Issa Rae's Mother Delyna Diop Is A Teacher, What About Her Father?

Issa Rae's Mother Delyna Diop Is A Teacher, What About Her Father?

Issa Rae's father is a pediatrician and mother is a teacher by profession. Image Source: Social Media.

Issa Rae is a powerhouse and a person to watch out for. She is a writer, director, producer, and performer who has excelled in every field she has stepped in. Rae is best known for her role in the popular HBO comedy Insecure, but she first gained notoriety as a YouTube sensation. From those modest beginnings, she’s just kept hustling, and the star has continued to shine.

Born Jo-Issa Rae Diop, she gained international fame after her performance on the YouTube web show The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl. In addition, she founded Hoorae Media, which collaborated with HBO to produce a lot of digital content. To come this far must have been difficult; however, her parents have supported her throughout the journey.

Her mother, Delyna Diop, is a retired teacher and has often made appearances with her, yet very little is known about her dad. So, let's get into details to learn more about Issa Rae's parents and what they do for a living.

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Things You Can't Miss About Issa Rae's Father

The exceptional talent, Issa, has made her name heard far and wide within the entertainment industry. With so much success accomplished in showbiz, her fans are curious to know more about her father and the relationship that they share. Consequently, many series lovers eagerly search for information about Issa's dad.

Issa Rae's father, Abdoulaye Diop, works as a pediatrician and neonatologist and is from Senegal. He has been involved in the field for several years, and even though it is a time-demanding profession, Mr. Diop separates time for his kids. Unfortunately, he had to get distant from his children for specific reasons, which we shall discuss in the end.

Her Mother Has Hands-On Experience In Teaching 

Issa Rae's mother is not just a random teacher next door. She is experienced, intellectual, and giving. Her mom, Delyna, has been in the education sector for almost four decades. She first started teaching in October 1974 at Prytanee Militaire de Saint-Louis. Later, she started working as a French teaching assistant at UCLA.

Similarly, Delyna has also worked as an education and career planning (life skills) teacher, middle school french teacher, and exceptional education inclusion facilitator. After several years of dedicating her life to teaching, she retired in 2014. Her last job was serving as a French and Spanish teacher at Washington Preparatory High.

Apart from this, Miss Diop is a wonderful mother and has raised all of her children with unconditional love, compassion, and commitment. The actress has often expressed her respect for her mama and disclosed that she and her siblings inherited her sense of humor from her.

Seeing how Rae and her siblings have turned out to be, Delyna certainly deserves all the praise for being a super mom.

Her Parents Are No Longer Together 

Issa Rae's parents first met in France when they were studying in school. Her mama is an African American from Louisiana, and her father, Abdoulaye, is from Senegal. Sadly, this love story was past its prime. When Rae was a senior in high school, her parents divorced. Her mother initially cited "cultural differences" as the cause of the separation but subsequently acknowledged that her ex-husband's affair was the actual cause.

Moreover, Issa Rae's father was found to be cheating with some other woman, which brought differences between the dad-daughter duo. So many fans also want to know if their bond has been repaired over the years. 

Her Web Series 'Insecure' Highlights Her Father's Infidelity 

Rae had concealed herself behind a fictitious version of herself with her few web series and even with Insecure. Because her old man had started a new relationship outside of the marriage while she was still a teenager, Rae parses her relationship with her father in her memoir after her parents had divorced. Issa claimed that after looking within herself, she concluded that her habitual infidelity in her relationships resulted from a desire to get the better of her lovers before they could.

Moreover, she was upset with her dad and resisted engaging in many activities with him for a while. However, things have changed for the better, and her parents approved her series. 

The Insecure star grew up in a household that emphasized reading and education as the daughter of a doctor and a teacher. She excelled academically and attended Stanford University, earning a Bachelor's degree, majoring in African and African American Studies and a minor in Political Science. Furthermore, she also produced music videos, wrote and directed plays, and produced the parody reality series Dorm Diaries humorously while she was a college student.

Issa Rae Parents

Issa Rae is a highly intellectual woman and attended the Stanford University. Image Source: Social Media.

With all that being said, Issa Rae now shares a good bond with her father even after his cheating issue. On the other hand, her mother has also moved on, and every family member is living a happy life. Also, we hope Issa continues to shine on the global platform and entertain us in the future.

Nevertheless, Issa continues to work hard and is succeeding in her career. We wish her a great future ahead. 

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