Where Is Patty Duke's Ex-Husband Michael Tell Now?

Where Is Patty Duke's Ex-Husband Michael Tell Now?

Patty Duke and her ex-husband, Michael Tell, were only married for a few days. Photo Source:

When talking about Hollywood classic stars, Patty Duke's name undoubtedly pops up. She was a renowned actress who dominated the silver screen, stage, and television world for over six decades. Her acting journey is quite an inspiring thing to watch, having won several Emmys, Golden Globe Awards, and even an Oscar.

As much as her professional career saw many ups and downs, the gorgeous actress' personal life was also pretty colorful, having married multiple times. In fact, some of her marriages didn't last long, with one ending in less than a month. Are you curious about which former partner of Patty we are talking about?

It's none other than Patty Duke's ex-husband, Michael Tell, with whom she "impulsively wed." Aside from his short wedding with the late Hollywood personality, what is Tell known for? Also, where is he now? We shall try to fulfill your curiosities in this given piece.

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Short Marital Life Of Duke-Tell Couple

As already mentioned, the NYC-born actress was married multiple times. Moreover, Mr. Tell was Patty's second spouse whom she had met in June 1970. Apparently, he was asking for apartments to sublet when Duke was just about to leave her Sierra Towers apartment.

Though he was a total stranger, Patty decided to show Michael her place. The latter was also fascinated by the offer but put his heart at ease after the actress revealed she would leave town for several months. After their first interaction, the former couple soon started exchanging phone calls.

Eventually, Michael moved to Patty's apartment, and they started getting to know one another. Initially, there was no romance blossoming between the roommates. However, it is said that it was Tell who first started having feelings for the one-time Oscar recipient.

Patty Duke Ex-Husband Michael Tell

Patty Duke and her ex-spouse Michael Tell first met in 1970. Photo Source: Social Media.

To cut the story short, Duke and Tell decided to get engaged. Both got married on June 24, 1970, at LA's Little Church of the West. As much as it was a whirlwind marriage, the ending was just as abrupt. The former pair applied for an annulment after thirteen days of their wedding on July 9.

As per an article by AmoMama, Patty Duke's ex-husband had a gambling problem, and she paid several of his gambling debts. Both also had different and incompatible personalities.

Shares A Child With The Late Actress

Another thing that led to the Duke-Tell couple's separation was Michael's reaction to Patty's pregnancy. After she publicly announced she was expecting, Duke's then-spouse doubted whether he was the father. The former couple argued bitterly, ending in Tell leaving their shared condo.

But, the deed was done, and Patty Duke's son, Sean Astin, arrived on February 25, 1971. He has now become one of the popular actors and even starred in the legendary The Lord of the Rings trilogy. But did you know Sean's biological father wasn't known until later?

Michael Tell's ex-wife first deduced Sean was fathered by John Astin, with whom she had an affair before getting hitched. Later, she disclosed Desi Arnaz Jr. was the actor's dad. Finally, after a DNA test, it was proved that Michael was Sean Astin's father.

Furthermore, Michael's son is now married to Christine Astin. He has also welcomed three children, Ali Astin, Elizabeth Louise Astin, and Isabella Louise Astin. The family of five seems to be doing well.

Mr. Tell must be a loving dad and granddad to his son and grandchildren. Though Sean only learned the truth about his biological father in his 20s, he doesn't fault anyone and shares a good relationship with Michael.

Where Is Patty Duke's Ex-Husband Michael Now?

Sean Astin's father got his taste of fame after tying the knot with his mom. Though he separated from Patty, his name is never missed when talking about The Patty Duke Show star's relationship. Many must be eager to know what he is up to these days.

Unfortunately, Tell is a secretive person who values his privacy very much. From what we know, he was two years older than his ex-beau and working as a rock promoter previously. Furthermore, he is of Polish and Austrian Jewish descent. Except for these, not much has been disclosed about Patty Duke's ex-husband.

While the late movie star went on to marry John and Michael Pearce, Tell's love life is shrouded in mystery as of now. It isn't known whether he too, remarried like his former wife. Whatever the case might be, we hope Michael is living comfortably at present.

Finally, we wish Mr. Tell more happiness and hope he will share more about himself in the coming days.

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