Matt Moline Biography 2022 - Kathy Griffin's Ex-husband

Matt Moline Biography - Kathy Griffin's Ex-husband

Matt Moline is an American reality television star, best-known as an ex-husband of Kathy Griffin. Photo Source: Social Media.

Matt Moline is not a new name in the celebrity circle of America. He is known for his acting in comedy movies. Moreover, the media person has also appeared in reality shows in his career. His popularity soared to new heights after starring in Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List in 2005.

The actor came into recognition after having a romantic affair with Kathy Griffin. The latter is a famous comedian and actress specializing in improvisational and observational comedy. Moreover, the entertainer is also a two-time Emmy winner. She has also won a Grammy award for her comedy album.

So, let's get to know about Matt Moline.

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Early Life And Family

The social personality was born Matthew Hall Moline, on December 18, 1970, in Washington, D.C. He was born into a loving home with supportive parents. Moreover, Matt Moline's father-in-law, John Patrick Griffin, and his mother-in-law Maggie Griffin have passed away. Unfortunately, there is not much news available about his parents.

Matt Moline's sister, Rebecca Moline, is also involved in the entertainment industry like him. She has produced and directed several films and television series such as The Good Doctor, Outsiders, Manhattan, Preacher, Franklin & Bash, etc.

Matt Moline Early Life

Kathy Griffin's husband, Matt Moline led a private life before his appearance in the reality show. Photo Source: Social Media.

The reality television star completed his formal education in his hometown. However, before pursuing a television career, Matt was a software entrepreneur. As such, he probably could have majored in software development or other related courses in university.

Matt Moline Net Worth And Career

The tv-personality has appeared in several movies and reality shows in his career. As such, he has accumulated both fame and fortune from his profession. So, Matt Moline's net worth mainly comprises his earnings from his television career. Furthermore, it also includes his income from his business firm.

However, Moline has been tight-lipped about his income to the public. Still, the average pay for a reality TV show amounts to $35.32 an hour and $73,475 a year. In addition, Matt participated in the two-time Emmy-winning series with the highest ratings. As such, his salary must range more than the given data.

Speaking of Matt Moline's former partner, Kathy Griffin is one of the wealthiest celebrities in Hollywood. She has earned a vast amount of money from her works. So, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Kathy Griffin's net worth is $35 million. Moreover, the comedian herself estimated her salary from other sources to be $75 million in her more than 30 years career.

Earnings From Acting Career

Aforementioned, Kathy Griffin's ex-husband Matt Moline initially worked as a Tech Entrepreneur. In addition, he mainly specialized in developing a software program. Moreover, the businessman led a reasonably simple life before his induction into the entertainment industry. So, there is very little information about his IT career, but he must have been successful in his field.

The entrepreneur made a brief voice appearance in Kathy Griffin: Allegedly in 2004. The latter featured Griffin dishing the A-list Hollywood stars in her own signature style. Furthermore, Moline eventually made his appearance in the first season of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. The show was a breakthrough for the stand-up comedian's career.

The reality series depicted Kathy Griffin's struggles in becoming an A-list from a D-list celebrity. It also featured her parents and staff, namely Jessica Zajicek, Tiffany Rinehart, and Tom Vize. Furthermore, the sitcom also explored the relationship of the Bravo star with her spouse. It consecutively shows their earlier marital days, problems, and the ending of the relationship.

The show ran for six seasons with forty-eight episodes. It received a Primetime Emmy nomination for its every season. Moreover, the program also won two Emmy awards and one GLAAD Media Awards. It also made Griffin a household name on television.

Alongside reality tv, Matt Moline also appeared in other projects in his film career. He made a brief appearance in E! True Hollywood Story in 2007. In addition, the media person acted on The Oh-Malleys in Daddy's My Mercedes in 2008. Afterward, however, he quit his Hollywood career.

Although the software developer had a short-acting journey, he appeared in some of the successful tv series. As such, Matt Moline's net worth must have risen over his career years.

Matt Moline Marital Life

Unlike other affairs, Kathy Griffin kept her relationship with Matt Moline private. She met her first husband during the earlier stages of her acting career. Moreover, the now ex-pair developed an instant connection and began dating right after.

Additionally, Moline kept a low profile during their dating years and rarely appeared in the media. But still, the public had always known about his relationship with Griffin.

After dating for some time, the ex-couple wedded on February 18th, 2001. They appeared on television shows together and often made appearances on red carpets.

The duo's relationship became more transparent in Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. However, they were seen having troubles from the beginning of the show. Eventually, Matt Moline's wife, Kathy Griffin, filed for divorce in September 2005. After that, the pair tried to reconcile but couldn't overcome their misunderstandings. As a result, they officially divorced on May 15, 2006.

Stealing Controversy

Initially, the ex-duo hadn't revealed the reasons behind their divorce. However, after two months in June 2006, Matt Moline's ex-wife, Kathy Griffin, made stealing allegations against him. In the latter's interview with Larry King, she revealed that her former husband stole $72,000 from her bank accounts over eighteen months.

Moreover, the comedian also talked about how Moline apologized and accompanied her in a couple's therapies. But, it couldn't save their marriage in the end.

The entrepreneur denied the accusations in his statement. He also added about not making private matters into a public debate. Furthermore, the case was left without any charges or drama. Matt Moline has since been away from the media. He is also not active on any social media accounts.

Matt Moline Ex-wife, Kathy Griffin

Matt Moline's relationship with his ex-wife, Kathy Griffin, had a bad ending. Photo Source: Social Media.

Matt Moline's ex-beau, Kathy Griffin, has moved on and remarried her long-time boyfriend, Randy Bick, in 2020. She has also been involved in many debates since the Twitter post about mocking Donald Trump in 2017. Additionally, the Emmy winner revealed having lung cancer on August 2, 2021. She is reported to have undergone successful surgery and is recovering at present.

Trivia And Facts

  • Matt Moline appeared in two seasons of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List.
  • The episode he appeared in the reality show has the highest ratings in overall seasons.
  • He doesn't have any babies from his marriage with Kathy Griffin.

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