Jenni Dahlman Biography 2024 - Model And Kimi Räikkönen's Ex-wife

Jenni Dahlman Biography - Model And Kimi Räikkönen's Ex-wife

Jenni Dahlman is a former Finnish model, and the ex-wife of Kimi Räikkönen. Photo Source: Social Media.

F1 racer Kimi Räikkönen recently upset the F1 fans with his plans of retirement in 2021. He is one of the most famous racers with many victories under his belt over two decades of a sports career. Moreover, alongside his incredible performances, the race car driver is known for being a loving husband and father. However, only a few people might have heard about his first wife, Jenni Dahlman, also called Jenni Väänänen.

Aside from her relationship with Raikkonen, Jenni is most recognized for being a model. She has done numerous ad campaigns, photoshoots and walked on runways in her career. Moreover, the fashion icon has also participated in television programs and beauty pageants. In addition, she is a winner of the 2001 Miss Scandinavia.

So, how did F1 racer and Jenni Dahlman meet, and what caused their separation? Let's get to know in this biography.

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Is A Finland Native

The model was born on October 27, 1981, in Piikkio, Finland. She comes from a loving and supportive family. Moreover, Jenni Dahlman's fatherHannu Dahlman, and mother, Liisa Dahlman, must be very proud of her career. She also has an older brother named Kalle Dahlman.

Jenni Dahlman Childhood

Jenni Dahlman was passionate about modeling from a young age. Photo Source: Social Media.

The fashionista began modeling at the tender age of fourteen. The young model soon began appearing in commercials and magazines. Furthermore, Jenni learned more about the modeling industry by starting earlier, which also helped her progress more in the entertainment business.

Even though Kimi Räikkönen's ex-wife is famous due to her modeling career, there is not much information regarding Dahlman's education. However, she might not have pursued higher education to focus on her budding career.

Jenni Dahlman Net Worth And Career

The fashion model is one of the most famous figures in the Finnish modeling circle. She has earned both fame and fortune over her active years. So, Jenni Dahlman's net worth mainly comprises her salary from her modeling gigs. Besides that, she was involved in horseback riding, hosting shows, and has launched a new business. So, those sources also add up to Dahlman's income.

Speaking of Jenni Dahlman's ex-husband, Kimi Räikkönen is one of the richest F1 drivers in the world. His salary amounts to more than $50 million per year. In addition, the racer earns millions from his endorsements and sponsorships.

Thus, combining his prize money, contracts, and endorsement deals, Kimi Räikkönen's net worth stands at a gigantic $250 million.

Earnings From Modeling And Other Sectors

Aforementioned, Jenni Dahlman had an early start on her modeling career. Additionally, after some years, she switched to participate in beauty contests. As a result, the competitor first appeared in the 1999 Miss Model of the Year. She finished as a top ten contestant in the show.

Afterward, the Finnish model finished as a runner-up in the 2000 Miss Finland. She also became a runner-up in the Queen of the Year. Eventually, Dahlman got her first victory and was crowned Miss Scandinavia in 2001.

The fashion icon decided to leave modeling after nearly a decade in 2005. Jenni then became a show jumping rider. Moreover, the horse rider competed in numerous competitions and toured around the world. But, unfortunately, she broke her ankle after falling off her horse which might have ended her showjumping career.

Jenni Dahlman Net Worth

Jenni Dahlman left modeling to pursue other career interests in 2005. Photo Source: Social Media.

Kimi Räikkönen's ex-wife, Dahlman made her television debut with the Finnish reality show Mallikoulu in 2015. It is similar to the American TV series America's Next Top Model. Moreover, the former model joined Anne Kukkohovi, Jari Leskinen, Laila Snellman, and Vesa Perakyla. As a host, she provided mentoring and advice to the participants.

At present, the television personality has left both tv and riding professions. Nonetheless, Jenni Dahlman's net worth must have increased over the years of her career.

Why Did Jenni Dahlman And Kimi Räikkönen Separate?

The former show jumping rider first met her ex-partner in the autumn of 2001. Both were at their career peaks, with Jenni competing for the Miss Scandinavia contest and Kimi preparing for his F1 debut. Moreover, the ex-pair developed an instant connection and decided to date soon after.

The ex-couple married extravagantly on July 31, 2004. They had set up an ice altar in Vanajanlinna's garden. Furthermore, the former model had a horse riding hobby from a young age. To fulfill her wish, Jenni Dahlmas's ex-husband, Kimi Räikkönen, brought her three horses: Liber, Mc Kinley, and Caland.

The ex-duo often traveled between Finland and Switzerland during their marital years. Both respected each other's career decisions and supported them.

Jenni Dahlman Ex-Husband Kimi Raikkonen

Jenni Dahlman's divorce from her ex-husband, Kimi Raikkonen, was done privately with no revelation of alimony. Photo Source: Social Media.

However, the news of ex-pair separating was suddenly released in 2013. The exes' divorce was finalized in 2014. Furthermore, both parties never officially revealed the reasons behind their divorce. Still, Jenni opened up that it was a mutual decision with no drama involved.

Since parting ways, Kimi Räikkönen has remarried another Finnish fitness model Minttu RäikkönenHe is also a father of a daughter Rianna Angelia Milana Räikkönen and son Robin Räikkönen.

Moving On With New Partner

Like her ex-spouse, the former tv host has also moved on with a new partner. She is married to former ice hockey player Ossi Väänänen. The latter was previously a captain of Kontinental Hockey League (KHL)'s team Jokerit. Howeverhe decided to retire after playing hockey for nearly twenty years in 2016.

The pair first met in 2013 and married in 2021. The couple's firstborn arrived in March 2017. In addition, Jenni Dahlman's youngest son was born a year later, in August 2018.

It is also not the first marriage for Jenni Dahlman's husband, Ossi Väänänen. He was previously married to his long-time sweetheart Mirella Koullias for a year.

Jenni Dahlman Husband Ossi Vaananen

Jenni Dahlman's husband, Ossi Vaananen, ended his professional ice-hockey career after nearly two decades. Photo Source: Social Media.

Jenni Dahlman is currently more focused on her family and hasn't made many public appearances. The same couldn't be said for her ex-partner, Kimi Räikkönen, who has made several headlines with his wins over the years. Kimi recently announced that he would be leaving F1 at the end of the 2021 season.

Both Dahlman and Räikkönen have moved on and are enjoying their lives with their respective partners and children. Nonetheless, hopefully, everything will turn out the way they desire in the upcoming days.

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Trivia And Facts

  • Jenni Dahlman previously marketed a nightclub named Blak, which has now been closed.
  • She had joined her ex-husband, Kimi, for Tag Heuer advertisement.
  • She has a private Instagram account with 13.8K followers.

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