Mara Lane Biography - Actor And Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Wife

Mara Lane Biography 2021 - Actor And Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Wife

Irish actor and producer Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been in the public eyes since his debut in the entertainment. Whether it is stellar performances in movies or his troubles with drinking, Meyers is a topic of interest for many people around the world.

And with the actor himself, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' family, including his wife, Mara Lane, are also in the limelight. And while fans know numerous things about Jonathan, the same cannot be said for his spouse, Mara.

So, today let's go through Mara Lane's biography and get to know her better.

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Secretive About Her Life Before Fame

While we know that Vikings star Jonathan was born and brought up in Ireland, where Mara Lane aka Mara Rhys Meyers, grew up is a big mystery. She is pretty secretive about her life and has never talked about her childhood and family members.

Nevertheless, Mara Lane's parents are frequently featured on her Instagram posts. While she has not shared who and what they do, the actress shows her appreciation for her mom and dad through her social media posts. Lane also revealed that she has a grandmother in Vietnam.

Mara Lane Parents

Mara Lane has not revealed much about her childhood and parents. Image Source: Mara Lane Instagram.

Moreover, it is unclear where Jonathan Rhys Meyers' wife completed her high school studies and if she attended any university. However, she used to teach Sunday School in Malibu Vineyard before her acting debut, so she must have some type of teaching certification.

Mara Lane Net Worth And Career

Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been making movies since the 1990s and is one of the most popular actors in today's world. Similarly, his wife is also an actress and has been involved in the industry since the mid-2000s. Therefore, Mara Lane's net worth might be substantial.

As for her husband, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. However, The Richest states that he has $18 million to his name. Whatever might be the actual amount, it is clear that the Irish actor is a multimillionaire and enjoys a lavish lifestyle, all thanks to his highly successful acting career.

Like Mara, Faune Chambers Watkins is also an amazing actress but is best known as Fonzworth Bentley's wife. 

Income From Acting

Mara Lane made her acting debut as a background character in the 2005 movie Venice Underground. She then had minor parts in several other films and series like Chuck, In a World, The Adventures of Lewis & Clark. Moreover, Jonathan Rhys Meyers' wife was also featured in a few short films and videos.

Then in 2013, Lane managed to secure a significant part in the tv show Love Struck. She appeared as Meagan Takahashi in a few episodes and managed to impress viewers. The same year Mara was also featured in the series Modern Music as Candy.

Afterward, Mara seems to have taken a break from the entertainment world with only a few appearances in short videos. However, she made her comeback in the 2021 movie American Night which also starred her husband, Jonathan. Lane must have been paid handsomely for her work in the film.

Mara Lane Net Worth

Mara Lane starred in the movie, American Night alongside her husband, Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Image Source: Mara Lane Facebook.

Moreover, the American actor has been cast as Lea in the film The Cuisine War, which is still in pre-production. Since an actress in the States earns $91K on average annually, Mara Lane's net worth must have seen a gradual growth in recent years.

In addition to acting, Mara has served as an associate producer in two movies, Damascus Cover and Edge of the World. She also modeled as a teenager, having signed on to Bordeaux models. Lane must have also earned a considerable sum from these works.

Married And A Mother Of One

As mentioned above, Mara Lane has been in the limelight for years due to her relationship with Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The pair started dating in January 2013 but were very secretive about the relationship.

Mara Lane Husband, Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Mara Lane started dating Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers in 2013. Image Source: Mara Lane Instagram.

Mara Lane's husband proposed to her in 2014. And two years after their engagement, the lovely couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony. Moreover, on December 15, 2016, Lane gave birth to their son, Wolf Rhys Meyers.

Mara's Husband's Alcohol Problems

While many idolize Jonathan and Mara's relationship, they have their own demons to deal with, specifically, Meyers' drinking problems. Throughout their relationship, Mara Lane's husband has come under investigation multiple times due to his alcoholism.

Meyers had entered numerous alcohol treatment programs and got help for his drinking problems. However, Jonathan relapsed publically in 2017 and appeared to be intoxicated at a Dublin airport. Mara came to her partner's defense and revealed that the couple had lost their unborn daughter, which led to the aforementioned event. The pair had welcomed their son the year before.

Mara Lane Son, Wolf Rhys Meyers

Mara Lane and Jonathan Rhys Meyers lost their unborn daughter, only a year after the birth of their son, Wolf Rhys Meyers. Image Source: Mara Lane Instagram.

Lane also posted a short clip of the couple receiving the devasting news from their doctor on her Instagram. Fans showered Mara and her spouse with love after she unveiled her miscarriage.

Even though the pair faced such a big loss early in their marital life, Mara Lane and her husband have been with each other and are still very much in love. They have continued to enjoy life with their baby boy and are living happily together.

Let's hope Jonathan Rhys Meyers' wife, Mara Lane continues to find happiness in her personal life and success in her career.

Trivia And Facts

  • Mara Lane is 5 feet 4 inches tall.
  • She has more than 27K followers on Instagram.
  • She is an animal lover and has adopted many dogs and cats.
  • Lane is also a skilled horse rider.

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