, an assistant manager at Woking Football Club, is a renowned British soccer commentator. He has captivated the hearts of soccer fans as well as soccer players through his fantastic commentary.

One of the unforgettable moments in Martin's career was his commentary on Sergio Aguero's title-winning goal for Man City in 2012. After this commentary, Martin's career elevated at such a rapid pace. Soon, he became one of the most liked soccer commentators.

Let's get to know everything we can about Martin Tyler through his biography.

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Martin Tyler's Early Life, Family, And Education

Martin, a famous English sports commentator, was born on 14 September 1945 in Chester, United Kingdom. Although Martin prefers keeping his personal life private, he has mentioned that his grandfather and uncles from his mother's side were cricketers. Hence, the first ball Martin played with was a cricket ball.

However, Tyler loved playing soccer rather than cricket from his childhood. Who knew someone like Martin, who came from a family that preferred cricket above any other sports, would become such a successful soccer commentator one day. Nevertheless, Martin Tyler's parents must have been very proud of his achievements.

Martin Tyler Father

Although Martin Tyler's family liked cricket, he was interested in soccer from the beginning. Image Source: Social Media.

Talking about Martin Tyler's siblings, since he is very secretive regarding his personal life, one can not determine whether Tyler has any brothers and sisters. Although if he has some siblings, then they must be very proud of him.

Moreover, many sources have claimed that Martin completed his Bachelor's education from the University of East Anglia. Additionally, he is a graduate of Royal Grammar School. Even though Martin was not a journalism student, he wrote match reports after each game during his college days.

Martin Tyler Net Worth And Career

Becoming a soccer commentator became the best decision made by Martin as he earned immense fame and money from it. Looking at the popularity, one can assume that Martin Tyler's net worth is probably in millions. Hence, Tyler must be living a luxurious life with his family.

Even though people know him as a commentator, Martin is also an assistant manager at Woking. He was also the first-team coach for Hampton and Richmond Borough. Moreover, the popular commentator started his career as a soccer player.

Earning As A Soccer Commentator

Initially, Tyler used to play soccer at Isthmian League. However, he was not earning much from it. As a result, Martin made his commentary debut at The Dell, describing a Second Division clash between Southampton and Sheffield on Wednesday, 28 December 1974. He did a good job, and six weeks later, he was asked back, soon becoming a regular commentator.

Martin Tyler Net Worth

Martin Tyler became financially strong after he started his job as a soccer commentator. Image Source: Social Media.

Soon, Martin Tyler's earnings started improving as he started getting many opportunities for commentary. In 1982 he led ITV's World Cup team, covering every England game and the final alongside Ian St. John. From 1983, ITV began to show live Soccer League matches, with Tyler involved in several such broadcasts over the next seven years.

Moreover, in the UK, the average salary for sports commentators is estimated to be $17,802. In addition, an experienced sports commentator receives about $109,555. Since Martin has been active in the field for many years, he must have earned a huge amount from his career.

Became Commentator For Sky Sports

Since 1990, Martin has been working as a commentator for Sky Sports. He has worked at the Premier League and UEFA Champions League, and other domestic and international competitions. Thus, looking at his successful career, there's no doubt that he must have made an enormous fortune as a soccer commentator.

Let us look at the video below to see his one of the most likeable commentary until now.

Moreover, Martin has commentated at the 2010 FIFA World Cup. He was also seen at the 2014 tournament. However, after the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Tyler and ESPN mutually ended their contract. Other sports commentators who work for ESPN are Charly Arnolt, Stephen A. Smith and Chris Fowler.

Nevertheless, commentating at FIFA World Cup must have been an excellent opportunity for him.

Other Income Sources

Along with commentating, Martin also writes articles on Sky Sports websites, where readers can ask soccer questions, usually based on statistics and teams formation. So he must be generating some good income from writing.

Furthermore, Tyler has been the default commentator for the FIFA video game series since 2008, alongside Andy Gray from 2008 to 2011 and Alan Smith from 2012 to the present. Tyler also appeared in the movie Goal! as himself. Hence, one can see that Martin has earned some sum from working in the entertainment industry.

Martin Tyler Video Game

Martin Tyler has been commenting on the FIFA Video game series. Image Source: Social Media.

Moreover, Martin has been the team coach at the National League club Woking since 2018. He joined the club with Alan Dowson in September 2014. Before that, he was part of Kingstonian until April 2014.

Therefore, Martin Tyler's net worth has benefitted from his time as a coach for various soccer teams.

Martin Tyler Is Happily Married To Paula Tyler

Although Martin has gained immense fame from his career, he also has to face criticism by time and again by the soccer fans, especially from the fans of the losing team. As a result, Martin usually comes into the limelight. Moreover, since he is not that active on social media, his fans and the press often get curious about his whereabouts, including his personal life.

Furthermore, to those wondering about his relationship, Martin is married to Paula Tyler, whom he met during the 1982 World Cup. Since Martin's spouse is a soccer fan, she must be very supportive of his profession. In addition, the adorable duo must have a strong and loving bond.

Martin Tyler Wife, Paula Tyler

Martin Tyler met his wife, Paula Tyler, through his commentary career. Image Source: Social media.

Hence, along with finances, there's another reason why Tyler must be grateful for his profession. Martin met the love of his life through his work. Additionally, Paula must feel very proud to be Martin Tyler's wife.

Furthermore, the adorable couple is also the loving parents of a son, Adam Tyler. Although Tyler has kept his personal life very private, in an interview, he has said that Martin Tyler's son used to play soccer in his early teens. In addition, he used to assist his son's coach in training Adam and other teenagers.

Even though many expect Martin to retire, he still gives commentary with the same enthusiasm at the beginning of his career. We hope to hear his commentary on the upcoming matches. Hence, we wish all the best to Martin Tyler for the future.

Trivia And Facts

  1. Martin was voted the FA Premier League Commentator of the Decade in 2003.
  2. He and Alan Smith are not commentating on the upcoming FIFA Worldcup 2021.
  3. Tyler has gifted Sergio Aguero his notes from the final match of the 2012 Premier League, including his famous commentary on the final goal scored by Sergio at 93:20 minutes.

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