Maureen McGuire Biography - Yoga Instructor And Michael Bolton's Ex-wife

Maureen McGuire Biography 2021 - Yoga Instructor And Michael Bolton's Ex-wife

Maureen McGuire is a yoga instructor and has been practicing the discipline for more than 49 years. She is a fantastic teacher who has inspired many people to have a healthy lifestyle. McGuire focuses not only on routines but also emphasizes positive thinking and positive body image.

The beautiful Maureen is also known for being the ex-wife of Michael Bolton, lead vocalist of Blackjack. The songwriter is also a two-time Grammy winner. Furthermore, Maureen McGuire's ex-husband Michael Bolton had many romantic affairs, but he was only married once.

So, let's get to know more about Maureen McGuire.

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Early Life And Family

The instructor is an East Haven native. Michael Bolton's ex-wife is a private person; as such, she hasn't disclosed much information regarding her parents. But, Maureen's family shifted to the west side away from Connecticut when she was younger. Despite being raised somewhere else, the yogi has always felt connected to her hometown.

Maureen McGuire Early Life

Maureen McGuire was a dancer in her earlier years. Photo Source: Social Media.

Maureen McGuire was passionate about fitness from a young age. She was also a dancer in her school years. However, Maureen McGuire had a childhood dream of being a lawyer. But, she developed a mindset of pursuing a fitness career in her university days. As a result, she chose a teaching career to ignite her passion for helping others learn.

Maureen McGuire Net Worth And Career

Maureen McGuire has been a yoga instructor for more than two decades. Plus, she has also taught Pilates and aerobics to her students. In addition, Maureen teaches yoga at the Payne Whitney Gym.

Therefore, Maureen McGuire's net worth mainly comprises her earnings from her teaching career. However, Michael Bolton's former wife has not revealed much about her income details.

Besides that, many sites have mentioned the Rochester news anchor Maureen McGuire to be the ex-wife of Michael Bolton, which is false information. In addition, the journalist herself has stated she never married the singer.

Well, Maureen's ex-husband Michael Bolton has amassed a fortune from his career. He has also sold more than seventy-five million records in his music career. In addition, the songwriter also earned money from his acting career and brand endorsements. As a result, the yoga instructor's former partner Michael Bolton's net worth is $80 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Earnings From Fitness Classes

Aforementioned, Maureen McGuire had always felt a deep connection to East Haven. She returned to her hometown in the late 1990s for a quick visit. However, Maureen's friend spoke to her about the lack of fitness instructors in the town. After that, she met Lou Pane, recreation director of the Payne Whitney Gym. From, then on she decided to teach classes, and the rest is history.

Maureen McGuire mainly taught aerobics and dance initially. But, she never forgot to add a quick yoga session at the class's end. She then began extending her yoga classes due to students' requests. These soon gained recognition, and many people started participating in them.

Maureen McGuire Career

Maureen McGuire has been conducting yoga classes in the Payne Whitney Gym for more than 20 years. Photo Source: Michael Bolton's Instagram.

The yoga mentor is also a teacher at the Quinnipiac University. She has been taking classes for more than fifteen years in the physical education department of the university. As of 2021, Maureen McGuire has six sessions a week for both students and staff. In addition, she gives information about Cardio conditioning alongside regular yoga.

Maureen McGuire's yoga classes are top-rated and always packed. She has started launching courses in Town Beach to accompany her students. At present, Maureen has added varieties of yoga to her sessions, such as yoga on the ball, fitness yoga, yoga with weights, and several others. She has also hired other instructors to help run the classes.

Even though the yoga teacher has been tight-lipped about her income, with more than two decades of experience, Maureen McGuire's net worth might have increased over the years.

Maureen McGuire Charitable Works

Michael Bolton's ex-wife Maureen McGuire has also focused on doing charitable works in the community. Her yoga classes alone inspire a positive mentality and a healthy body. Besides that, Maureen's saturday yoga classes are created to provide donations. Many people attend her classes at East Haven beach, and some even show their presence on Sundays.

The pilates instructor provided food for the East Haven Food Pantry for nineteen years from her collected funds. She has also donated clothing items and money for needy people. Moreover, Maureen has also helped to raise donations for homeless people from her work. The constant charitable efforts have increased the popularity of her classes.

However, the social work of Maureen McGuire has not received many praises over the years.

Was Married To Michael Bolton

Maureen came into the limelight after tying the knot with the American singer Michael Bolton in 1975. The vocalist had just started pursuing a music career at that time. There is not much information about the pair's relationship.

However, in an interview with Sunday Morning Herald, Michael revealed that he was in his 20s when he first got married. Both of them were very young and unsure about their life. But, Maureen McGuire must have supported her then-husband Michael Bolton's career.

Michael Bolton was recognized for his song-writing of How Am I Supposed to Live Without You for Laura Branigan in 1982. Furthermore, the artist scored a hit with his song (Sittin' On) the Dock of the Bay in 1987. Since then, Maureen's ex-partner has sold a million albums and earned six American Music Awards, two Grammys, and several other notable awards.

However, the rockstar's marital relationship didn't progress smoothly like his music career. Michael Bolton and Maureen McGuire divorced in 1990. They were married for fifteen years and share three children Isa Bolton, Holly Bolton, and Taryn Bolton. Well, Maureen McGuire's daughter Isa Bolton is the eldest, and Holly and Taryn are two and four years younger than her.

The reason behind Michael and Maureen's separation is unknown. But Michael's hectic schedules might have played some part in it. Their divorce might have been amicable as their divorce settlement is not available to the public.

Maureen McGuire Daughters

Maureen McGuire was married to Michael Bolton for fifteen years and has three daughters, Isa, Holly, and Taryn. Photo Source: Michael Bolton's Instagram.

After the divorce, Michael Bolton's ex-wife Maureen McGuire returned to East Haven to pursue a fitness career. She spent her time on working and raising children. Whether she dated or married again is unknown.

On the other hand, Maureen McGuire's ex-husband was involved in many relationships. He was engaged to actress Nicollette Sheridan, but the pair did not make it to the aisle. Besides that, Michael also had other girlfriends but has never remarried.

Maureen McGuire's Daughters And Grandchildren

The yoga teacher and dancer is also a grandmother of six adorable grandchildren. Maureen's youngest daughter Taryn Bolton gave birth to her eldest child, making her a grandma for the first time.

Michael Bolton's eldest daughter Isa Bolton is also a loving mother of Grayson and Jack. She is also the owner of Loved Boutique & Consignment. The eldest Bolton sibling has managed to balance both home and professional life.

Furthermorethe ex-pair's second daughter Holly Bolton has also added another grandchild Dylan Dolan, to the family. He is an adorable baby boy.

Maureen McGuire Grandchildren

Maureen McGuire rarely appears alongside her grandchildren unlike her ex-husband Michael Bolton. Photo Source: Michael Bolton's Instagram.

Michael Bolton often posts pictures of his grandbabies on his Instagram posts. He also takes them on vacations and spends holidays with them. On the other hand, Maureen McGuire has rarely made appearances with her grandchildren. Nevertheless, she must have a great bond with the young ones.

Trivia and Facts

  • Maureen McGuire is a charismatic instructor.
  • McGuire denies having spirituality, but while doing yoga, she does get a spiritual presence.
  • She considers yoga a blend of mental, physical, and spiritual feelings.

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