Fonzworth Bentley Biography 2024 - Television Presenter And Rapper

Fonzworth Bentley Biography - Television Presenter And Rapper

Fonzworth Bentley is a pouplar American rapper, actor, and author. Photo Source: Fonzworth Bentley's Instagram.

Fonzworth Bentley is a well-known personality in America. Be it music, television, or silver screen; he has aced them all. Moreover, the media personality has performed on numerous tv projects over the years. Additionally, he is a renowned hip-hop artist specializing in rap, singing, and songwriting.

The multitalented celebrity is also known for his fashion sense and swagger. He came into the limelight as the impeccably dressed valet next to Sean Combs, a.k.a. P. Diddy. He later became a respected authority on style and fashion. He even developed a show to help others achieve the street look with a touch of elegance.

Here, we will look at Fonzworth Bentley's professional and private life details.

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Early Life And Family

The rapper was born Derek Watkins, on February 13, 1974, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born into a well-educated family who prioritized education above all aspects. Bentley's father, Fred Watkins, went to Morehouse College. Likewise, Fonzworth Bentley's mother, Harriette Debro Watkins, is a Spelman graduate.

Fonzworth Bentley's brother, Dion Watkins, is also involved in the entertainment industry. He is a screenwriter, producer, and director who has worked with Faith Evans, Anthony Hamilton, Andre 3000, etc.

Fonzworth Bentley Family

Fonzworth Bentley often credits his family for his success. Photo Source: Fonzworth Bentley's Instagram.

Bentley's uncle was a band director who once played Beethoven's 5th Symphony when he was eighteen months old. It inspired him to learn musical instruments since his childhood. As such, the musician began learning the Suzuki method in violin at the age of two. He later became a concertmaster at North Atlanta High School.

The young guy completed his formal education and enrolled at Morehouse College. He was an athletic student and performed on the track and cross-country field. In addition, Fonzworth majored in Biology, which made it quite challenging for him to balance sports and academics together in university. Still, he successfully graduated in the late 1990s.

After graduation, the artist worked at the Ralph Lauren store in Atlanta. Later, he was recruited to The Polo Mansion in New York. There he met P. Diddy, who later hired him as an assistant.

Fonzworth Bentley Net Worth And Career

The television host has shown his versatility over the years. As such, he has accumulated a vast fortune and recognition from his career. So, Fonzworth Bentley's total fortune mainly comprises his earnings from his acting gigs and music performances. However, it also includes his income from his album sales, concert performances, show appearances, etc.

Fonzworth Bentley Net Worth

Fonzworth Bentley has earned a fortune from his career. Photo Source: Fonzworth Bentley's Instagram.

The actor is also an advocate of education and gives lectures in many educational institutions around the globe. His earnings from his speeches and participation also add up to his salary. Thus, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Fonzworth Bentley's net worth amounts to $2 million. It is estimated after the deduction of his income tax and other expenses.

Earnings From Acting Career

Aforementioned, Fonzworth Bentley began his career working in a fashion store. However, he only served there for a short period before becoming an apprentice for designer Alan Flusser. Moreover, Flusser mentored him about styling and fashion tips which later became his signature point.

The American personality became a maitre d' at a New York restaurant. But, he wasn't satisfied with his job and decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. During that time, Sean Combs hired Bentley as his assistant. He then appeared as Combs' crew member in Making the Band 2, the reality television series.

After working for P. Diddy for two years, the former valet quit his job and left for Los Angeles to seek an acting career. He made his debut in the film industry with Honey in 2003. After that, the actor made his television appearance in the sitcom All Of Us in 2004. He was also featured in Andre 3000's music video OutKast: Roses.

Since then, Fonzworth Bentley has acted on numerous movies and television series over the years. Some of their box office collections are listed below:

Movies Box Office Collections
Honey $62.2 million
Fat Albert $48.5 million
Idlewild $12.6 million
Think Like a Man Too $70 million

The performer was an executive producer for the documentaries Borrow My Crew, and Jesus Is King. HoweverBentley is best known for hosting the MTV reality TV show From G's to Gents.

The series explored Fonzworth's fashion skills of transforming a rough look into a sophisticated gentleman persona. It also verified him as one of the top fashion icons in America.

The entertainer's programs received high ratings during their airing. His movies were also commercially successful. As such, Fonzworth Bentley's net worth must have increased over the years.

Income From Singing Career

The media personality made his singing debut during his time in Making the Band 2. He was first featured rapping on Da Band's studio album Too Hot for TV in 2002Moreover, the singer then collaborated with Outkast on their album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below in 2003. He also had a part in Kanye West's The New Workout Plan in 2005.

The rapper released his debut album C.O.L.O.U.R.S. (Cool Outrageous Lovers of Uniquely Raw Style), in 2011. It has hip-hop, funk, and soul genres and has sixteen tracks. In addition, the musician featured Lil Wayne, UGK, Pimp C, Anthony Hamilton, etc., on his album. Some of his songs are Runaway, Jam, Take It Back, Believe It, Don't Speak, Pies, etc.

The hip-hop artist has recorded soundtracks for several movies and shows such as Waves, Black-ish, Skam, Late Night With Seth Meyers, etc. He has also gone on tours and performed in concerts worldwide.

Thus, Fonzworth Bentley's income is also benefitted by his music career.

Fonzworth Bentley Wife And Children

Alongside juggling an acting and singing career, the talented artist is also a family man. He is married to his longtime partner Faune Chambers WatkinsThe latter is a dancer and actress, best known for her roles in White Chicks and Epic Movie.

In addition, Fonzworth Bentley's wife, Faune Chambers Watkins, has also been featured on music videos of Ne-Yo, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, etc. Faune Chambers also played the lead role in her partner's single Greener.

The pair might have started dating in the late 00s. Furthermore, the television host surprised his then-girlfriend with a proposal in December 2009. After getting engaged, the duo married on July 10, 2010.

Fonzworth Bentley Wife, Faune Chambers

Fonzworth Bentley is a loving husband and caring father to his wife and children. Photo Source: Fonzworth Bentley's Instagram.

The couple welcomed their first baby Zoie Alecia Watkins on July 30, 2013. Three years later, Fonzworth Bentley's son, Daniel Watkins, was born in 2016. Both are often seen in their parents' Instagram accounts.

Fonzworth Bentley is enjoying a comfortable life with his family. He is engaged on social media platforms and often posts pictures of his life partner, children, and parents. Additionally, the social personality is still performing vigorously as an actor, singer, and producer.

Trivia And Facts

  • Fonzworth Bentley has 178K Instagram followers and 41.9K Twitter followers.
  • He has written an etiquette book titled Advance Your Swagger: How to Use Manners, Confidence, and Style to Get Ahead.
  • He was named the First Gentleman Of Hip-Hop by GQ Magazine.

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