Jonathan Thulin Biography - Swedish Recording Artist

Jonathan Thulin Biography 2021 - Swedish Recording Artist

Jonathan Thulin is a known name in the Christian Music genre. He has been in the music industry for more than a decade and is continuing his legacy. Moreover, Jonathan was also associated with the Christian rock and pop band Press Play in the early 2010s. He was a vocalist and keyboard player in the group. Jonathan Thulin became well known after his time in the Press Play.

The talented musician has also shown his versatility by adapting new genres in his music. He has come a long way from starting his career as a CCM artist to venturing into pop, rap, dance, and EDM genres. Jonathan's music videos are also known for their cinematic effects and unique sense of style. However, the artist's life has not always been smoother and had its ups and downs.

Here, in Jonathan Thulin's biography, we will go through his musical journey as well as his personal life.

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Early Life and Family

Jonathan Thulin, or Jonathan Andreas Thulin, was born on May 7, 1988, in Kalmar, Sweden. He was born in an evangelist household. Jonathan Thulin's father, Morgan Thulin, and mother, Helene Thulin, were traveling evangelists who took their children along with them. He also has elder brothers David Thulin, Samuel Thulin, and an elder sister Jeanette Thulin. Furthermore, Jonathan Thulin's family all were enthusiasts of singing.

Jonathan Thulin Early Life

Jonathan Thulin was inspired by his parents to sing Christian songs. Photo Source: Social Media.

Well, Jonathan started singing from a young age. His family migrated to the United States when he was three years old. He began traveling with his family performing gospel music in over 500 churches in 35 states of the U.S.A. for four years consecutively. After this, Jonathan decided to pursue his career in music and recorded his first album at the age of sixteen.

Jonathan Thulin Net Worth And Earnings

The handsome singer is also a songwriter and composer. His lyrics try to depict the harsh realities surrounding us and consist of the topics worthy of discussion. Jonathan Thulin's fortune mainly comprises his earnings from his music sales and concert performances. Thulin has produced several albums and songs throughout his career. But he has not been vocal about his income to the public.

However, we can assume Jonathan Thulin's net worth is massive, considering his success in the music industry.

Earnings From Music Sales and Concert Performances

Jonathan Thulin at first began his solo career in his musical journey. He had released several albums and was touring alone. Then, Jonathan's life took a turn after joining the Christian pop band Press Play. The group had already gained fame with their hit singles Life is Beautiful, and Everybody Hates Chris.

However, the leader Dave Hanley decided to part ways with his former label Dream Center and joined DREAM Records. His decision led to the band's former members' departure and the arrival of new faces, among which Jonathan Thulin was also one.

Jonathan Thulin Net Worth

Jonathan Thulin was a member of Christian pop band Press Play. Photo Source: Andreas Moss's Instagram.

The talented singer Jonathan signed with DREAM Records shortly after joining the band. He was also a songwriter for the group's album World Anthem which charted 16th in U.S. Top Christian Album. Jonathan Thulin's brother David Thulin also participated in the album preparation. After Jonathan's addition to the band, other band members Sean Cook, Nicole Croteau, and Michael Baja, were added.

Press Play released several albums, singles and did compilations with other CCM artists in their active years. Their single F-I-R-E featuring Manwell Reyes of Group 1 Crew ranked 8th in U.S. Christian Songs. Alongside his band members, Jonathan Thulin also went on tour with Rachael Lampa, Charmaine, and Ryan Stevenson. The group had good commercial success throughout their active years.

Well, Jonathan Thulin's net worth might have steadily increased from his time with the band.

Income From Solo Activities

The songwriter was signed as a solo artist with DREAM Records. So, alongside band activities, Jonathan Thulin was also focused on releasing his solo music. He released his album The Anatomy Of A Heartflow on September 13, 2011, about his religion's self-realization. This album also focuses on Jonathan Thulin's life about what he has accomplished, has been through, and explains how he has dealt with his issues.

Jonathan Thulin is also known for his cinematic effect in his music videos. Thulin loves watching movies, so his music videos have that movie-like approach to them. His single Babylon received lots of praises from the viewers for its fusion of religious belief in the plot. The music video is mesmerizing and makes it unable for viewers to stop watching in the middle.

Furthermore, Jonathan Thulin has also released several full-length studio albums, EPs, and singles throughout his solo career. Some of their prices as listed in Amazon are as below:

Album Prices
The Anatomy Of A Heartflow $19.99 (Audio CD)
The White Room $9.49 (MP3)
Science Fiction $22.99 (Audio CD)
Immovable $39.98 (Audio CD)

Alongside that, Jonathan Thulin has also released pop songs that are different from his previous music. He also has a stage name Andreas Moss, by which he is known in the pop music world. Jonathan has also expressed his preference for collaboration with other artists.

He has sung alongside Rapture Ruckus, Derek Minor, Manwell Reyes, Rachael Lampa, Charmaine, Kevin Max, Moriah Peters, Nicole Serrano, Doeman, and Yacht Money. Jonathan's duet with Racheal Lampa for his single Bombs Away received massive praises from fans and critics. Besides that, Jonathan Thulin has also featured on songs of Dawna Johnson, Group 1 Crew, Bread of Stone, and Built By Titan.

The handsome singer has also gone on tours in U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, etc. He was joined by Australian singer Charmaine and American musician Evan Craft for The Love War Tour in Australia. Thulin is a good friend of Charmaine and has previously collaborated with her in his hit single Dead Come to Life. Jonathan Thulin has amassed a fortune from his music sales and concert performances.

Income From YouTube

Just like other musicians, Jonathan Thulin also benefits from his YouTube Channel. However, he has two YouTube Channels. Jonathan's first YouTube channel named Jonathan Thulin, has 6.96K subscribers and more than 1.2M views in his videos. Here his original works of Christian music are uploaded. According to Social Blade, Jonathan Thulin's estimated monthly earning is between $8- $133, and his yearly earnings range between $100- $1.6K. 

Jonathan Thulin has a second YouTube channel after his pop artist profile Andreas Moss. Here, Moss uploads his recent music videos. This channel has more than 3 million views in the videos. But, its subscribers are made private. Nevertheless, Jonathan's income from his YouTube channels must also be grand as well.

Jonathan Thulin's Relationships and Children

Jonathan Thulin traveled with his family in his teenage years and decided to pursue his career in music. During his solo activities, he met his future wife, Anna. Jonathan Thulin got married to his wife Anna Thulin when he was 20 years old. The duo also has a daughter, who is kept out of the spotlight. The pair loved each other and had a deep connection.

Despite that, Jonathan Thulin and his wife Anna divorced after 11 years of marriage. The couple is still good friends and shares the parenting duty of their daughter. Jonathan Thulin's ex-wife, Anna is also a singer. 

Queer Identity And Self-Acceptance

Jonathan Thulin discovered his sexual identity when he was a teenager. But having been grown up in a conservative Christian household, Thulin hated his sexual preference and hid his desires. He married his partner, Anna Thulin, to present himself as a normal heterosexual man. But it is impossible to hide who you are, and thus, Jonathan Thulin started cheating on his wife with other men during his tours. He describes that period of his life as being addicted.

Jonathan Thulin Relationship

Jonathan Thulin has accepted his sexual identity and came out as gay. Photo Source: Andreas Moss's Instagram.

The singer confessed his betrayal to his wife after deciding to stop with his addiction. Jonathan Thulin's then-wife, Anna Thulin, forgave him, and the pair tried to save their marriage. But, Jonathan Thulin decided to embrace his sexuality and get out of his marriage fully. Since then, the former Christian singer has identified himself as gay publicly. His stage persona as Andreas Moss is also a breakthrough of his sexual orientation and emergence in pop and rap genres.

As Andreas Moss, the idol has released Kudos, Minivan, It's Cool, In The Meantime, and Buy Your Love which depicts his self-acceptance of his identity.

Jonathan Thulin has also released a song, Buy Your Love, where he says goodbye to the church and Christianity. The singer expresses his hurt and pain of hiding his identity from the church to get acceptance from them. He also mentions his feeling of being seen for only his talent and not his inner self. Moss has posted in his Twitter account of being Non-Christian after the release of this song.

Jonathan Thulin, better known as Andreas Moss, is currently living a blissful life in Nashville, Tennessee. He is a proud gay man and supports the LGBTQIA community with his whole heart. As a closeted gay person, it must have been tough for Andreas Moss to ignore his identity and succeed in the Christian music industry.

Andreas' starting over in his career choice after spending nearly a decade in one particular genre is astonishing. Even though Jonathan Thulin is no longer a Christian singer, his fans support him for his career. Let's hope Jonathan Thulin will succeed in his pop career as Andreas Moss in the future.

Trivia and Facts

  • Jonathan Thulin aka Andreas Moss has 45.1K followers on Instagram and 5.2K followers on Twitter.
  • He has a silver car.
  • Thulin is a gamer and loves video games.

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