Mariel Hemingway Biography 2023 - Actress And Ernest Hemingway's Granddaughter

Mariel Hemingway Biography - Actress And Ernest Hemingway's Granddaughter

Mariel Hemingway, an actor and a wellness advocate, is one of the grandchildren of famed novelist, Ernest Hemingway. Photo Source: Mariel's Instagram.

The Hemingway family has been a prominent name in the entertainment industry for many years now. Ernest Hemingway and his offspring have worked hard to entertain others and bring joy to the world with their work for decades. Carrying the family legacy is actress Mariel Hemingway. 

Mariel debuted as an actress at the age of fourteen. Since then, she has worked in several TV shows and movies. Although she has not been as active in acting since the 1990s due to her mental health, Hemingway is still a beloved actress and activist.

Here is a short biography of actress Mariel Hemingway.

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Early Life And Family

Born as Mariel Hadley Hemingway to the son of writer Ernest Hemingway, the actress lived a comfortable childhood. She was born on November 22 in 1961, in the Mill Valley of California.

Mariel Hemingway's parents Jack Hemingway and Byra Louise Hemingway named her in honor of her paternal grandparents. Hadley is her grandmother's name, and Mariel being a port in Cuba, her grandfather loved to visit too often. Despite being the granddaughter of the infamous novelist, the fitness enthusiast did not get to meet her grandfather as he died only four months before she was born.

Mariel Hemingway family

Mariel Hemingway was born and brought up in California. Image Source: Mariel's Instagram.

As her family was full of writers and entertainers, Mariel Hemingway too developed an affinity to entertain others with her work. She is the youngest daughter amongst the three daughters her parents had. The actress's elder sisters, Margaux Hemingway and Joan Hemingway, grew up alongside her in Idaho.

Unfortunately, supermodel Margaux died of an accidental overdose in 1996.

Mariel Hemingway's Career

Coming from a family of writers, Mariel Hemingway was thrust into the world of fame since she was born. The youngest daughter of the Hemingway household made her debut in the world of acting when she was only fourteen years old. The actress's career took off as her debut film, Lipstick, was nominated for a Golden Globes Award.

After her successful debut, the wellness advocate started to take on roles in films, TV series, and TV movies for the next decade to come. Hemingway has acted in them all, from hit movies like Manhattan and Personal Best to TV series like Amerika and Law & Order

Mariel Hemingway Net Worth

Mariel Hemingway is a talented actress who has been taking fewer roles to focus and promote mental and physical well-being of others. Photo source: Mariel's Instagram.

During the peak of her career, Mariel Hemingway was loved by many and was a well-recognized actress. As she is talented and well-known, the actress has received nominations in the Academy Awards, BAFTA awards, and even the Golden Globes. 

Sadly, Mariel Hemingway started taking fewer and fewer roles as an actor since the 1990s, citing mental health struggles. However, although she has been taking fewer roles in acting does not mean that she has left acting altogether. On the contrary, the blonde-haired beauty has worked on minor roles here and there and still appears on the silver screen from time to time.

Although she has been drawn away from acting in the past three decades, Mariel Hemingway has been writing books just like her father and grandfather. Albeit they are more self-help books and autobiographical compared to the literary genius that Ernest Hemingway wrote.

Now, Mariel Hemingway is an advocate for mental and physical well-being. She practices yoga and lives a very fit lifestyle. The writer's life and career have inspired many to put themselves first and live a better life.

Mariel Hemingway Net Worth And Earnings

The Hemingway family has been leaving their legacy in modern society for almost a century. With many books published and the newer generation being nearly as successful as the laureate, Ernest himself, the family has earned a considerable fortune in the past decades. Similarly, Mariel Hemingway's net worth, too, has amounted to $14 million thanks to her extensive acting career and the books she has sold.

Although Mariel Hemingway appears less on the screen than in her youth days, the movies she appears in still rakes in huge fortunes. As the health advocate has played significant roles in the film, she must have earned a good paycheck.

Here are some of the box-office earnings of the movies that Mariel Hemingway was a part of.

Movie Box-Office Earnings
Creator $4.6 million
Sunset $3.4 million
Deconstructing Harry $10.7 million
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace $14.9 million
Papa: Hemingway in Cuba $1.1 million

As mentioned above, Mariel Hemingway has published several books in the past two decades. The writer's books sell from $9.99 for the kindle version and up to $24 for a hardcover on Amazon.

The sales of her books and earnings for her movie roles must undoubtedly help increase Mariel Hemingway's net worth.

Mariel Hemingway Relationships

Being born into the Hemingway family meant that Mariel had fame ever since she was born. As a result, people have been engrossed in the love life of the Academy Award-nominated actress ever since she reached adolescence. Despite being a celebrated actress in the 1970s and 80s, the Sunset star was a very dedicated woman and did not date as much as her peers. Reportedly, Hemingway dated a few men before she got married to late filmmaker Stephen Chrisman.

Let us have a look at a short description of Mariel Hemingway's love life.

Mariel Hemingway Is Divorced

It is not uncommon for actors, actresses, and other people involved in the entertainment industry to have had multiple spouses. Divorce and remarriage are pretty common in the industry. Sadly, Mariel Hemingway, too, is a divorced lady. 

Mariel Hemingway married restaurateur Stephen Crisman in 1984. Although their marriage seemed blissful to outsiders, it was very strained on both ends. Due to lack of communication and both of them wanting different things in life, the now ex-couple split in 2008 and finalized their divorce in 2009.

Mariel has stated that she has felt like she was to blame for the failed marriage. However, the mother of two tried her best to keep her daughters close to her and explain to them the reason behind her 24-year-marriage coming to an end.

Sadly, Mariel Hemingway's ex-husband, Stephen, passed away in the December of 2019 after a battle with Melanoma.

Mariel Hemingway Has Two Beautiful Daughters

Mariel Hemingway and Stephen Chrisman have two children, Dree Louise Crisman Hemingway and Langley Fox Crisman HemingwayBoth Dree and Langley are artistic and highly talented. 

Dree Hemingway has followed her mother's footsteps and has become an actress. However, she prefers to work for indie films over big-name projects. Although she is not a prominent actress, she loves what she does and has even won a few awards as recognition. But before she was an actress, Dree was a famous model who worked with many famed brands, just like her aunt.

Similar to Dree, her younger sister Langley Fox too has done some modeling work. However, Langley has not done campaigns as big as her sister yet. Moreover, she is more focused on her art career and sometimes even does design work.

With the two highly talented daughters of hers, Mariel Hemingway could not be prouder. She is a loving mother and constantly shares praises and love for her daughters on the internet. 

Moreover, Mariel Hemingway's daughters are very supportive of their mother's current relationship.

Mariel Hemingway Is In A Fairytale Relationship

Although it was a rough time for Mariel Hemingway, she made it through and was able to find love again. The actress met stuntman Bobby Williams not long after her divorce, and the duo hit it off. The couple has been dating since 2009 and loves to show each other off on their social media.

Mariel Hemingway Boyfriend, Bobby Williams

Mariel Hemingway has been dating former stuntman Bobby Williams since 2009. Photo Source: Mariel's Instagram.

Bobby also seems to be very close to Mariel Hemingway's daughters. Moreover, the former stuntman highly supports the activist's healthy lifestyle and encourages her to live healthily. Together, the loving duo has written a self-book entitled "Running With Nature: Stepping Into the Life You Were Meant to Live."

Despite dating for over a decade, there seem to be no wedding bells ringing for the couple anytime soon. Although many people think they are married, it is not true at all. Instead, it appears that Mariel and her boyfriend, Bobby are very content with their current arrangements and are willing to spend the rest of their days together in the same manner.

Whatever their life plans are, we hope Mariel Hemingway and Bobby are happy together and can live happily ever after.


  • Mariel Hemingway has loved skiing since she was a child and dreamt of being a skier.
  • The actress has also worked with defamed Hollywood director and actor Woody Allen.

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